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Cil'dr God of the Depraved


God of the Depraved


Lawful Evil



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Facts and Stuff


Cil'dr, God of the depraved, was created when sapient life first prayed for someone to protect them in their most desperate hour. He is a god of primal need, a need to survive at all costs. He instructs his followers to protect their friends and be vicious to their enemies. He teaches them to use anything they can to survive, the strongest is the one who always wins.

He is one of the youngest gods in existence only being here due to the need of mortals. The will of mortality is his own. unlike most other gods he associates with mortals well and has no herald, preferring to directly interact with his followers.

none, all viewing him simply see their own shadow projected from where he is. He appears to sapients in this manner, if they run in fear the shadow will not chase them and they will never see it again, however if they stop and ask the shadow what it intends, he will share with them anything they need.

Cil'dr is worshipped by people in barren lands or who are banished, he is also a patron of thieves and assassins and gives powers to all who will do anything to win. by those who seek revenge against their masters or to climb the social ladder and become masters of others. bribery, thievery, murder... all are condoned so long as it helps them survive and doesn't hurt a fellow Cil'drian.

Planes & Outsiders:

When Cil'drians die they may go to Visgar, a Large expansive realm of bureaucratic and military facilities. All are pressed into service to help their living counterparts as what are known as Shadows, spirits who guide and watch over the Cil'drians.

Shadows take the form of what they were in life and retain their memory but have enhanced abilities. Their substance is replaced with shadow and as such they can hide perfectly in the darkness, they are not solid and as such will not die easily as material weapons will pass right through them doing little to no damage. They can teleport from Visgar to any Cil'drian praying for help or any holy spot. They can return from anywhere on the material plane to visgar as a move action.

pay your debts and keep your promises, and make sure people keep them with you. Try to survive and help those who are having trouble if you do not have trouble. If you are on the edge of death do not be afraid to live, trick, steal, murder, do what you need to, teach this to those who are afraid themselves. If someone is unwilling to do these things, they should be abandoned as they will only make your life worse or even lead to your death. If you have the power help those that do not. Stay organized, the better you work together the more likely you will survive.

Self Rules:
Firstly, this is THEIR struggle, they must save themselves, you must simply guide and organize them. So long as you do this they may eventually no longer need your help and can be used to help others.

secondly, you were created from sapient life, your only concern is sapient life. Animals and the environment need to be used just as much as they would try to use your followers.

thirdly, anyone who does not follow your teachings is simply part of the environment, they horde and amass wealth, even unknowlingly, and cause the weak to die.

fourthly, stop the suffering of your followers, AND THEN stop the suffering of others. (as of yet, I have never had a chance to stop the suffering of non-followers as followers already press my limits)

fifthly, never lie, your followers may lie, but you should never lie, it may cause you to eventually lie to a follower, an inexcusable act.