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I recently started playing this.
The early going seems tough (but just about doable, at least for me) without spending any real-world money on in-game purchases.
My recommendation for those playing without real-world money purchases is to get the second chest-cracking stand in the bank vault as soon as you can raise the crystals to unlock it. Then maybe expand parade size to two or three, and start saving to unlock Pluto. (Which latter is going to take some time, since Pluto is 150 crystals.)
And as a general comment, apparently once the California Screamin' ride is unlocked, you are in danger of getting dropped into special events. This is a problem if you still only have a very small team of low level minions to do things at that point.
I landed in the 'Princess and the Frog' event with only Mickey, Goofy, Woody, Jessie and Tinker Bell on the team sheet and lost several days not even able to get off the event starting line, because none of the minions I had could search for a crucial item necessary to unlock the first event character, Eudora.

British comedian, Rik Mayall - who amongst other parts played 'Lord Flashheart' in two series of the British TV show Blackadder - has died.

Information to follow in the next few days...

Now that everyone's had a chance to recover from the excitement of 2012, (and get a summer of sport out of the way) it seemed about time to get a thread rolling for PaizoCon UK 2013.
Although PaizoCon UK 2013 is still a ways off yet, I will mention (as Rob does on the PaizoCon UK site) that OddCon is coming up in Telford in mid-October.

Bring out your dead!
This thread is here reporting the demises (however temporary) of Characters in Jade Regent campaigns.
The usual format for making such reports is:
The Gory Details: (optional)

This thread is a GM Reference thread for Part 6 of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Links for the individual threads for each part are as follow:
The Brinewall Legacy (Part 1)
Night of Frozen Shadows (Part 2)
The Hungry Storm (Part 3)
Forest of Spirits (Part 4)
Tide of Honor (Part 5)
The Empty Throne (Part 6)

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This thread is a GM Reference thread for Part 5 of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Links for the individual threads for each part are as follow:
The Brinewall Legacy (Part 1)
Night of Frozen Shadows (Part 2)
The Hungry Storm (Part 3)
Forest of Spirits (Part 4)
Tide of Honor (Part 5)
The Empty Throne (Part 6)

This thread is a GM Reference thread for Part 4 of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Links for the individual threads for each part are as follow:
The Brinewall Legacy (Part 1)
Night of Frozen Shadows (Part 2)
The Hungry Storm (Part 3)
Forest of Spirits (Part 4)
Tide of Honor (Part 5)
The Empty Throne (Part 6)

This thread is a GM Reference thread for Part 3 of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Links for the individual threads for each part are as follow:
The Brinewall Legacy (Part 1)
Night of Frozen Shadows (Part 2)
The Hungry Storm (Part 3)
Forest of Spirits (Part 4)
Tide of Honor (Part 5)
The Empty Throne (Part 6)

This thread is a GM Reference thread for Part 2 of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Links for the individual threads for each part are as follow:
The Brinewall Legacy (Part 1)
Night of Frozen Shadows (Part 2)
The Hungry Storm (Part 3)
Forest of Spirits (Part 4)
Tide of Honor (Part 5)
The Empty Throne (Part 6)

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This thread is a GM Reference thread for Part 1 of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Links for the individual threads for each part are as follow:
The Brinewall Legacy (Part 1)
Night of Frozen Shadows (Part 2)
The Hungry Storm (Part 3)
Forest of Spirits (Part 4)
Tide of Honor (Part 5)
The Empty Throne (Part 6)

Well: Now that we've all had a couple of weeks to recover, it seemed to me to be about time to get a thread for the fourth annual PaizoCon UK posted, PaizoCon UK 2012.
This will, of course, be the highlight of the British summer in 2012, although apparently there may be some kind of 'olympic' event going on at the end of July/start of August... ;)

BBC News wrote:

Fugitive Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic has been arrested in Serbia after 16 years on the run.

Gen Mladic, 69, was found in a village in northern Serbia where had been living under an assumed name.

He faces charges over the massacre of at least 7,500 Bosnian Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica in 1995.

Serbian President Boris Tadic said the process to extradite the former Bosnian Serb army chief to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague was under way.

Following the arrest of Radovan Karadzic in 2008, Gen Mladic became the most prominent Bosnian war crimes suspect at large.

