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Gnome Cleric 3 | HP 35/41 | AC 15 | Class DC 19| F+9 R+5 W+11 | Perc+9, Init +9 | Heal: 1/4 |Focus: 1/1| Hero Point: 3 | Default exploration: Search

About Carrufikus

HP 41/41 | AC 15 | Class DC 19| F+9 R+5 W+11 | Perc+9, Init +9 | Heal: 4/4 |Focus: 1/1| Hero Point: 3 | Default exploration: Search

Name: Caruffikus Gimblegrim Stumblemoss
Ancestry: Fey Touched Gnome
Background: Pilgrim
Class: Cleric 3

Alignment: CG
Traits: Fey, Gnome, Humanoid
Speed: 25 ft.
Languages: Common, Gnomish, Sylvan, Elven


8 Strength -1
10 Dexterity 0
14 Constitution +2
12 Intelligence +1
18 Wisdom +4
16 Charisma +3

Ancestry: +2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Str, +2 Wis
Background: +2 Wis, +2 Cha
Class: +2 Wis
Choice: +2 Wis, +2 Con, +2 Int, +2Cha

+9 Initiative [4(Wis) + 5(Trained)]
19 Class DC [10+4(Wis) + 5(Trained)]

Melee Strikes +4/-1/-6 [-1(Str) + 5(Trained)]
+5 Starknife [0(BAB) + 0(Dex) + 5(Trained)](1d4-1 P; Agile, Deadly d6, Finesse, Thrown 20 feet), Versatile, S

Ranged Strikes
+9 Spell Strike [4(Wis) + 5(Trained)]
+5 Starknife [0(BAB) + 0(Dex) + 5(Trained)](1d4-1 P; Agile, Deadly d6, Finesse, Thrown 20 feet), Versatile, S


Hit Points: 41 [8(Ancestry) + ((8(Cleric) + 2(Con) +1 (Toughness) )x 3(Level))]
Armor Class: 15 [10 + 0 Item +0 Dex + 5(Trained)]

+9 Fortitude [2(Con) + 7(Expert)]
+5 Reflex [0(Dex) + 5(Trained)]
+11 Will [4(Wis) + 7(Expert)]

+5 Acrobatics Dex [0(Dex)+5(Trained)] Deity
+1 Arcana Int [1(Int)]
-1 Athletics Str [-1(Str)]
+1 Crafting Int 1(Int)]
+3 Deception Cha (T) [3(Cha)]
+8 Diplomacy Cha (T) [3(Cha) + 5(Trained)] Choice #1
+3 Intimidation Cha (T) [3(Cha)]
+6 Lore, Desna Int (T) [1(Int) + 5(Trained)] Background
+7 Lore, Int (T)
+11 Medicine Wis(T) [4(Wis) + 7(Expert)] Choice #2 (Level 3 Expert)
+9 Nature Wis (T) [4(Wis) + 5(Trained)] Choice #3
+1 Occultism Int [1(Int)]
+8 Performance Cha (T) [3(Cha) +5 (Trained)] Background
+9 Religion Wis (T) [4(Wis) + 5(Trained)] Cleric
+1 Society Int (T) [1(Int)]
+0 Stealth Dex (E) [0(Dex)]
+4 Survival Wis (T) [4(Wis)]
+0 Thievery Dex (T) [0(Dex)]

Trained = 2+1(Int)
Class Features and Feats:
Deity: Desna
Divine Font: Heal
Divine Skill: Acrobatics
Favored Weapon: Starknife
Domains: Dreams, Luck, Moon, Travel
Cleric Spells: 1st: Sleep, 3rd: Dream Message, 4th: Dreaming Potential
Doctrine: Cloistered Cleric
1st Doctrine: Domain Initiate Cleric Feat
2nd Doctrine: Expert Fortitude
Healing Hands (2nd Level) [When you cast heal, you roll d10s instead of d8]

Ancestry Feats:
Fey-Touched Gnome (p. 43) [Gain one cantrip from primal spell list (p. 314). This may change daily]
Lowlight Vision (p. 43)
First World Magic (p. 44)(1st Level) [Gain one cantrip from primal spell list(p. 314)]

