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Full Name

Ipreek "Clashing Boom-Boom"




Level 1 Pistolero/Level 3 Trench Fighter








Leumoth, Son of Chronespis, The Luminous One


Draconic, Common



Strength 9
Dexterity 19
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 15
Charisma 12

About Clashing Boom-Boom

Ipreek "Clashing Boom-Boom"

Combat Stats:

AC: 19
HP: 28
BAB: +4
Fort: +5
Reflex: +7
Will: +3

Long Lash: +9 (1d4-1)
Rapier: +9 (1d4-1)
Pistol: +9 (1d6)
Double-Barreled Pistol: +10 (1d6+4)

Common Attacks:
Long Lash: +9 (1d4-1)
x2 Rapier Attacks: +7/+7 (1d4-1/1d4-1)
x2 Double-Barrelled Pistols Double-Shot w/ Deadly Aim w/ Up Close and Deadly +2/+2/+2/+2 (2d6+8/1d6+8/1d6+8/1d6+8)

Acrobatics: +8 (1 Rank+3 Class+4 Dex)
Bluff: +5 (1 Rank+3 Class+1 Cha+1 Extremely Fashionable)
Climb: +3 (1 Rank+3 Class-1 Str)
Craft Alchemy: +5 (1 Rank+3 Class+1 Int)
Craft Weapon: +8 (4 Rank+3 Class+1 Int)
Diplomacy: +11 (4 Ranks+3 Class Skill+1 Cha+2 Green-Scale+1 Extremely Fashionable)
Intimidate: +6 (1 Ranks+3 Class Skill+1 Cha+1 Extremely Fashionable)
Profession Sailor: +6 (1 Rank+3 Class+2 Wis)
Stealth: +12 (1 Rank+3 Class+4 Dex+4 Size)
Survival: +6 (1 Rank+3 Class+2 Wis)
Swim: +3 (1 Rank+3 Class-1 Str)

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Pistols (Gunslinger)
Gunsmithing (Gunslinger)
Weapon Finesse (1st)
Two-Weapon Fighting (Fighter 1)
Deadly Aim (Fighter 2)
Tail Terror (3rd)

Extremely Fashionable (Diplomacy)
Kobold Faith

Typically Carried Equipment:
Mithral Double-Barreled Pistol (1500, crafted, 1.5lbs)
Gunslinger Pistol (Free, 2lbs)
Weapon Cord (0.1 GP, --)
Armor Coat (50 GP, 10lbs)
Quilted Cloth Armor (100 GP, 7.5lbs)
x2 Rapiers (40 GP, 2lbs)
Long Lash Tail Attachment (15 GP, 0.5lbs)
x10 Doses of Black Powder (100 GP)
x10 Firearm Bullets (10 GP)
x2 Powder Horn (6 GP, 2lb)
x2 Bandoliers (1 GP)
Belt Pouch (1 GP 0.25lb)
Masterwork Gunsmith's Kit (65 GP, 1lb)
Silkweave Courtier's Outfit (60 GP, 1.5lbs)
Cleats (5 GP, 1lb)
Really Nice Hat (50 GP, 1lb)
Decorative Trim (20 GP)
Set of "Ear" rings (50 GP, pierced into skin near horns)
Muleback Cords (1,000 GP, Magic Item Chosen)
Whetstone (0.01 GP, 0.5lb)
Hip Flask (1 GP, 0.5lbs)
Cologne (5 GP)
Waterskin (1 GP, 2lbs)
Signal Wistle (0.8 GP)
Portable Alchemy Lab (75, 10lbs)
Masterwork Backpack (52 GP, 2lbs)
Compass (10 GP, 0.25lb)
Grappling Hook (1 GP, 2lbs)
Materials for second Mithral Double-Barreled Pistol (1500, 1.5lbs)
Mess Kit (0.2, 1lb)
Flint and Steel (1 GP)
8 GP
2 SP
9 CP