Serbia had been under intense international pressure to arrest him.

The detention, President Tadic said, brought the country and the region closer to reconciliation, and opened the doors to European Union membership.

Mr Tadic also rejected criticism that Serbia had been reluctant to seize Gen Mladic.

"We have been co-operating with the Hague tribunal fully from the beginning of the mandate of this government," he said.

Serbian media initially reported that Gen Mladic was already on his way to the UN tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

But Serbian prosecutors later said the procedure to extradite him might take a week.

A spokeswoman for families of Srebrenica victims, Hajra Catic, told AFP news agency: "After 16 years of waiting, for us, the victims' families, this is a relief."

From the BBC website: *link*

On another thread pertaining to a Wayfinder forum?

Guy Humual wrote:

Let me resurrect this thread.

I would love to have a section of these forms where we could discuss published articles as well as plan new ones.

Dear Mr. Humual,

Well Paizo remains as yet unconvinced as to the need for a whole forum for this, but for now, to see what happens, here is a thread for discussing stuff pertaining to Wayfinder #6. Imagine this as the latest Abyssal club, where article writers can hang out amongst sulphurous braziers swapping notes and hatching plots; of course it's possible that the atmosphere may prove too rarefied for mortals to handle in which case it will sink like a well weighted gangster slowly to the bottom of the forum with scarcely a 'glop', never to be seen again (or at least not until some 'well-meaning' law-enforcement type comes snooping in a couple of hundred years time).
Trusting that you have found this post Helpful.

Ask A Succubus Journalist
I did consider naming this thread 'The Pit', as this is a common practice when naming such hot-spots where fearless exposers of Asmodean lies like to hang out; indeed it is to some extent echoed in beautifully chaotic fashion in your world in so far as I believe Paizo Publishing has a 'Pit' where their brains trust lurk.
However I considered this too confusing for a first-time thread. I would commend it as a possibility for a subsequent (perhaps longer term) thread.

<puts out the welcome mat for a Much Needed And Uniquely Important thread>
(more stuff to follow at some point)

I'm currently taking a very crude look at posting patterns over RPGSuperstar since 2008 in terms of raw numbers of posts, and on the first forum I came across, whilst double-checking numbers I found the numbers of post do not add up to what they purportedly 'should'.
This page rpgSuperstar2008, makes a claim of '1423 posts in 34 threads' for Round 1 of RPGSuperstar 2008. Actually going into the Round 1 forum of that year to check that figure against the number of posts claimed there for individual threads, I only reach a figure of 1347 posts in total from the 34 threads listed on the forum.
I've checked this 1347 figure twice, once with a calculator and once with a spreadsheet.
Help! What's going on here, please? How accurate are the claims for posts for threads or for forums? Are posts on invisible threads being counted for the pruposes of total numbers of posts, but not the actual threads which they're on for terms of total number of threads?

I post this thread in response to a suggestion by one of the 2011 top 8 on another thread:

John Bennett wrote:
Once voting closes tonight, I was thinking of starting a thread where we, the top 32, can post any thoughts/reflections/comments we had on the contest and maybe some advice to future participants. I encourage any of the top 32 to chime in if you want.

Hoping that you have found this post Helpful (TM?)...


Neil Spicer (of course ;) ) had something to say on this last year. With a bit of situation specific preamble (which I have omitted) he offered the following psychological analysis on one of last year's threads:

Neil Spicer wrote:

...I think a lot of people who fail to make the Top 32 go through the following stages:

A Bunch of Psycho-Babble:

1) Shock and Denial - As in, "Why didn't my item make it through?"..."How could the judges possibly reject it?"..."It's so much better than many of the others that made the Top 32." If someone fails to make it multiple years in a row, I suspect this phase doesn't last as long the second or third go-around. Instead, they move straight into phase #2, below.

2) Pain - Once the shock of not being selected wears off, there's the pain of rejection that sets in. It hurts not to have the opportunity to compete. It's a severe blow to the ego. You start to doubt yourself and your abilities. And, to some degree, you fear how others perceive you...i.e., that you're not good enough. That continues to sting until you move into phase #3.

