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NPC Backmatter is super important to me as well. It is a lot more immersive than the plot and setting because it comes from usually the villain's POV.

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I know it's not pathfinder, but Larian's Baldur's Gate 3 is going to drop like a bomb on the gaming industry. It's going to blow everybody's expectations out of the water. If I were Mark Moreland, I'd be on the phone with Larian ASAP.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
Looks like this is the first second edition AP to not have any articles in it.

Yup. That's a result of an adventure that was larger than expected plus the fact that detailing out 18 Harrow Cards from the deck in each volume ended up taking four pages more than expected as well. In a way, Stolen Fate kind of wanted to be a 6 part adventure (that would have let us do only 9 cards per adventure, sort of like how we did Crimson Throne, with each adventure mapping thematically to one of the 6 ability scores), so cramming all those themes into a 3 part one that went all over the world (it takes more words to detail places we don't have a lot of Lost Omens book coverage for, remember) meant that I had to trim out some of the potential backmatter articles.

I'm eager to hear from folks if this is a good thing or a bad thing, in fact. Do you prefer having one or two articles in the back to support the adventure? Or do you prefer an adventure-only volume like this one?

In Blood Lords, the adventure should have gone into holomog. The backmatter on this region was interesting but didn't serve the adventure. So it's more of a developer issue here that should make the writer link thematically to the AP. I wish we got more on the region of Geb in that AP. Or on the city of ghouls that was mentioned. Why take us to a celestial kingdom but have no plot hooks there?

I loved the backmatter in Agents of Edgewatch detailing the various prisons, gangs, Harrow NPCs and NPCs who want to become gods. It fit in perfectly.

I would rather have backmatter in every book, except last books where I would like 4 pages on adventures beyond, like you did in wrath of the rigtheous showing the demonic expansion over time and the world's response. These conclusions with half a page are insufficient, especially for 1-11 APs.

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Is it possible to change the starting cards of the PCs by having them draw a random harrow card from the deck?

Edit: will we have the powers of every card available?

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If Graydirge is labelled a backwater, are there bigger cities in Geb than Graydirge (population 9,500) that aren't Mechitar or Yled?

If so, here's my homebrew submission for the city of Purakan, also known as Ghosthaven.

Level 12 Settlement
Government high governor and ghost council
Population 35,532 (400,420 ghosts)
Languages Kelish, Necril, Osiriani
Religions Mahathallah, Urgathoa, Norgorber
Threats Vampire gangs, killers and corpse snatchers who stalk the medical wards.
Ghost Care Spirits in Purakan are known for their empathetic approach to helping others. They use their unique perspective on life and death to assist the quick and the dead. Many feel less judged by beings who are not bound to the physical plane, and have centuries or millennia of accumulated experience to help with mental health, and assist the quick with their fears about transitioning into their undeath.

This city specializes in healthcare, with the prophet-priestesses of Mahathallah using their visions to counsel their patrons on their career path, wealth and estate management. They use illusions to show potential futures and offer their advice.

Urgathoa and Norgorber clerics run the many medical facilities, offering to treat diseases and poisons, respectively. Unholy experimentations on foreign subjects are rumored to take place in hidden research facilities.

Purakan has a rich musical tradition, with haunting melodies of different themes heard in the different city districts.

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Not finding much about exploration around town or major NPCs. What's the settlement level, type of government, and religions?

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James Jacobs wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
Will part four be Liane Merciel's first adventure?
Yup! I'm super excited by that; what she's sent in so far is pretty amazing!

I am absolutely STOKED to see what Liane Merciel has in store for us.

It is exciting to discover that she's a contributor to Pathfinder 2e!

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Is it Grand Princess Eutropia as said in Legends, or Queen Eutropia? I think that's the first time we see her referred to as the latter!

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I am super excited by this lineup of authors! YOU DID IT JAMES JACOBS YOU CRAZY SON OF A GUN!!!

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I too would like to see an adventure path book set in Abbadon to learn more about Daemons. The Four Horsemen are very interesting.

My favorites are the Astradaemon, Leukodaemon, and Purrodaemon.

I hope they add more Daemons into 2e soon!

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A Hellknights themed book better be in the works! I want to have a bunch of evil campaigns that will see the bad guys win for once, and restore order!