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This is only in effect for the Lottery events?

Hey all,

First time heading to PaizoCon & I'm crunching my schedule now.

Friday morning I'm interested in two seminars
-RPG Freelancers that runs from 8-9
-DM Basics that runs from 8-1pm.

Didn't know if it would be "uncool" to show up an hour late for the DM basics. Or if I could attempt a stealth check & get in without disturbing the host/proceedings.

Assuming the spell grants ONLY those benefits listed in the spell description, and not benefits such as natural armor bonus?

Running ROTRL in a home brewed world. I have a player who created a character & really wants him to have a spy/james bond feel. Looking to make some minor tweaks to the campaign & add some side treks (though I'd like them at least loosely connected to the main story.) Thinking of running Tower of the Last Baron as an assassination assignment. (Just finished reading it & I thought it was great.)

I know things like this can be rough with y'all not being familiar with the world & all, but I'm just fishing for some brainstorming.

Any Ideas?

I'm curious if the additional damage given to the paladin using his smite evil ability would apply to sunder attempts of the items carried by the target of his smite, or would the item ITSELF have to be evil in order to receive the additional 1 per paladin level?

Just joined a new group (LoF-AP) and am making a new character. They're on the 4th chapter and I'll admit I've never played a character of this level. (11th)

I thought that maybe a character generator would help me wrap my mind around all my choices.

Any help would be great...