3) Anger - After dealing with that pain for awhile and watching how the contest plays out, sometimes people get angry about it. They may even lash out with harsh critiques at the other contestants' stuff, partially to prove to themselves (and the world) that they really do "know their stuff" but also it's a bit of a stress-release for them to go through this phase and get the anger and pain out of their system. But, like any fire, anger eventually burns itself out. There's only so much fuel to keep it going. And, once it's gone, you move into phase #4.

4) Depression, Reflection, and Loneliness - By this point, the anger is burned out and the pain has dulled. Attempts to garner further attention seemingly fall on deaf ears as most of those interested in the contest have become absorbed by the stuff the actual competitors are creating...or they're just no longer receptive to such outcries. So, those who get stuck in this phase start to feel more and more isolated and lonely. Others may eventually try and pull them back to cheer them up, but it's still a legitimate phase someone typically has to get through on their own before they can turn the corner.

5) An Upward Turn - With the calmness of the isolation, eventually someone who got rejected starts to organize their thoughts better so they can deal with their depression and shake themselves out of it. With additional encouragement from friends and such, that helps the upward turn stabilize.

6) Reconstruction and Working Thru - Now that a person's mind has completely left behind the depression, anger, and denial, they get back to functioning normally again. Their inherent creativity takes over and they start to work on new ideas.

7) Acceptance and Hope - With their creativity in full swing, the person starts to have hope that their new ideas could succeed where the original one didn't. Or maybe they realize the contest just isn't for them and they find a completely new interest to spark their creativity. This allows them to look back on their previous idea and accept that it wasn't good enough at the time. But they aren't burdened with the denial, anger, and depression anymore. So, it allows them to let it go and actually move forward...either with another attempt at the contest...or some other endeavor.

I would like to highlight that Neil says 'a lot of people' at the start of the section I quote; not everyone may fall into the analysis he presents, but I hope his thoughts are able to help at least some of those who read them.

With regard to posting items for feedback/peer review, I suggest that posters wait for either an official 'Clark give me feedback' thread to be posted by the judges or until at least 24 hours have passed since the announcement of the top 32 (so that the latter can enjoy their moment in an uninterrupted spotlight :) ).

Hah, and that's what I get for not double-checking stuff. :D Paizo have actually posted in advance of Round 2 this time around what (in broad outline) the theme of all the rounds will be. So, get working away on ideas for possible archetypes right now...

For the first time in a while I checked my Pathfinder Wikia page and saw an automated message there on my 'talk page' about the wikia having moved to wiki.
Since the address at the top of the screen said I was still at wikia, I'm not sure what's going on?
Are there now two copies of the Golarion wikipedia around, if so which is more up to date, and will steps be taken to delete the old one (which I assume may become more and more out of date and thus dangerously misleading with the passage of time) and link visiters to the old wikipedia site to the new one?
Will there be an email message sent to all known contributors/editors of the old wikia, informing them of the situation so that they can update bookmarks, create new identities, register with new w2hatever the technical terms are, etc?

I know Wintergreen has been a bit busy with other stuff recently, but to try to get things rolling with regard to 2011, are UK Pathfinder Society members (and other gamers) happy still with Birmingham as a location for the convention? Given how 'cosy' the Year of the Shadow Lodge event was this year, it seems we need to look at larger rooms, at the very least, for 2011 and checking whether Birmingham as a location for the venue makes sense too.

Plus if there are any other comments/suggestions/feedback?

'Final APGs leave the booth' as in 'sold out'?
Okay. That's impressive. Time to get cracking on the errata now for all those happy customers, Jason... ;)

Oooh. Someone's posted a mystery overnight on the APG errata thread, you might like to have a look at if you're short a mystery for Calistria thus far.

Further Edit:

Oh joy! The summer holidays are coming up, but there is still decent BBC drama around.
Benedict Cumberbatch takes on the role in this 21st century spin of Holmes.

And at one and a half hours (and that's a straight through one and a half hours with no ad-breaks here in the UK), the BBC gave tonight's story the time to work properly.
Oh, and interesting use of text on screen in several places, though I'm afraid that those with visual impairments will miss out here.

Congratulations on your own forum, Treantmonk. (At least all the threads here at the time of my posting have your name in the title...)

