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Just a question about the length of this AP: Does this game run shorter than other Adventure Paths? We have been playing this since October of 2016, and we just hit Book 4 tonight.

I feel as if the GM may be missing a few things since this is going insanely quick and I worry we are missing quite a few things since this feels kind of rushed.

Mind you, we were allowed to make custom races, and that might be one of the issues.

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Any tips for preparing this scenario? I'll be running it a few days from now and any tips would be helpful :)

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When can we download this Scenario for Gen-Con?

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Thank you guys, the advice helped with my build! I took the Exploits that do not need Charisma, so I was able to increase my Intelligence as well as my Dexterity. He's almost Level 3 now and he's an absolute delight to play.

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So I had the pleasure of building an Avenger for Pathfinder Society and I absolutely love it. Full BAB, two identities, made him a human for Weapon Focus and Dazzling Display; it's almost too perfect for role playing. However, I do not like the rest of this class. With the options to cast, it adds flavor and what not, but the casting almost isn't worth it. It seems like this class could have potential if the casting and other options were beefed up so it could stay on par with, let's say, a wizard or even an oracle.

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Hey y'all!
I read over the Arcanist recently and I love it!
I'm just having trouble with exploits and spells as I feel this class gives the player a lot of options for casting.
I went with a Human and here are my ability scores including my racial +2, which I dumped into Intelligence:
DEX 14
CON 12
INT 18
Wis 12
CHA 14

Any opinions on exploits and spells?