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I run gestalt as well, so that'd work.

INTERESTING! I hadn't even considered the synthesist. Summoner doesn't has access to the more (in my mind) Ironman like spells-Evocation stuff, but there's probably a way around that.

The Gun tank is cool as well, but won't work for my home game.

I'll be sure to check that out. I've gotta check & see if there have been any archetypes for the Tome of Secrets material as well

Ok now that a couple of years has gone by on this thread & a bunch of archetype/class options are available.

I'm starting up a new campaign & my wife is really interested in playing an Ironman concept. My brain thought some type of archetype of Artificer from Tome of Secrets, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anybody had some homerun ideas/concepts?.... It'd really help me out.

Can't really complain about fighters myself as I've played a couple of fighters & had a great time with both, but I've got a buddy currently in a campaign who gets a bit bummed sometimes because the Summoner's...... whatchamacallit (Can't remember the name!) consistently over shadows him in combat situations.

In my group he was the childhood best friend of one of the PCs before he got sent off to Magnimar.

They took him alive underneath the glassworks (which led to some great RPing jailhouse discussions with said PC), but he escaped. They tracked him down while he was heading to Thistletop, (he had hooked up with a goblin patrol just to sweeten the encounter) once the PCs made short work of the goblins - rather than be taken alive a second time he took his own life after vowing that he would return.

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Even if you don't like the idea of a Paladin telling jokes & whatknot...

Role-Play him like The TICK! Isn't the Tick a paladin with some well placed low scores?

I'd totally jump on board. It's a genre I get psyched about & would love to see Paizo tackle it AP style.

This is only in effect for the Lottery events?

DOH! Never mind just realized DM Basics runs 8-10 (still like to sneak in for the last hour)

Hey all,

First time heading to PaizoCon & I'm crunching my schedule now.

Friday morning I'm interested in two seminars
-RPG Freelancers that runs from 8-9
-DM Basics that runs from 8-1pm.

Didn't know if it would be "uncool" to show up an hour late for the DM basics. Or if I could attempt a stealth check & get in without disturbing the host/proceedings.

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Sorta side stepping the topic, but for those who dig anthropomorphic tales. (HA Tales....get it.)

Check out Blacksad. A noir graphic novel that is sheer awesomeness.

Sam Adams- October Fest
Hobgoblin (not just cause I'm a gamer either. On tap it is my favorite. From Wychwood Brewery in the UK if anyone is interested.)

Thanks! I appreciate the clarification.... See ya'll there!

Sorry if I'm being thick-

Rate the events 0-4 for each "time slot"? As in 0-4 for 8am to 1pm, then 0-4 for 1pm to 6pm?

Or by day?

Or throughout?

My fav was a dwarf in Legacy of Fire who used Med Shield & Kukri. (The shield being the primary weapon)

Gauss wrote:

My group also houseruled the racial restrictions (including level caps) out. However, I prefer to keep my houserules out of rules forum discussions.

- Gauss

-I can see the wisdom in that.

Gauss wrote:

2nd edition multiclassing: (No humans allowed) choose classes, split exp evenly between classes. Example: Fighter/wizard as Thorin states.

2nd edition dual-classing: (Humans only). Level up in one class (such as fighter). Abandon class, start over at 1st level as new class (such as wizard). While leveling up do not use previous classes abilities or suffer a penalty in the exp earned. When new class equals the level of the old class you may use both sets of abilities equally.

This is true, but in my experiance many groups (mine included) always house ruled the racial restrictions out.

As for XP. Currently I've been experimenting with single class uses Pathfinders XP fast track, 2 classes the med track, with 3 the slow. -Haven't been using it long enough to know if I like it.

Thorin2011 wrote:
I learned on 2nd Edition myself. I am working vary slowly on making my custom world for 2nd ed Pathfinder ready.

Yup, I'm doing the same thing. (Taking a lot longer than I thought it would.) I'm running Rise of the Runelords while I work things out.

I run a group with gestalt characters & I really don't mind them at all. Even a "tri-stalt"

As a house rule I don't allow 2 classes within the same "type"... i.e. martial, divine, arcane, skill monkey. (No Ranger/Fighter for example.) As a balancing factor for the increased ability I have character roll HP for both class & take the average. (The fighter/wizard will have increased spell use, but doesn't have the HP to go toe-to-toe with a straight fighter)

I've just always loved 2nd Edition multi class & dual class rules & still use em for Pathfinder.

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For me......Nothing is off limits. (Everything has a place, time, and flavor)

Though up to a number of years ago it was Halflings & Gnomes.

Played a Halfling (Now my favorite character ever)
Played a Gnome (Nothing but sweet pranking fun)

I've been a major Avengers fan since I was about 8 years old, and I was so happy with the film. You've got to give Whedon major props for taking on such a project & smacking it out of the park the way he did.

That is in no way to say it's a perfect film. Just a really entertaining blockbuster.

I thought Cap needed an epic moment. Everyone else had "their time to shine", and I kept waiting for Caps. (Though I dig it when he lays out the battle plan.)

Also, I'm curious as to what hit the editing room floor. Seemed to me like some weirdness in a couple of the single character scenes just post Helicarrier. Did anyone else think so?

Just curious has anyone had problems with a player who has played an AP before with another group.

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The Eastwood one was mine

-IF you don't count the Avengers Trailer (The fanboy in me jumped off the couch higher than any play in the game.)

