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yup! thanks.

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I have no idea where to look to find the answer to this question.

When running or playing in a scenario from a prior season, how are factions handled?
For example - say I'm running a season 4 scenario, and everyone brings new season 6 characters? How do I handle factions?


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I so absolutely want this sword.

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Bah... profile didn't save. I'll rewrite it tomorrow.

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Here's Jericho Ralestone's (human monk {martial artist archetype}) character sheet for your consideration.
And here's his profile.

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Dotting for interest. I'll put something together in the next day or so.

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Additionally, if both couples were dwarven paladins, drow expatriots, blue-eyed asians or any other subset you like, with no real reason for them to (all 4) be dwarves or drow or blue-eyed asians, I'd change one set, because my players would again wonder what the heck was going on.

"Are we in the blue-eyed asian section of the Worldwound?"
"Why are we suddenly seeing so many good aligned drow?"
"More dwarves? I thought humans were the dominant species on this planet."

It jars, and there's no reason for it, except to make a very specific statement.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Chuckling Elvish Bard wrote:

Sure, I can change it, and will. It won't suit my group. They'll ask the same question - "Two couples and both of them homosexual? Seriously?"

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Lets play mad-libs:

"Two couples and both of them are mixed race? Seriously?"
"Two couples and both of them are in committed relationships? Seriously?"
"Two couples and both of them are Good aligned? Seriously?"
"Two couples and both of them have interesting backstories? Seriously?"
"Two couples and both of them feature people who like ice-cream? Seriously?"
"Two couples and both of them feature characters with high perception skills? Seriously?"

Your madlibs are, except for #1 and possibly #2 not in the same ballpark as my statement, but thanks for playing. #3, #4, and #6 are game related, and not controversial. #5 means you're comparing sexual orientation to personal taste, which goes completely against the dogma on both sides of the sexual orientation debate.

The NPCs' homosexuality is not game related, nor is it as banal as liking ice cream. It is a statement, as James posted. I don't like my ice-cream covered in ketchup, and I don't care to have someone else's political agenda dumped into my gaming.
I'll be honest, my group is pretty much on the "Queer is just that," side of the debate, so yeah, they're going to look at 2 homosexual couples in a row and no straight couples in sight and find that jarring. If you don't, super.

And really... that's the most ridiculous thing that you've ever heard? Is that just code for, "Boy, CEB, you're really an ignorant git."?
Because one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard is that there is a guy who shows up every year for the Badwater Ultramarathon (a 135 mile run through Death Valley) dressed in a pink bunny suit. That, my friend, is ridiculous.

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My problem is not that there are 2 homosexual relationships in this AP. If the plan was for Paizo to unfurl its rainbow banner and show the world that LGBTQNH characters can be good and strong and a driving force in the world of Golarion, then yay for Paizo.
My problem is that 2 out of 2 NPC relationships in the AP are homosexual. 2 out of the 1000s of potential relationships in the Worldwound... not a high percentage. 2 out of the only 2 relationships we've been exposed to? That's an unusual percentage. I can't think of any time in the real world, where I've met 2 LGBT couples in a row and it wasn't some sort of LGBT celebration. It rings false, and forced, and to be honest, shoved down our throats.
Sure, I can change it, and will. It won't suit my group. They'll ask the same question - "Two couples and both of them homosexual? Seriously?"

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This argument (all 645 posts at the time of my posting) is why I either don't build crafters, or only craft for myself (treating it the same as writing scrolls for myself.)
Then nobody feels ripped off and I don't feel that my wizard is using his time unprofitably.

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Have a look at Treantmonk's guide to monks.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/extras/community-creations/treatmonks-lab/treantmon k-s-guide-to-monks

As he says, if you've built your monk properly, he's gonna bleed. but he's no glass cannon.