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Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:


Female Vampire/Demigoddess

About Charlotte "Charly" Takahashi

Charolette Davidson aka Charly:

Playbook: The Changeling
Harm: 7/7
Luck: 7/7
Experience: 2/5

Charm: 0
Cool: +1
Sharp: +1
Tough: -1
Weird: +2

Your appearance is noticeably inhuman, making it difficult for you to interact with bystanders and other normal people. However, if you stay calm, you can maintain an illusion of humanity. You can also use your glamour to automatically succeed on a manipulate someone as if you had rolled a 10, but if you do then, later on, you reveal an inhuman feature at a bad time.

Inhuman Talent:
You have a particular theme of magic that you are exceptionally skilled with. Perhaps its plant magic, controlling cloth or illusions. When you Use Magic, you gain a +1 to rolls if you remain within that theme.
Theme: Storms

Force of Nature:
You have a supernatural means of attack. This is related to your particular heritage and could be lightning, maddening illusions, summoned insect swarms, magically created blades or anything else. Choose two of the following features including at least one base attack.
• Base – Psychic Assault – 1 harm close ignores armor, magic
• Base – Energy Assault – 2 harm close (appropriate energy tag)
• Base – Summon Assault – 2 harm close messy
• Swarm – Add “Area”
• Intense - +1 Harm
• Flexible – add either Hand or Far range

Attack: Flexible Energy Assault - 2 harm, hand or close, lightning, loud

They are my people:
Once per session, when you move to protect a bystander or a human hunter from harm, you can act as if you rolled a 12.

Faerie Trods:
Your unknown nature allows you to commune with local benign spirits such as pixies, brownies, elementals, kami, dryads or animal totems. You may roll +Weird to Investigate the Mystery by questioning these other locals. If you do so, you may also ask the following questions.

• Is there anywhere that the supernatural environment is being affected?
• How long has it been in the area?
• When did it first arrive?

Last, but not least, the Changeling always has the temptation to ask one other question, which may not directly benefit the current mystery.

• What do you know about me?

If the character gains any useful knowledge of himself from the locals, he can mark one experience. Note that these minor spirits often have limited or unusual perspectives and thus might not give as complete an answer as a human with the same information would.

Unknown Heritage
Your human family reacted poorly when your supernatural heritage started to develop. Almost no one you knew from the old days will have anything to do with you. If you're a minor, you haven't been reported as missing. The feeling of abandonment creates a behavior that makes strangers have difficulty trusting you above and beyond just your inhuman appearance, enhancing your feeling of alienation. You can still have a companion while suffering from feelings of alienation.

Details: Charly's father was also a police officer and making him proud was a driving motivation for her joining in the first place. Their relationship was already strained before that fateful night she was attacked and her powers awoke. Since that night, her father considers her dead and has nothing more to do with her. The rest of her family lives out of state and barely had any contact with her even before she started changing.

Sensory Bombardment:
You have senses you haven't been trained to deal with, whether physical or mental and sometimes the clash of information is too much for you to deal with.

You have a weakness. Something that would normally be harmless to humans causes you great pain from mere contact.

Substance: Silver

- Old 1950's Pickup truck (This is NOT the one that makes people obsessed as funny as that might be.)
- Small handgun (Glock G45)
- Laptop
- Grandfather's leather bomber jacket

Case File
Subject shows unusual signs considering contamination vector. Claims of lightning powers are currently being investigated. Other than pain on touching silver and red eyes subject does not exhibit other traits of classical vampirism, such as overwhelming hunger or summoning swarms of creatures damned for eternity.

RECOMMENDATION: Close observation and study.

The rain was miserable that night. It was the cold, drizzling rain that slowly soaked through and sapped the warmth from you before you had realized it. It was the perfect rain to keep spirits dampened and people indoors. It was the kind of rain that Charly hated after that first night on the job.

