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About Chthonia Nyx

CG Medium fey
Init +10; Senses darkvision 90 ft., low-light vision, True Seeing 120 ft., See in Darkness, Tremor Sense 20ft.; Perception +41
Aura insane beauty (30 ft.)


AC 50, touch 31, flat-footed +40 (+8 Armour, +10 deflection, +10 Dex, +6 Shield, +1 Luck, +5 Natural)
hp 415 (7d6+18d8+229)
Fort +21, Ref +25, Will +34, +4 vs visual effects, disease, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, poison
DR 5/cold iron

Hp 7*6 (7HD Fey)+ 18*8 (18HD Shaman) +225 (Con*25) + 4(Mythic Bonus * Tier)

Fort: 2 (7HD Fey) + 6 (18HD Shaman) + 9 (Con) +4 (resistance)
Ref: 5 (7HD Fey) + 6 (18HD Shaman) + 10 (Ref) +4 (resistance)
Will: 5 (7HD Fey) + 11 (18HD Shaman) + 13 (Will) +4 (resistance)


Speed 30 ft.
Melee Prehensile Hair +34 (1d3+24, 10 ft. reach; Thundering)
Ranged Malevolence +28 (1d8+2 x3, 110 ft.; Thundering)
Empowered Malevolence +31 (2d6+5 x4, 110 ft.; Thundering)
Special Attacks weep, Hex (DC 32)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 7th; concentration +17)

At will—meld into stone, stone tell

Druid Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +18)

3rd—(DC 26): stone shape, Longstrider (Greater), Longstrider (Greater), Lily Pad Stride
2nd—(DC 25): spider climb, stone call, Greensight, Lockjaw, Lockjaw
1st—(DC 24): Faerie Fire, faerie fire, Longstrider, Longstrider, Negate Aroma, Negate Aroma, Liberating Command
0th—(DC 23): stabilize, detect poison, light, mending

Shaman Spells Prepared (CL 20th; Concentration +33)

9th-(DC 32): Spellbane, Wail of the Banshee, Heal (Mass), Tsunami
8th-(DC 31): Irresistible Dance, Quickened Divine Power, Sunburst, Circle of Clarity, Mind Blank
7th-(DC 30): Fairy Ring Retreat, Quickened Named Bullet, Plane Shift, Scrying (Greater), Transport via Plant
6th-(DC 29): Wall of Stone, Quickened-Mirror Image, Dispel Magic (Greater), Veil, Invisibility (Greater), Anti-Life Shell
5th-(DC 28): Overland Flight, Quickened True Strike, Mind Fog, Hunter's Blessing, Breath of Life, Control Winds, Animal Growth
4th-(DC 27): Sending, Detect Scrying, Solid Fog, Divine Power, Command Plants, Ice Storm, Earth Glide
3rd-(DC 26): Wind Wall, Stricken Heart, Sleet Storm, Named Bullet, Polymorph Familiar, Polymorph Familiar, Create Food and Water
2nd-(DC 25): Tree Shape, Resist Energy, Resist Energy, Remove Paralysis, False Life, Calm Emotions, Mirror Image
1st-(DC 24): Read Weather, Pass Without Trace, True Strike, Heightened Awareness, Heightened Awareness, Frostbite, Discern Next of Kin, Detect Animal or Plants
0th-(DC 23): Arcane Mark, Detect Magic, Know Direction, Read Magic

Spirit Magic
Nature: Charm animal (1st), barkskin (2nd), speak with plants (3rd), grove of respite (4th), awaken (5th), stone tell (6th), creeping doom (7th), animal shapes (8th), world wave (9th)
Lore: Identify (1st), tongues (2nd), locate object (3rd), legend lore (4th), contact other plane (5th), mass owl's wisdom (6th), vision (7th), moment of prescience (8th), time stop (9th).