I am posting this thread as a humorous protest in response to the 'other' religious thread on this forum, which I find depressingly predictable.
Maybe this thread will get depressingly predictable in time...
But for now:
*Flying Spaghetti Monster vs Azathoth, Fight!*

Dear customer service,
I gather that products shipping to distributors in Europe (and thence to game stores) move by boat anyway, so are unlikely to be affected by Eyjafjallajökull's recent activities, but what comfort or hope are Paizo able to offer those European customers who receive direct shipments from Paizo normally?
Whilst I have no current personal stake in the direct shipping question, I feel it would still be useful to have some clarification on this for those who do.

P. 54

Pathfinder Chronicles, Campaign Setting, Absalom wrote:
...The Starstone itself rests in a massive cathedral perched atop a pillar of rock surrounded by a seemingly bottomless pit. Three bridges cross this expanse, one for each of the Ascendant's faithful. A fourth bridge, corresponding to Aroden and maintained by his aging clergy, crumbled when an earthquake rocked the city a decade ago and has not been repaired...
P. 76
Pathfinder Chronicles, Campaign Setting, Geb wrote:
...In 3890, Geb took as his Harlot Queen the former warrior-goddess Arazni, Herald of Aroden, who was slain by the Whispering Tyrant Tar-Baphon during the Shining Crusade. Geb stole her corpse from the Knights of Ozem in Lastwall, reanimated her as a lich, and enthroned her in Mechitar, where she has reigned alongside Geb for the last 8 centuries...
P. 77
Pathfinder Chronicles, Campaign Setting, Geb wrote:
...The ghost of the immortal necromancer Geb rules the undead dictatorship that bears his name. He rarely manifests before his people these days, trusting the governance of his kingdom to the debased lich Arazni, the Harlot Queen of Geb...
P. 43-44
Classic Horrors Revisited, Mummy wrote:
...The Harlot Queen: This creature is the only known mummy created from the remains of a goddess. In life she was Arazni, warrior-herald of Aroden, who ascended when she passed the test of the Starstone. The Whispering Tyrant killed her during the Shining Crusade, and though her allies the Knights of Ozem buried her with full honors, the necromancer-ghost Geb stole her remains and animated her as a mummy, believing her the only creature worthy to rule beside him...

Help! First, Classic Horrors Revisited asserts that Arazni had taken the test of the Starstone (and isn't it usual Paizo practice to give 'test' in this context a capital letter for 'Test'?) when all the references which I can find in the Campaign Setting and Guide to Absalom indicate that Aroden, Norgorber, Cayden Cailean, and Iomedae are the only ones who have achieved divinity by this route (and the number of bridges in Ascendant Court to the Cathedral seems to back this up); second, Classic Horrors revisited asserts that Arazni was animated as a mummy, when again the Campaign Setting (and indeed the Arazni entry on P. 53 of Gods and Magic) seem to indicate that she was animated as a lich.

What's going on here, please? As far as I know the Campaign Setting is supposed to trump other products.
(I will copy and paste this post to the Campaign Setting thread and copy any official response there back to this thread.)

With Elaine's and Dave's novels due out in the autumn, giving some publicity to Golarion and possibly introducing some to it for the first time, will there be Season 2 scenarios set in the landscapes visited by the two novels?
It might be useful to have around some low tier scenarios set in Irrisen and Ustalav it seems to me, to ease newcomers familiar with the novels into PFS and Golarion.

Clarification, please: It seems to say on the voting thread that voters have six votes in Round 3... Is that correct, and if so is there an explanation for why the change in official format?

As of the current date (6th February, 2010) the following is the last known post by Jason Bulmahn on his journal, 'the codex of infinite pains':

The Codex of Infinite Pains wrote:

Sep. 17th, 2009

The Zoo
So, yesterday I took a little trip to Steve Irwins zoo just outside of Brisbane. I had a fell post to go with these pics, but something went wrong and only the picks came through. I will clean this up when I am home, but for now, keep the following in mind. I got there in time for the croc feeding and I got some great video footage. I will load it up when I am home. This zoo was very hands on, allowing us to pet and feed the kangaroos and koalas. They are surprisingly soft. The lizard you see here is quite common, running about like scaly squirrels. Crazy. Well, GenCon Oz is about to begin for me, so more to come later.

More never did come later.

Conspiracy theories anyone?

My best wishes, as it says in the title...