Skill Feats:
Pilgrim’s Token (p. 208)
Battle Medicine (p. 258) [◈ Attempt a Medicine check to treat wounds]

General Feats:
Toughness (3rd Level) [+1 hp per level, reduce recovery DC by 1]

Domain Spells:
◈◈ Bit of Luck (p. 389) [When attempting a save, roll twice]

Heal Font:(4/day)
◈◈◈ Heal II [ ◈ Heals 2d10, ◈◈ Heals 2d10+16, ◈◈◈ Heals 2d10 in a 30 ft. emanation.]"Reinvigormend!"
Innate Cantrips:
◈◈ Electric Arc (p. 335) (Zapplearkem)[Zap one of two creatures with lightning (2d4+4 Electric Damage) Basic Reflex
◈◈ Ray of Frost (p. 362)(Fizzlefrost) [Blast an icy ray. (2d4+4 Cold Damage)

Divine Cantrips:
◈◈ Detect Magic (p. 328)[Sense whether magic is nearby]
◈◈ Disrupt Undead (p. 331)[Damage Undead (2d6+4 Positive Damage), Basic Fortitude]
◈◈ Divine Lance (p. 331) [Throw divine energy that damages evil (2d4+4) ]
Guidance (p. 342)[Divine Guidance improves one roll]
◈ Light (p. 348) [Object glows 20ft radius bright. Dim next 20 feet.]
1st Level Spells: (3 spells/day) (Prepared)
◈◈ Sleep (p. 370) [Each creature in a 5ft burst might fall asleep (Will Save)]
◈◈ Bless (p. 321) [+1 bonus to attack rolls to allies (5-ft emanation)
◈◈◈ Heal [ ◈Heals 1d10, ◈◈ Heals 1d10+8, ◈◈◈ Heals 1d10 in a 30 ft. emanation.]
◈◈◈ Harm (Heal Undead) [ ◈Heals 1d8, ◈◈ Heals 1d8+8, ◈◈◈ Heals 1d8 in a 30 ft. emanation.] Malareki [2/3 remain]

2nd Level Spells: (3 spells/day) (Prepared)
◈◈ Dispel Magic [ End a spell or suppress a magic item’s effect]
◈◈◈ Heal II [ ◈Heals 2d10, ◈◈ Heals 2d10+16, ◈◈◈ Heals 2d10 in a 30 ft. emanation.]


Armor Bulk
Explorer’s Clothing L

Starknife L 2 gp

Magic Items
Wand of Heal
Scroll of Restore Senses

Backpack - 0.1
Bandolier - 0.1
2 Belt Pouches - 0.08
10 Pieces of Chalk - 0.1
Flint and Steel - 0.05
Rations, (2 Weeks) 0.2 0.8
Soap - 0.02
Healer’s Tools 1 5
Religious Symbol (Cube) L 2
2 Scroll Case - 0.2
Religious Text (Desna) L 1
Musical Instrument (Flute) 1 0.8
Waterskin L 0.05
Silver Pieces(25)
Totals 2.7 12.5

Encumbered if carrying 5 bulk or greater.


Journal Date: XP:

Total Balance (gp):

Carrufikus Gimblegrim Stumblemoss was born in Varisia.
Parents: Father was a great gnome inventor. Mother was a garden gnome extraordinaire. Carrufikus was always a clutz and despite trying to tinker with toys, always ended up jamming the machinery. So, he took to dancing and frolicking in the fields instead.

For weeks on end, Carrufikus has a recurring dream. It started simple enough, children dancing in a circle about a Desnus Pole. But over time the dream shifted.The Desnus Pole gave way to children dancing around a lighthouse.The children became ghostly.And the night before you se t out, the ghostly children, dancing about the pole sang a nursery rhyme which you remembered upon awakening.
When the fog is creeping,
And the moon is low;
When the town is sleeping,
Gauntlight starts to glow!
That’s when she arises
For her midnight lunch.
Naughty kids are prizes
For her teeth to crunch.
But if you obey me,
And obey the rules;
You’re safe from Belcorra;
She just eats the fools!