49.5lbs carried, 50lbs Light/100 Medium/150 Heavy

Equipment Not Typically Carried Personally:
Small Tent (10 GP 20lb)
Hammock (0.1 GP 3lb)
Block and Tackle (5 GP, 5lbs)
Blanket (0.5, 3lbs)
Rope, 50ft (1 gp, 10lbs)
Material for x50 Firearm Bullets (5 GP, 1lb)
Matierial for x50 Doses of Black Powder (50 GP, 2.5lb)

Standing at a short (even for kobolds) 2'6", Clashing Boom-Boom does his best to stand tall amongst his brethren (he' still working on it). Covered in his green scales, he's found himself trying especially hard to stand out, and perhaps it's finally starting to work. Wearing a tri-corner hat, a double-breasted long-coat, poofy pants and a pair of cleated boots with small heels in them, Clashing Boom-Boom has managed to get his height up an inch or so and is quite proud of it. Along the front of his jacket, he's stuck on every pistol (or boom-makers, as he tends to call them) that he's managed to get his hands on.

Ipreek was a green kobold from a far off warren during his childhood, but that didn't last long when a party of adventurers work through the traps and defends as a methodical business of a long afternoon. Fleeing in whichever direction seemed good at the time, Ipreek eventually stumbled his way into a port-town of the big people. And the halflings, they were funny.
Scurrying from house to house, Ipreek worked himself aboard an apparently empty ship, and tore into their rations. He was very hungry. Half way through his third hardtack, the heavy clomp, clomp, clomp of boots on the top deck resounded through the little hold. Ipreek tried to hide, he really did! But it didn't take long for the men aboard to follow the trail of crumbs into the back of the hold. "Well look what we have here!" "Looks like a young one!" "Li'l filcher's been eating has he?"
Ipreek could do nothing as he was dragged out into what seemed to be some kind of common area, where the ship-men spun him, beat him, jeered and laughed. Eventually the only little one, a halfling tossed something at Ipreek. "You wanna fight back, here you go!" The kobold clumsily caught it, and shortly a loud BOOM! filled the room. The halfling dropped dead, blood pooled across the floor, their was a smokey haze in the air, and their was silence. "What was that damned fool thinking?" "It actually made that piece of crap go off?" Eventually the largest, meanest looking human stepped out of the ring. Ipreek quivered as the man stooped down and picked up the hat off the halfling and stared at it for what felt like ages. The man then spun on his heel and stormed towards Ipreek. Ipreek shrunk away from the massive hand coming towards him... and put the hat on his head. "WELL LADS! LOOKS LIKE WE'VE GOT OURSELVES A NEW SWABBY!!!" The announcement was met with a roar of laughter and cheering.
Things proceeded for several years like this. Swab, get kicked around, swab some more. But they always let him have the little boom-maker (their fingers were too big for the trigger). Yet Ipreek cherished the pistol, it made him feel like a red dragon, full of smoke and fire and killing. Under the tutelage of what he learned were "pirates" their common tongue, how to sail, climb rigging, swim, take abuse like a champ, sing on shanties and so on. Eventually, deciding that while a life of "YARS!" and "SHIVERING TIMBERS" and "FILTHY LAND-BLUBBERS!" had its charms, he had his boom-maker, and was happy. Leaving the drunken sailors, the kobold took his newfound power of language and turned them towards sneaking off the ship and notifying the local authorities that the men aboard the ship were responsible for many of the ships that had gone missing over the last few years. What? Vengeance is as vengeance does, Ipreek hated swabbing. Not staying to see the aftermath, Ipreek hit the road with all the "Booty!" he had managed to swipe just before leaving and traveled in search of real company, of kobolds. Wandering for a while and looting whatever lone travelers he could find with all the bluster and flare that he could manage, which happened to work surprisingly well and often.
Eventually, Ipreek managed to begin to find the old forgotten signs, the old paths and tracks of a kobold warren. With giddy-glee, Ipreek walked into the warren with a well-practiced swagger and bluster declaring himself Clashing Boom-Boom, a green scaled kobold with the heart of a red dragon! They initially laughed at the young kobold, they stopped when he fired the pistol and smoke, fire, and sparks suddenly lit up the cave. Making a space for himself in the warren, and eventually learning of the presence of the glorious Luminous One, Clashing Boom-Boom has worked for the good of the warren ever since!