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So, how far ahead do you guys try and get the cover art done? Like this is a Dec. release, but with it going to the printers, wouldn't it need to be done like next month?

As I understand it, the iconic characters are basiced on class, not race. As in Merisiel is the iconic rogue and not the iconic elf, and Harsk is not the iconic dwarf, but ranger. So I just what I'm asking is are there going to be any iconic characters based on race? The iconic elf and halfling and dwarf? I sure hope so.

These pictures are simply awesome!

I think the underwater idea is fantastic - I've been waiting for one like this - its so different. I've been following the competition and it seems your ideas are most refreshing (Loved Sartel). So far you've been my favorite through this competition, intriguing! And mind you octopuses are awsome! The judges pointed out some grammar errors and what have you but creativity and new ideas are whats most important in the long run! You've been pretty consistent through this competition and your stories very vivid. Congratulations for making it to the top four, and I hope you WIN!! And the critique about the title, I mean I don't know about most people but I generally judge a book by its cover, and this story has great imagery!

I think the imagery of this character carries it even through its few flaws. I love it and it gets my vote.