Background Pilgrim:
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 49
In your youth, you made several pilgrimages to important shrines and holy sites. You might have been a mendicant friar, a seller of holy relics (real or fraudulent), or just a simple farmer following the dictates of your faith. Whatever the aims of your wanderings now, your faith still protects you on the road.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Wisdom or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost.

You're trained in the Religion skill, and a Lore skill for your patron deity. You gain the Pilgrim's Token skill feat.


Source Core Rulebook pg. 438 2.0
The night didn’t know beauty until Desna came into existence. While the other gods toiled away to create the world, she set her sights on the heavens, placing each star in the sky. After surveying her artistry, she hung the brightest star high in the north and made it her home. Her first gift to mortals was this beacon of hope, a twinkling sign in the dark sky that they could turn to when lost or unsure of themselves. Desna provides safe passage through the darkness to all, should they choose to follow.

aid fellow travelers, explore new places, express yourself through art and song, find what life has to offer

cause fear or despair, cast nightmare or use similar magic to corrupt dreams, engage in bigoted behavior
Areas of Concern dreams, luck, stars, and travelers
Follower Alignments NG, CG, CN

Devotee Benefits
Divine Ability: Dexterity or Charisma
Divine Font: heal
Divine Skill: Acrobatics
Favored Weapon: starknife
Domains: dreams, luck, moon, travel
Alternate Domains: star, void
Cleric Spells 1st: sleep, 4th: fly, 5th: dreaming potential

Desna Names
The Song of the Spheres
The Great Dreamer
The Tender of Dreams
Lady Luck
Resplendent Goddess of Fortune
Goddess of the North Star
Queen of the North Star
Mother Moon

A copper for the song, a copper for the road.
A star cannot see its place in the sky.
Be ready for challenges and unexpected friends.
Learn from what is different.
You are never lost following butterflies.

Desna is the goddess of travel and journeys, and there are few who traverse the roads who wouldn't spare her a prayer or a simple-worded plea for benediction. Scouts, sailors, and those who travel for travel's sake make up a large number of her followers, though her focus on luck also makes her a favorite deity among gamblers and thieves. Whatever their calling, followers of the Song of Spheres search the world for new experiences, and try to live their life to the fullest.

The informal clergy of Desna is primarily composed of clerics, though on occasion bards are called by some song or whisper in the night to follow her path. In addition, spherewalkers are paragons of the Desnan ideal: they see new sights each day and discover unheard of locales.[2][5][3]
Her clergy usually garb themselves in white robes with black trim and silk caps, highlighted by varied decorative elements (especially among priests of high status), and usually accompanied by one or more starknives.

Temples and shrines
Temples of Desna are few and far between, with most locations no more than roadside shrines erected in her honor. Travelers often leave markings and dedications in newly discovered areas and secluded locales. Those few temples that do exist often serve as observatories and are open to the night sky,[2] with plentiful texts, charts, and instruments to help track the stars and determine astronomical events.

Dedicated to the faith of Desna, seven bell towers are believed to have existed at one point throughout the Inner Sea. The seven towers represented the Seven Towers of Desna's palace and each tower housed a sacred Bell of Mercy. Pilgrimages to all seven towers were often undertaken by Desna's faithful.

Holy texts
Writings sacred to Desna tend to be easily portable, written in simple language and often containing references to exotic, beautiful places and roads containing a shrine.

The Eight Scrolls
These writings detail Desna's early days and the basic edicts of her faith.[2][5]
Shrine Wall Writings
Almost all Desnan shrines are covered with the observations and prayers of travelers and priests of her faith, containing the wisdom of the road and hints for the start of new journeys.

Living Arrangements:
One day in town, Alymora Inkleholtz catches you in pleasant conversation. She's on the lookout for people with knowledge to help foster literature, mathematics, science, and history, into the children. If you take the job you can Earn Income via the Religion Skill

As for living, you can rent an room for a Fine living out of one of the homes (which has a separate apartment.)
For a Subsistence you can also rent a place at the Farmer's Guild
You find Comfortable living arrangements in the Crook's Nook or Rowdy Rockfish