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Mind Reaper
Description: While many monsters haunt the shadows, the Mind Reaper uses the light to captivate and destroy its victims. Made of what seems to be light itself, a Mind Reaper is in fact an evil creature that pries open cracks from the Ethereal plane to harvest the living.
These micro rifts appear on the material plane as light refracting off of moisture in the air, or off odd surfaces. Many mortals mistake the light of a Mind Reaper for natural light only to realize their mistake after it is too late. On the Ethereal plane, a Mind Reaper becomes visible as a humanoid shape made entirely of undulating light, as if a sharp wind is constantly rippling through its form.
It is unknown what the Mind Reapers were before they became what they are, or if they ever were anything else at all, as no known true conversation with one has ever taken place. Every Mind Reaper shares an intense fear of darkness and will retreat from anything that could quench their light.
Powers and Abilities: Mind Reapers all operate with the sole intention to literally drain the essence from a mortal’s mind from their body. This grim task is accomplished after opening a minute rift to the material plane. Once opened a Mind Reaper will play with the light it creates to attract a mortal’s attention. As soon as its victim has begun to focus on it, a Mind Reaper will trap the mortal’s mind inside a mental prison of the victim’s own fears. After this occurs, a Mind Reaper siphons the mind of its victim into its own essence then seals the rift. There is nothing left of the victim but a mindless empty husk on the material plane.

RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32 aka Coldfire

Gloves of the Deceiver
Aura Moderate Illusion; CL 7th
Slot hands; Price 52,400 (+1), 58,400 (+2), 68,400 (+3), 82,400 (+4), 102,400 (+5) gp; Weight --

These normal looking gloves allow the user to seemingly conjure any sort of weapon into the palm of their hand. In fact, however, these gloves allow the user to create a weapon made of illusionary shadow, as in the spell Shadow Conjuration. The wearer can say the command word to create any type of weapon as a standard action (if the user conjures a weapon that he is not proficient with, normal penalties for wielding it applies). The weapon has a +1 through +5 Enchantment bonus depending on the level of gloves used. The weapon created with these gloves may be wielded like a normal weapon of its type, only upon every successful attack the recipient makes a Will save (DC 20) to disbelieve the illusion (objects always succeed). If the target succeeds on their save they only take one fifth (20%) of the damage the weapon would have normally caused, the conjured weapon then dissipates.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Shadow Conjuration; Cost 26,200 (+1), 29,200 (+2), 34,200 (+3), 41,200 (+4), 51,200 (+5) gp