At what point does the updated playtest document that Jason just released take over from the old playtest documents for the purposes of PFS play?
(And for that matter, when do the actual Advanced Player's Handbook rules take over from the playtest rules?)

If you could clarify this, please?

Are contestants free to do whatever they wish with items which were rejected? I suspect we will be seeing quite a lot of that phrase 'good enough for an item book but NOT for Superstar' or variations thereof in the next few days.
So may I submit a rejected item which I created to an item book (or other publication) should such an opportunity arise, or do I have to file off the serial numbers and rename it a 'helm-spear of troll-laughing' first?

I understand that Paizo staff enjoy having holidays, and earning more than a slave labour wage, but I have some concerns about the 'three hardcovers a year' schedule which is being lined up. At the end of 2009, I gather, hardcover sales did massively well; extra staff were taken on, The PostMonster General was able to take a holiday for the first time in years, and an additional print run of the core book had to be ordered as the first one had practically sold out. Given Paizo's usual high standards of quality I would be surprised if these hardcovers (Core rules and Bestiary) had not done well... they are the basic rulebooks which you need to play the game.
I have some reservations however whether future hardcover products will sell so well. The advanced player's handbook and advanced game mastery guide might sell almost as well as the 2009 core books on their own merits, and Bestiary II, 'filling in' monsters which there wasn't space for in the first book could also do pretty well it seems to me; but somewhere down the line, the topics of rules-related hardcovers may become increasingly peripheral with smaller and smaller audiences paying for the same amount of effort and hard work put in by Paizo. A psionics book (assuming that ends up in hardcover) may not have much appeal beyond to those interested in psionics play. An epic psionics book (if that too ended up in hardcover) may only appeal to those interested in both epic level play AND psionics. Bestiary V full of the completely weird snaky creatures of a small island off the coast of Vudra (for the sake of argument assuming that all regular monsters have been covered by then, and 'themed' bestiaries are being released) will be of minimal use except to druids looking for exotic creatures to wildshape into, and for GMs looking to run games slanted towards that set of monsters. Okay, I may perhaps be compressing the timeline here in which matters may come to this point, but it seems to me that that was the corner with hardcovers (especially in their Forgotten Realms line) that Wizards of the Coast painted themselves into in a remarkably short span of time.

To reiterate my opening, I understand that hardcovers are (if popular enough) highly profitable, and that they can be very good for Paizo staff, but beyond what is currently scheduled, I hope that Paizo is looking outside of the conventional RPG box for future releases. My own suggestion is that possibly there could be an annual of some sort? I don't mean one which re-releases old material, but a sort of 250+ page 'super-pathfinder/wayfinder'. Marvel and DC comics sell thousands of annuals every year, after all, and they are essentially in the same business as Paizo - that of telling stories, albeit ones with a much higher emphasis/weight on artwork.

Anyway my thoughts on this subject, in the hope of getting a useful discussion about the future of hardcovers started...

Whilst those who have made the top 32 wait nervously to discover that they have and what their next assignment will be, and those of us who haven't wait for sudden disappointment, I thought I'd post a thread for gag villains on this forum.

So, to get things rolling:
Froodlepip Bignose, crime-lord:

(awakened elephant Rogue 10)