Arcane Enlightenment
Wish, Spellbane, Mind Blank, Teleport (Greater), Veil, Invisibility (Greater), Mind Fog, Named Bullet, Mirror Image, True Strike

Malevolence: Staff
1 Charge: Atavism, Strong Jaw or Burst of Arrows


Hierophant - Tier 1
Divine Surge: Recalled Blessing
Mythic Feat: Mythic Spellcasting (Irresistible Dance)
Path Ability: Eldritch Breach
Mythic Flaw: Material Weakness (Cold Iron)
Mythic Bonus: Vital Strike (Mythic)


Str 10, Dex 30, Con 28, Int 24, Wis 37, Cha 30
Base Atk +16; CMB +16; CMD 55

Str: 10 (0 Points)
Dex: 14 (5 points) + 10 (Race) +6 (Item)
Con: 14 (5 points) +8 (Race) +6 (Item)
Int: 14 (5 points) +4 (Race) +6 (Item)
Wis: 14 (5 points) +6 (Race) +6 (Level Advancement) + 6 (Item) +5 (Wish)
Cha: 14 (5 points) +10 Race) +6 (Item)

Bab 3 (7HD Fey)+13 (18HD Shaman)
CMB 16 (Bab)
CMD 10 + 25 (Bab + Defensive Combat Training) + 10 (Dex) + 10 (Deflection)

Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Defensive Combat Training, Boon Companion, Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork), Flyby Attack, Quickened Spell, Leadership, Improved Precise Shot, Animal Soul, Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike, Greater Vital Strike
Traits Magic Knack, Underworld Explorer (Vaults of Orv)
Skills Acrobatics +38, Climb +13, Craft (Weave) +14, Diplomacy +18, Disguise 18, Fly +38, Handle Animal +28, Heal +21, Knowledge (geography) +25, Knowledge (local) +20, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +26, Knowledge (nature) +25, Knowledge (planes) +15, Knowledge (religion) +15, Perception +41, Perform [sing] +23, Ride +18, Spellcraft +35, Survival +24, Sense Motive +41, Stealth +43, Swim +18, Use Magic Device +23

Skill Calculation:
6*7 (7HD Fey) + 18*4 (18HD Shaman) + 7*25 (Int) + 18 (Favoured class) = 289
Acrobatics 25 (ranks) +3 class + 10 (dex)
Climb 5 (ranks) + 3 (class) + 5 (gloves, competence)
Craft (Weave) 1 (rank) + 3 (class) +10 (int)
Diplomacy 5 (ranks) + 3 (class) + 10 (Cha)
Disguise 5 (ranks) + 3 (class) + 10 (Cha)
Escape Artist
Fly 25 (ranks) + 3(class) +10 (dex)
Handle Animal 15 (ranks) +3class +10 (cha)
Heal 5 (ranks) + 3 (class) + 13 (wis)
Knowledge (geography) 15 (ranks) +3 (class) + 7 (int)
Knowledge (local) 5 (ranks) +3 (class) + 7 (int)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) 15 (ranks) + 1(trait) +3 (class) + 7 (int)
Knowledge (nature) 15 (ranks) +3 (class) + 7 (int)
Knowledge (planes) 5 (ranks) +3 (class) + 7 (int)
Knowledge (religion) 5 (ranks) +3 (class) + 7 (int)
Perception 25 (ranks) + 3 (Class) +13 (Wis)
Perform [sing] 10 (ranks) +3 (class) +10 (cha)
Ride 5 (ranks) + 3 (class) + 10 (dex)
Spellcraft 25 (ranks) + 3 (Class) + 7 (int)
Survival 8 (ranks) + 3 (class) + 13 (wis)
Sense Motive 25 (ranks) + 3 (Class) +13 (Wis)
Sleight of Hand
Stealth 25 (ranks) + 3 (class) + 10 (dex) + 5 (back, competence)
Swim 10 (ranks) +3 (class) + 5 (gloves, competence)
Use Magic Device 10 (ranks) +3 (Class) +10 (Cha)

Languages Aklo, Common, Undercommon, Sylvan, Aquan, Terran, Infernal, Celestial, Gnome, Dwarven, Drow Sign Language, Auran, Ignan
SQ guarded, Shaman Spirit (True: Nature), Hexes (6: Friend to Animals, Stormwalker, Evil Eye, Fortune, Chant, Witch Hex [Prehensile Hair]), Wandering Spirit (Greater: Lore), Wandering Hexes (2: Arcane Enlightenment, Fetish)

Worn gear: Lantern of Everlight [Left Hand], Headband of Mental Superiority (+6) [Headband], Belt of Physical Prowess (Dex/Con +6) [Belt], Otherwordly Kimono + Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes +5 Planar Spell Storing (Stricken Heart) [Body], Prophet's Pectoral [Chest], Googles of Truesight + Darksight [Eyes], Tremor Boots [Feet], Gloves of Swimming and Climbing [Hands], Fortunate Veil [Head], Warding Amulet [Neck], Watcher's Friend [Back], Ironwood Bracelet [Wrists], First World's Grace [Ring], Ring of Delayed Doom [Ring], Handy Haversack, Efficient Quiver, Holly and Mistletoe, Spell Component Pouch, Jade Circlet

Lantern of Everlight wrote:

This lantern is made of delicate silver veins wrapped like a cage around a small unassuming shard of dull red ceramic.