I'm running RORL as well, and my players did the same in preparing the town for further attacks.

Movie plot spoiler:
My group wasn't too worried about goblins, or even a small band of humans that might be leading them. Once Malfeshnekor name was dropped I played up the dramatics of it. (The town wasn't attacked simply for goblin amusement, but only for the body needed for the ritual to awaken Malfeshnekor. Even created a deadline for the players with a "holy day" of Lamashtu when he would be awakened.

Of course if that doesn't work I'd throw Bruthasmus at the town ala bugbears in Classic Monsters Revisted style!-Possibly to steal further supplies for ritual?

Really appreciate all the responses. Thanks all! Love that when a player throws out a question that I'm pondering the sides of I have a place to throw it out to and get great thoughts/insights bounced back.

Thanks again.

Assuming the spell grants ONLY those benefits listed in the spell description, and not benefits such as natural armor bonus?

No word on the comic other than whats in the press release? Curious for news on the creative team chosen for the book.

Also will it be original material or a narrative of an adventure paths......Rise of the Runelords would be pretty awesome!

Hey, Running Pathfinder game in a home-brewed world (Kingston NY)and we're looking to add some fresh blood to the campaign..... Interested?

Going with the Tick theme


That is awesome!

Though I've gotta say The tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC (sentimental reasons)



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(can't believe I forgot this one)






(and from the distinguished competition- the classic)


Just after our last session one of my players approached me with this very concept. I was skeptical and quite frankly didn't even consider it, but I'll admit this thread has me changing my mind.


Hey all! I've been running ROTRL for a few months now & am a total font maniac! I could so use this as well.

chazfernald at hotmail dot com

Or some type of psionic paladin type

Don't know if you mess with Psionic classes or not, but I'm looking for a Prestige Class that draws from both Paladin & Psion.

It'd be some work, but you could update an old Ravenloft mod to Pathfinder?

This ROCKS! Running RORL now & the PC's are just finishing up Burnt Offerings. This'll come in handy for sure.

Always using music! I'll even put together different playlists on my pod for different encounters for our current session. That way if I have time beforehand to plan it out, I can throw in sound effects or what not in between tracks.

For example the last session the heroes were camped out & had divided up watches... After a short track (under a couple of minutes) I threw in some footsteps sound effects. So that after the PC rolled his perception I could simply turn it up.

Another idea I got from the boards was giving certain NPCs their own "theme song". So once it's played when the group interacts with them a couple of times. I'll throw that track into a playlist for Inn... or tavern. Now when the PCs hear the song they'll ask "Is (fill in the blank) here?"

"Why yes he is..... whatta coincidence."- Makes me smirk every single time

Ya know I kinda like the sound of this. I'm all for stuff that puts an emphasis on role-playing. I'm very interested in the mechanic you use to decide how quickly abilities can be raised/lowered. I've got a player that consistently says "Since we've got time I'll practice my (fill in the blank"- archery/hunting/swordsmanship) the other players basically chastise him because there is no "reason" for him to do it.

That said... When I play I strive to role-play the character I'm playing, and it doesn't matter if the stats are high or low. Low wisdom means I do things that may mean my character suffers (and I've caused more than a little trouble for my companions) Just when opportunities present themselves I use a 2nd edition wisdom check roll (my stat score or under on a d20) otherwise I've got to do something.... unwise.

Thanks Heiko! Good stuff. I'll be going through my campaign outline & work some o that in. Liking the idea of the Paradise.... go a bit Casino Royale feel.

Plus I've been looking for ways to expand the Skinsaw cult's role in things. Appreciate it.

Just finished Ravenheart by David Gemmel. Loved it! Got to pick up the next in the series.

Really interested in where this thread will go...

I'm seeing first hand the OP's point as I'm playing a low level Paladin right now that is interested in Mounted Combat. Certainly it seems to me to entertain that course I'm forced to take/dip a level in Cavalier. Not to mention committing a third of my skill points & focus on mounted feats. (Leaving me compromised in Dungeon scenarios.)

He's taking it all stoically of course given his family motto "Endurance Overcomes All", though as a player I'm finding it difficult role playing a Paladin-like attitude being what amounts to the groups sidekick. (Granted my ever constant low rolls do contribute to the problem.)

Don't know if anyone can top Wayne Reynolds for me & his work in giving us the iconic Paizo characters through the first 2 APs.

*edit* forgot the future part.....

hmmmm. I'm always bouncing from one favorite artist to another. Recently I was checking out Vance Kovacs & Justin Gerard, so I'll throw their names out.

Thought I'd toss this back out to the main page & see if the night owls had any ideas for me....?

godsDMit wrote:
Jubrayl Viski and some of his thugs could be working for the skinsaw cult on a low level.

I like that. I was kicking around the idea to have them shipping arms for a link to the Tower of the Last Baron, but I like that..... keeps things more on task

Running ROTRL in a home brewed world. I have a player who created a character & really wants him to have a spy/james bond feel. Looking to make some minor tweaks to the campaign & add some side treks (though I'd like them at least loosely connected to the main story.) Thinking of running Tower of the Last Baron as an assassination assignment. (Just finished reading it & I thought it was great.)

I know things like this can be rough with y'all not being familiar with the world & all, but I'm just fishing for some brainstorming.

Any Ideas?

Interesting feat possibilities?

Sundering Smite?
Righteous Trip?
Disarm of Mercy?

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