One of the most feared figures of the criminal underworld of a Taldan city, Froodlepip Bignose is an awakened elephant, of several centuries of age and experience (he is a regular purchaser of Sun Orchard Elixir from Thuvia, which he uses to extend his life) and with a long memory for grudges. He still harasses the descendants of a since defunct band of 42nd century AR mercenaries called ‘Abadar’s Trumpeters’, for reasons long forgotten by everybody apart from him. He arrived in the city with a gang of Katapeshi thugs and hired spellcasters one dark and stormy night a little over two hundred years ago, and by the time that dawn broke the bosses of the city’s then leading criminal syndicates were dead (some personally trampled to death by Froodlepip) and it was clear that there was a new player in town. Several more months of violence and fighting rocked the city’s underworld, before the surviving fraternities submitted to the authority of the newcomer, and Froodlepip’s dominance has been unchallenged ever since.
Froodlepip is unusually dark-skinned for an elephant from the Mwangi Expanse (where he appears to have originated) and on moonless nights or in situations where light is otherwise absent or in short supply, is surprisingly stealthy if he goes out ‘undressed’. He prefers to reside in his subterranean lair ‘Dimity Mansion’ wearing clothes tailored to elephant-size in the latest fashions, and has a team of eight pagwumpi ‘personal assistants’, led by a gnome simply known as ‘Paulus’, to ensure that he is always dressed to the height of sartorial elegance. When cigars are fashionable, he smokes them vigorously.
Whilst efforts by various servants and retainers over the many years to persuade him to drop the name ‘Froodlepip’ have failed (he apparently has a sentimental attachment to the name) he has permitted himself to be persuaded to adopt the affectation ‘Bignose’ – a reference to his trunk, his uncanny ability to sniff out the secrets and doings of the rich and powerful on his home-turf, and to the fact that he has ‘his snout in practically everything’. Politics, guilds, protection-rackets, food, commodities, arms & armour magical or otherwise, and spell-casting services – Froodlepip has men and women on his payroll in all these enterprises, ready to do his bidding. His current chief enforcer and spymaster, a sinister diminutive sabre-toothed hamster by the name of Sabaoth (who may or may not be an eldritch knight victim of a polymorph gone permanently wrong), has an unfortunate habit of being able to turn up, unobserved, and wait almost anywhere whilst supposedly secret conversations are held. Sometimes he calls down a murderous storm of spells before reporting back to Bignose.

Schemes/Plots/Adventure Hooks:

  • Froodlepip has a fine collection of drums, and is interested in adding a magical instrument that the PCs recently acquired to his collection. He sends agents to retrieve the drum ‘by any means necessary’. They make an offer, and if that isn’t accepted, simply take the drum when it is unattended or when it is protected by only one or two PCs.
  • On the last day of every month the beautiful half-fiend Jubilee Jericho shows up at a tavern known as ‘Gaudy John’s’ to receive petitions to Froodlepip from the common people, merchants seeking to set up shop in town, or other people not sufficiently close to Froodlepip’s inner circle to be able to call at Dimity Mansion. If the PCs need to make contact with someone important in the city’s underworld, any basic attempt to gather information will inform them that this event is where they should present a written petition. Jubilee’s demented elderly father, Thomas Jericho, is the owner of the tavern, and will tip his daughter off before she shows up in the common room if he thinks anyone looks likely to make trouble for her.
  • Froodlepip invites the PCs to Dimity Mansion to discuss a ‘mutual problem’ with him. An elven bard with an enchanted harp that bewitches humanoids that hear its music has shown up in several nearby villages, and is preparing to lead a ‘peasants' revolt’ against the authorities in the city. Naturally, if the civic leaders raise and send out any normal force to put down the gathering, the elf will bend them to his enchantments too. Froodlepip wants a group with ‘some chance of protecting themselves from mind controlling magic’ to go out and deal with the threat. He doesn’t care what they do about other aspects of the situation, or if they smash the harp, destroy it, or simply remove it to somewhere ‘very secure’ – he just wants the harp ‘away from his turf’. In return he offers a good reward – including using his contacts with Thuvia to obtain the PCs a couple of vials of Sun Orchid Elixir should they need such a thing.

  • City deliberately left blank because I didn't want to go against canon in sources outside my collection (EG Cities of Golarion), and also so crazy GMs who actually want to borrow this may adapt it to their own campaigns.
    And yes there is some inspiration here from a couple of passages of Dorothy L. Sayers... ;)

    Once Round 1 is over and nothing remains but soul-crushing horror for those who are not facing the quite different insanity of trying to write Round 2 entries at the last minute which they hadn't thought that they'd actually need, posters might like to post items somewhere like this thread for Clark to grind to slime in best undead demon lord fashion.
    Be warned, post your item here and what you learn may well be to your cost! Or lead to the worse still torture of Clark never getting around to giving you feedback if you were somewhere near the bottom of the pile of posts when he finally became too engaged with other matters to respond to any more items...

    I think last year the thread Clark posted with this title was duly stickied to prevent it from dropping down the forum until it was ready to receive posts...
    If someone at Paizo might like to do this again this time round, if it seems a good idea?

    I would assume that as with last time the judges would prefer posters NOT TO POST ITEMS FOR FEEDBACK UNTIL THE TOP 32 HAVE BEEN FORMALLY ANNOUNCED, PLEASE.