A call had come in about a body lying on the steps leading up to the pulpit of an old church. The victim, a pastor who'd been rumored to have not been as good as an example as he ought, had been dead long before the police had arrived. The cause of death seemed obvious, a slit on his throat that went from ear to ear, but there was curiously little blood to be found either in him or on the ground. The evidence from the sanctuary had been gathered by the time the warrant to search the man's office had been granted.

That was where it all went wrong.

Henderson was first. His gun wasn't even a quarter way out of its holster when something fast and impossibly strong latched onto his neck and drained him of blood as Charly and the other investigator, Sanchez, looked on in stunned horror. Red eyes looked up at them even as Henderson went limp.

Sanchez was quicker on the draw. He'd been on the force for over a decade, and his training and experience allowed him to get off two shots before a blur of shadow shattered his arms and broke his neck.

Charly was not far behind. She was already making for the door to put distance between her and this monster and to possibly limit its angles of approach to just one. It was a good plan, a sound plan even, but her shot was nowhere quick enough to catch the monster before it had pulled the gun from her hand. Red eyes locked onto blue and held Charly in place while the monster verbally toyed with her and pulled her collar low to get at her neck.

As it took its first sip of her blood, something flared to terrible, ferocious life inside of Charly. There was an explosion and a flash that burned out the cameras before the arcing lightning could get to them. The monster was gone, and Charly was left alone and shaken by what had happened. As she got to her feet, she saw herself in a cracked mirror. Her eyes were now blood-red and her skin deathly-pale.

Whatever she had become, she was no longer human.

Charly is a young woman in her early twenties (22 to be exact.) She's slight of build with dark hair and has delicate features common to many of Japanese descent. Her glamoured form looks much as she did in life, dark hair, grey eyes, and fair skin. Beneath the veil, she's definitely not human. Her skin is deathly pale, her eyes are blood red and glint like rubies. She also has fangs, though those are not very long most of the time.

She favors comfortable clothes like t-shirts and jeans. She prefers a sturdy pair of boots over sneakers, though. When the weather turns cold enough, she is always wearing her great-grandfather's leather bomber jacket, which has seen some repairs and a full restoration since the 40s. Lately, she's been dressing in warmer clothes, even when things are very warm.

Pyschology Report
Subject is having trouble adjusting to changes. Symptoms include bouts of melancholy and/or depression. Subject has also displayed a continuing obsession with games, movies, and other entertainment media. See attached expense reports for one "Rec Room Renovation" for further details. Previous records indicate that this, as well as a "bubbly" disposition, are normal for subject.

1: Changeling Move - Selected Faerie Trods
2: Mundane: Erased a used Luck mark


They first explained to you that you weren't human. Ask them how they realized and tell them how you reacted.
So, Charly was originally going to be a straight up Vampire and then after going with the Changeling Playbook, she morphed into one of the Tuatha de Dannan partially awakened by turning into a vampire. The vampire bit is obvious, the fact that she's a demigod that hasn't fully awakened yet not so much. So far she's just a highly unusual vampire that isn't driven almost insane by thirst and hunger and has lightning powers. This could pretty much be anyone who's in the know.

You suspect that they know more about your heritage than they are telling.
Jessica Andrews knows something about Charly, even if they've never met. Perhaps she heard something through the grapevine, or maybe she saw something in a dream.

They tried to slay you, but eventually decided you were innocent or at least not evil. Ask them what convinced them.
Reserved for Zeke.

You see them as your anchor to humanity. Ask them if they're a stable choice or not.

You are romantically involved with them or one of their close relatives. Decide amongst yourselves the exact nature of the relationship.
Nope. Not doin' this one!

They treat you as bait to bring in bigger prey. This may be a facade, ask them what their true feelings are.
Charly's not going to be this one's biggest fan. Expect plenty of snark.

They claim you and your kind are part of their destiny. Tell them what your reaction to that is.
Might be a good one for Dot or Jessica. Not sure about the others.

They see you as a protege to train for hunting. Ask them how persistent they are in this agenda.
Again, could be just about anyone at this point.

One of you saved the other's life once before. Tell them which of you saved whose life. Ask them what the details were.
Dot saved Charly's life, though Charly didn't know it at the time.