Command Word: Heightened Daylight (8th level, Cl 15)

Command Word: Hidden Light
+6 Shield bonus (when weilded)

Efficient Quiver:
Large Compartment

Medium Compartment
Wand of Cure Light Wounds x10

Small Compartment
5 +1 Aberration Bane Arrows
5 +1 Humanoid (Elf) Bane Arrows
5 +1 Humanoid (Dwarf) Bane Arrows
5 +1 Dragon Bane Arrows
5 +1 Fey Bane Arrows
5 +1 Vermin Bane Arrows
5 +1 Magical Beast Bane Arrows
5 +1 Outsider (Evil) Bane Arrows
5 +1 Monstrous Humanoid Bane Arrows
5 +1 Undead Bane Arrows
10 Arrows

Handy Haversack:
Left Pouch
Pearls of Power - 2x 1st, 2x 2nd, 4x 3rd, 4x 4th, 2x 5th
Feather Token (Bird) x3
Feather Token (Tree) x20
Pact Parchment x2
Incense of Eidos (3/3)
Holly and Mistletoe
Spell Component Pouch
Pouch of Diamond Dust (10000gp worth)
Diamond (5000gp worth)
Diamond (10000gp worth)
Diamond (25000gp worth)
Crystal Lens
Cold Iron Sceptre

Right Pouch
Elexir of Tumbling x4
Sovereign Glue (7 units + Salve of Slipperness)
Salve of Slipperness (8 units)
Universal Solvent (16 units)
Sacred Oils (5/5) for Reincarnation
Scroll of Plane Shift x5
Scroll of Teleport (Greater) x5

Main Compartment
Traveller's Any-Tool
Air Bottle
Blankets x2
Medium Tent
Fishhooks x4
Scent Cloak x5
Small Steel Mirror
Spider's Silk Rope (50')
Twine (50')
Candles x10
Waterproof Bullseye Lantern
Moonrod x3
Sunrod x3
Trail Rations x10
Charcoal x5
Chalk x15
Healers Kit (10/10)
Disguise Kit (10/10)
Silver Mirror
5 +1 Aberration Bane Arrows
5 +1 Humanoid (Elf) Bane Arrows
5 +1 Humanoid (Dwarf) Bane Arrows
5 +1 Dragon Bane Arrows
5 +1 Fey Bane Arrows
5 +1 Vermin Bane Arrows
5 +1 Magical Beast Bane Arrows
5 +1 Outsider (Evil) Bane Arrows
5 +1 Monstrous Humanoid Bane Arrows
5 +1 Undead Bane Arrows
40 Arrows

Item Calculations & links:
Lantern of Everlight:
Mithril Buckler +5: Cost 5+1000+25000 (buckler+material+magic bonus) Weight 2.5 Ibs
Heightened Daylight Cost: 1800*8*15 (216000) * .5 (crafted price)
+Amulet of hidden light 9000*1.5*.5

Bodywraps + Kimono (67000 *1.5 + 147000) * .5 (planar)

Prophet's Pectoral 6000 * .5

Googles: Truesight + Slotless Greater Eye Shadow Piercing (184800+(2*32000))*.5

Tremor Boots 10000*.5

Gloves of SnC 6250*.5

Fortunate Veil: Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier + Veil of Fleeting Glances ((5000*1.5)+9000)*.5

Warding Amulet: Amulet of Proof against Petrification + Necklace of Adapttion + Amulet of Natural Armour +5 (8000*1.5+9000*1.5+50000)*.5

Watcher's Friend: Cloak of Comfort + Muleback Cords + Cloak of Elvenkind (15600+1.5*1000+1.5*2500)*.5

Ironwood Bracelet: Many Garments + Bracers of Armour +8 ((200*1.5)+64000)*.5

First World's Grace: Ring of Natural Attunement Kami + Ring of Feather Falling + Ring of Freedom of Movement + Ring of Inner Fortitude, Major 7800*1.5+2200*1.5+40000*1.5 + 42000

Ring of Delayed Doom 45000

Malevolence bow part: Adaptive Sylvan Oathbow: Oathbow without str bonus + slotless lesser bracers of archery Cost: 25600 + 5000*2*.5 +1000

Malevolence staff part
Combine cost: 20000
Atavism, Strong Jaw & Burst of Arrows: 400*4*8+300*4*8+200*2*8


Guarded (Su)

A lampad adds her Charisma modifier as a deflection bonus to her armor class.