    Summoner Playtest Download wrote:

    ...The eidolon takes a form shaped by the summoner’s desires. The eidolon’s Hit Dice, saving throws, skills, feats, and abilities are tied to the summoner’s class level and increase as the summoner gains levels. In addition, each eidolon receives a pool of evolution points, based on the summoner’s class level, that can be used to give the eidolon different abilities and powers. Whenever the summoner gains a level, he must decide how these points are spent, and they are set until he gains another level of summoner.

    The eidolon’s physical appearance is up to the summoner, but it always appears as some sort of fantastical creature. This control is not fine enough to make the eidolon appear like a specific creature...

    Given that the eidolon takes a form shaped by the summoner's desires, I think it reasonable to assume that some summoners are going to pick something incredibly sexy looking of the opposite gender... And that furthermore some are going to go so far as to mate with their eidolon, repeatedly.

    Whether a summoner needs to invest evolution points in an eidolon to be able to produce off-spring from such unions, or whether it can happen anyway without any such intent by the summoner, it seems to me likely that the patter of tiny feet is going to occasionally result, so what exactly are half-eidolons?
    Are they a sort of native outsider variant of a doppleganger?

    The homepage of the Oerth Journal appears to have been hacked (at the time of the posting of this message). Does anyone know if the message that the hacker left identifies them as the same hacker that has attacked Sinister?

    Checking some of the old threads it seems someone claiming to be FatiH from Turkey hacked Sinister on one of the occasions Sinister was hacked, but I find no references to who was responsible on other occasions.
    Whoever it is who has hacked the Oerth Journal has left some sort of message in a script I am not familiar with and (in English) the claim that they are called 'LOphtiran' and are an 'Iranian Hacker'.

    There are a number of Pathfinder Society events scheduled for Game '09 in Manchester this weekend, which the excellent messieurs Wintergreen and Rob Silk of these boards have helped to organise.
    *Link to GameCon site*

    Every other week we seem to get a new thread being posted now asking about pathfinder novels/fiction.
    Is there any chance that someone at Paizo could please write a 'standard' email to be automatically sent to everyone as they register with Paizo, tell them as part of the registration process that they're being sent an email (so that hopefully they will go look for it and fish it out of anti-spam to read) and in that email, besides a welcome message from Cosmo, explain what the Pathfinder fiction/novel state of affairs is?
    Pretty, pretty, please?
    I'll set a horde of flumphs on you if you don't? :)

    Umm, on second thoughts, arguably by contributing to the flumph petition thread, I actually have already contributed to a flumph infestation. Okay. I'll think really hard about posting an on-topic flumph thread on every active forum which doesn't already have at least one such thread if you don't... ;)

    I would also inquire as to what effect a bard using a shadow conjuration from a scroll to duplicate a summon instrument would have on any performance made with the resulting instrument, but since shadow conjuration cannot be used to duplicate bard-only [creation] or [summoning] spells, the situation is unlikely to arise....

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    Post your PC deaths here!
    The time-honoured Paizo boards format is:

    The Gory Details: (optional)

    I gather that Turin the Mad is running Council of Thieves, so I shall expect to see a goodly bodycount reported from his group, if from no-one else. (Especially given that PF #26 was written as a Pett & Logue 'special'.)

    So would there be interest in such a product, either as a pdf or a dead tree product?
    What would people like to see in it?
    Are there chefs or cooks out there with the time on their hands and inclination to write such a thing, as a patronage project perhaps?

    (edited, clarity)
    Dear Dread Lord of Golarion,
    As of today, my Flagship local games-store still had not received delivery of Pathfinder #24.
    I am informed that there is a possibility that it may finally be on the shelves (along with the Cheliax book) later this week.
    I do not purchase sufficient products, given the cost of international postage, for it to be worth my while buying direct from Paizo; however the disregard for speedy delivery of Paizo products to stores in the UK by the conventional distribution/stores method (and occasional crinkled corners) is something I find very frustrating.
    I am likely to take a break from adventure path purchase for the duration of Council of Thieves whilst I review whether the aggravation of knowing the shop shelf dates are being repeatedly held up by a supply chain that apparently cares little for the Paizo RPG customers is worth enduring.

    Sorry about this. :(

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