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The Thug card reads:

"Before acting, you may either banish a boon or attempt a Strength, Charisma, Diplomacy or Melee 4+# check. If you fail the check, suffer 1d4 Combat damage."

I feel like the intent is for me to do one of the other, in which case it should omit the words "you may." As it reads now, I can opt to either banish a boon, or I can opt to make the check, but I don't have to do either if I don't want to. And since there's no upside to the check, why would I choose either of those first two options?

Am I overthinking this?

Remember: if he doesn't have the skill, he rolls a d4 for the check. So, even though he has an intelligence of d6, he's still rolling a d4 for his arcane check.

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Thanks, Vic. I didn't mean to contribute to a general panic.

I reached out to the retailer who has my pre-order for both Core and Curse, and got the following reply this morning:

"Thank you for reaching out to us on this. At this time it looks like there was a delay with our delivery of these items but we are expecting to have them and to be able to ship by the end of this this week or some time early next."

So, I'll probably have the game in hand and several games logged before I leave for vacation. To Boston, ironically.

The listing on Amazon now says that the game releases on June 11. Cool Stuff Inc still has the May 29 release date, but is no longer available for preorder (there's a restock alert button instead).

I'm resigning myself that I'll have to wait another month before I can play it, rather than another week. Possibly more, since I'm going on vacation at the end of June and may miss the game delivery until I get back.

Maybe Paizo can post the character sheets ASAP to help us carry through this difficult time? Please?

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Based on this comment from Vic in another blog post, the intent seems to be that everyone who played a spell will do recovery at the end of the turn.

"Because most recharge checks used to happen in the middle of an encounter, everything usually had to stop and wait while those checks were resolved; now, the next player can usually get on with their turn while other players process recovery. (Ok, this isn’t true when the next player also has to do recovery, but since it’s true more often than not, it does save time.)"

The implication here is that the recovery phase speeds the game along, unless the player whose next turn it is has to do recovery before he can start his turn. Thus, off-turn recovery for all spellcasters seems to be the desired intent.

Vic Wertz wrote:
VitaminP3 wrote:
I’ve looked a couple times and not seen it yet. But maybe I’m missing it since PACG Core Set is not listed with the rest of the PACG stuff. But do you guys have a pdf of the rules for Core Set or Curse of the Crimson Thrones yet?
We're planning to release the Core Set Rulebook PDF just before PaizoCon next week. (Curse doesn't have a rulebook—it uses the Core rules.)

Will the pdf character sheets be released at the same time, or will those come later? And if later, how much later?

"At the start of the adventure, each character will draw an appropriate Harrow and get to use it throughout the entire adventure, getting a special benefit each time they play it."

Does "appropriate harrow" mean one of the 9 harrow blessing whose suit corresponds to the suit of the adventure? Is that extra blessing then added to the character's deck? Does it count against the number of blessings the character can have? And then, they return the blessing at the end of the last scenario of the adventure, and then draw a new one when they start the first scenario of the next adventure?

I suppose all of this will make sense when I have the instruction book in my hot little hands.

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It's not just about increasing the randomness, it's about injecting more tools to manage the randomness. That 80% success rate becomes a 96% success rate if granted a reroll. Heck, with a reroll and an avenge (also at 80%) it becomes 99.2%.

And from the looks of this preview blog, we'll be given lots of tools with which to reroll some or all of the dice.