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I add my congratulations also, well done. Looking forward to your next entries.

I also applaud your tactful explanations for your usage of the SRD.

I too disagree with the judges on almost all of their "grading" accounts.

Grammar could definitely be cleaned up.

As far as the country thing goes, this is definitely a country. Multiple cities and locations, culture, heroes and villains. So what if it was originally intended as a prison. That is what the British originally used Australia for (even though it had its own population, as does Saran) but it certainly is a country. If it is a size thing, how big is Great Britain?

How is this country not playable? There are numerous conflicts mentioned in the description as well as a great amount of potential for a DM in the secrets section. How specific do you want the entry to be? The design is for a country not modules ready for play. It wouldn't take much as a DM to create a series of adventures and quests based on this description.

This country could even be ported into other worlds for anyone to use considering the dimensional status and allows for expansion of anyone’s campaign.

I would urge the judges to look at this entry as a whole and see the tremendous potential available.

Gets my vote.