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HP 51/51 | AC 14 | Init +2 | Passive Perc: 17 (Devil's Sight)


Bard Insp 4/5 (1d8), Short Rest HD 8/8(1d8+1)

About Cherry Poppins

Cherry Poppins
Female Tiefling Bard 6/Warlock 2
Alignment True Neutral
HP 51, AC 14, Initiative +2, Speed: 30', Proficiency +3
Passive Perception 17 (Devil's Sight)
Bardic Inspiration 5/day(1d8)
Inspiration 0
Experience Half Enough for Level 9
Downtime 70
Renown 7

STR 8(-1) DEX 14(+2) CON 12(+1) INT 12(+1) WIS 12(+1) CHA 20(+5)


Saving Throws Str -1, *Dex +5, *Con +4, Int +1, *Wis +4, *Cha +8
Skill Proficiencies Animal Handling +2, Athletics +0, *Acrobatics +5, *Arcana +4, Deception +6, *History +4, *Insight +4, Intimidation +6, *Investigation +4, Medicine +2, Nature +2, **Perception +7, Performance +5, **Persuasion +11, *Religion +4, Sleight of Hand +3, *Stealth +5, Survival +2

Armor Light Armor
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Infernal
Tools Lute
Weapons Rapier

Race Features:

Darkvision You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.
Hellish Resistance You have resistance to fire damage.
Infernal Legacy You know the thaumaturgy cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the hellish rebuke spell as a 2nd-level spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. When you reach 5th level, you can cast the darkness spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Background Features:

Skill Proficiencies Insight, Persuasion
Court Functionary Your knowledge of how bureaucracies function lets you gain access to the records and inner workings of any noble court or government you encounter. You know who the movers and shakers are, whom to go to for the favors you seek, and what the current intrigues of interest in the group are.
Languages +2
Equipment A set of fine clothes and a pouch containing 5 gp.

Bard Class Features:

Additional Magical Secrets You learn two spells of your choice from any class. A spell you choose must be of a level you can cast, as shown on the Bard table, or a cantrip. The chosen spells count as bard spells for you but don’t count against the number of bard spells you know. (Counterspell, Fireball)
Bardic College of Lore When you join the College of Lore at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with three skills of your choice.
Bardic Inspiration As a bonus action on your turn to choose one creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you. That creature gains one Bardic Inspiration die, a d6. It must be used with 10 minutes. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier. A long rest resets these uses.
Countercharm As an action, you can start a performance that lasts until the end of your next turn. During that time, you and any friendly creatures within 30 feet of you have advantage on saving throws against being frightened or charmed. A creature must be able to hear you to gain this benefit. The performance ends early if you are incapacitated or silenced or if you voluntarily end it (no action required).
Cutting Words When a creature that you can see within 60 feet of you makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a damage roll, you can use your reaction to expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration, rolling a Bardic Inspiration die and subtracting the number rolled from the creature's roll. You can choose to use this feature after the creature makes its roll, but before the GM determines whether the attack roll or ability check succeeds or fails, or before the creature deals its damage. The creature is immune if it can't hear you or if it's immune to being charmed.
Expertise Choose two of your skill proficiencies. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies. At 10th level, you can choose another two skill proficiencies to gain this benefit.
Font of Inspiration Regain Bardic Inspiration on a short or long rest.
Jack of All Trades Add half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, to any ability check you make that doesn’t already include your proficiency bonus.
Song of Rest You can use soothing music or oration to help revitalize your wounded allies during a short rest. If you or any friendly creatures who can hear your performance regain hit points at the end of the short rest by spending one or more Hit Dice, each of those creatures regains an extra 1d6 hit points. The extra hit points increase when you reach certain levels in this class: to 1d8 at 9th level, to 1d10 at 13th level, and to 1d12 at 17th level.

Bard Spells:

Regain after Long Rest
Spell Attack +8, DC 16
0-(At Will) Minor Illusion, Thunderclap, Vicious Mockery
1st-(3/4) Dissonant Whispers, Faerie Fire, Hideous Laughter, Healing Word, Thunder Wave
2nd-(3/3) Heat Metal, Hold Person
3rd-(1/3) Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Tiny Hut

Warlock Class Features:

Patron The Fiend
Dark Ones Blessing When you reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier + your warlock level (+5).
Eldritch Invocations Agonizing Blast, Devil's Sight
Spell Slots Spell Slots All of your spell slots are the same level. To cast one of your warlock spells of 1st level or higher, you must expend a spell slot. You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a short or long rest.

Warlock Spells:

Regain at Short or Long Rest
Spell Attack +8, DC 16
0-(At Will) Chill Touch, Eldritch Blast
1st-(2/2) Burning Hands, Command, Dissonant Whispers, Hex, Protection from Evil and Good

Infernal Legacy
Regain at Long Rest
(1/1) Thaumaturgy(1st), Hellish Rebuke(2nd), or Darkness(3rd)


If you have both the Spellcasting class feature and the Pact Magic class feature from the warlock class, you can use the spell slots you gain from the Pact Magic feature to cast spells you know or have prepared from classes with the Spellcasting class feature, and you can use the spell slots you gain from the Spellcasting class feature to cast warlock spells you know.


Gold 2339
Potion of Healing(2d4+2)
Studded Leather Armor
Component Pouch
Fine Clothes
Diplomat's Pack(2 cases for maps and scrolls, a bottle of ink, an ink pen, a lamp, 2 flasks of oil, 5 sheets of paper, a vial of perfume, sealing wax, and soap)

Log Sheet:

Session #0: Death House, XP +1000, Renown +1, Downtime 10
Session #1: Curse of Strahd(Zombies Attack), Renown +0, Gold +0, DoubleGold(4103-771-833)(9-19-17)
-Treasure Dm doublegold 4103-771-833(11/8/17)
1. 30 downtime, 3 renown, 1341 gold.
2. 10 downtime, 1 renown, 9 gold.
3. 10 downtime, 1 renown, 450 gold.