Insane Beauty (Su)

This ability affects all humanoids within 30 feet who are viewing a lampad in conditions brighter than dim light. Those who look directly upon the lampad must succeed at a DC 23 Will save or gain the confused condition for 1d6 rounds. A creature that succeeds at the save is immune to the same lampad's insane beauty for 24 hours. A lampad can suppress or resume this ability as a free action. The save DC is Charisma-based.

A lampad casts spells as a 5th-level druid, but can't swap out prepared spells to cast summon spells.
Weep (Su)

As a standard action, a lampad can unsettle those near her when she cries. Any creature within 30 feet who can hear a lampad weeping becomes shaken unless it succeeds at a DC 23 Will saving throw. This ability can't cause a creature to become frightened or panicked. This is a mind-affecting fear effect that relies on audible components. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Nature Spirit:
Spirit Animal

The shaman's spirit animal looks feral, and appears to be in peak physical form. The animal can move through any sort of undergrowth or natural difficult terrain at its normal speed without taking damage or suffering any other impairment. If the animal has a fly speed, it can ignore the penalty on Fly skill checks for winds up to windstorm strength.

Spirit Ability

A shaman who chooses the nature spirit as her spirit or wandering spirit gains the following ability.

Storm Burst (Su): As a standard action, the shaman causes a small storm of swirling wind and rain to form around one creature within 30 feet. This storm causes the target to treat all foes as if they had concealment, suffering a 20% miss chance for 1 round plus 1 round for every 4 shaman levels she possesses. The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. At 11th level, any weapon she wields is treated as a thundering weapon.
Greater Spirit Ability

A shaman who chooses the nature spirit as her spirit or wandering spirit gains the following ability upon having access to the greater version of that spirit.

Spirit of Nature (Su): Whenever the shaman is reduced to below 0 hit points, she automatically stabilizes and gains fast healing 1 for 1d4 rounds. At 15th level, this increases to fast healing 3.
True Spirit Ability

A shaman who chooses the nature spirit as her spirit or wandering spirit gains the following ability upon having access to the true version of that spirit.

Companion Animal (Su): The shaman's spirit animal takes the form of an animal companion of her choice, using her shaman level as her effective druid level. The animal retains all the special abilities and the Intelligence score of the spirit animal, but also has the statistics and abilities of an animal companion. If the animal is dismissed, is lost, or dies, it can be replaced in the same way as a normal spirit animal.

Wandering Spirit (Lore):
Spirit Ability

A shaman who chooses the lore spirit as her spirit or wandering spirit gains the following ability.

Monstrous Insight (Su): The shaman can identify creatures and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses. As a standard action, the shaman can attempt a Knowledge skill check to identify a creature and its abilities (using the appropriate skill for the monster's type) with an insight bonus equal to her shaman level. Whether or not the check is successful, she also gains a +2 insight bonus for 1 minute on attack rolls made against that creature and a +2 insight bonus to her AC against attacks made by that creature. These bonuses last for 1 minute. The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.
Greater Spirit Ability

A shaman who chooses the lore spirit as her spirit or wandering spirit gains the following ability upon having access to the greater version of that spirit.

Automatic Writing (Su): Once per day, the shaman can spend 10 minutes in uninterrupted meditation to tap into greater understanding. During this period, her hands produce mysterious writings pertaining to the future. This writing takes the form of divination with 90% effectiveness. The shaman can use this ability an additional time per day at 12th, 16th, and 20th levels.


Stormwalker (Su): The shaman can move through non-magical fog, rain, mist, snow, and other environmental effects without penalty (see Weather). She is never slowed by such effects, and she doesn't need to attempt Acrobatics skill checks to move across such surfaces. She can also move through magical environmental effects that she created. At 10th level, the shaman can see twice as far as normal through environmental effects, whether or not they are magical in nature.

Friend to Animals (Su): The shaman can spontaneously cast summon nature's ally spells as a druid. In addition, all animals within 30 feet of the shaman receive a sacred bonus on all saving throws equal to the shaman's Charisma modifier.

Evil Eye (Su): The shaman causes doubt to creep into the mind of a foe within 30 feet that she can see. The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following (shaman's choice): ability checks, AC, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. This hex lasts a number of rounds equal to 3 + the shaman's Wisdom modifier. A successful Will saving throw reduces this to just 1 round. At 8th level, the penalty increases to –4.

Fortune (Su): The shaman grants a creature within 30 feet a bit of good luck for 1 round. The target can call upon this good luck once per round, allowing it to reroll any ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, taking the better result. The target creature must to decide to use this ability before the first roll is made. At 8th and 16th levels, the duration of this hex increases by 1 round. Once a creature has benefited from the fortune hex, it cannot benefit from it again for 24 hours.

Chant (Ex): A shaman can chant as a move action. Any creature that is within 30 feet that is under the effects of the shaman's charm, evil eye, fortune, fury, or misfortune hex has that effect's duration extended by 1 round. A shaman cannot select both this hex and the witch's cackle hex.

Witch Hex: The shaman selects any one hex normally available through the witch's hex class feature. She treats her shaman level as her witch level when determining the powers and abilities of the hex. She uses her Wisdom modifier in place of her Intelligence modifier for the hex. She cannot select major hexes or grand hexes using this ability. The shaman cannot select a witch hex that has the same name as a shaman hex.

Prehensile Hair (Su): The witch can instantly cause her hair (or even her eyebrows) to grow up to 10 feet long or to shrink to its normal length, and can manipulate her hair as if it were a limb with a Strength score equal to her Intelligence score. Her hair has reach 10 feet, and she can use it as a secondary natural attack that deals 1d3 points of damage (1d2 for a Small witch). Her hair can manipulate objects (but not weapons) as dexterously as a human hand.

The hair cannot be sundered or attacked as a separate creature. Pieces cut from the witch’s elongated hair shrink away to nothing. Using her hair does not harm the witch’s head or neck, even if she lifts something heavy with it. The witch can manipulate her hair a number of minutes each day equal to her level; these minutes do not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-minute increments. A typical male witch with this hex can also manipulate his beard, moustache, or eyebrows.

Wandering Hexes:
Arcane Enlightenment (Su): The shaman's native intelligence grants her the ability to tap into arcane lore. The shaman can add a number of spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1) to the list of shaman spells she can prepare. To cast these spells she must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell's level, but the saving throw DCs of these spells are based on her Wisdom rather than Intelligence. When she casts these spells, they are treated as divine rather than arcane. Each time the shaman gains a level after taking this hex, she can choose to replace one of these spells for a new spell on the wizard/sorcerer spell list.

Fetish (Ex): The shaman receives Craft Wondrous Item as a bonus feat and gains a +4 insight bonus on Spellcraft checks to identify magic items permanently.

-72000 Headband of Mental Superiority +6
-45000 Belt of +6Con/Dex
-125000 Wish (+5 Wis)
-26005 +6 buckler
-108000 Heightened Daylight
-6675 Amulet of Hidden Light
-123750 Kimono & Bodywraps
-3000 Prophets P
-124400 Googles
-5000 boots
-3125 gloves
-8250 Veil
-37750 Amulet
-10425 Cloak
-32150 Bracelet
-117000 Ring
-45000 Ring of Delayed Doom

-----------612470 left-----

-1000gp Handy Haversack
-80000 pearls of power
-500 Elixir of Tumbling
-125 Any-Tool
-4450 Feather Tokens
-900 Efficient Quiver
-13300 Salve of Slipperness, Sovereign Glue & Universal Solvent
-3625 Bottle of Air
-3500 Pact Parchment
-1000 Incense of Eidos
-407.27 Mundane equipment
-5000 Oils for reincarnation
-1000 Silver Mirror
-50000 Diamond + Dust
-100 Crystal Lens
-1500 Jade Circlet
-1000 Cold Iron scepter
-30600 Sylvan Oathbow
-16000 100 +2 arrows
-7500 CLW wands
-5625 Scrolls of Plane Shift
-11525 Scrolls of Greater Teleport

-------Left: 373812.73 gp----------

-46600 Bow upgrade
Spirit Animal:
-18000 Belt of Giant Strenght +6
-12500 Cloak of Resistance +5
-50000 Amulet of Mighty Fists +5
-27200 Rosewood Armour
-43875 Spats
-50000 ring of p+5

-------Left: 125637.73 gp----------