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I'm just wondering if anyone is building a character that can heal?

doc the grey wrote:

Cool that could be an interesting character as well. Also if anyone is looking to build a rogue like character or vagabond character that could help as well here since most characters so far have been very academic like. Having things like stealth would be very helpful here as well as knowledge skills.

I haven't worked out my third character, so I'd be happy to make him a steal character.

doc the grey wrote:
Ahh! Caught it on the second read. So you are building a little family tree then?

yeah, just a small one. The feralfolk is a family friend, but unrelated. Also are we cool to roll our ability scores? If so, which method are we using?

doc the grey wrote:
Sounds good thus far. My question is who's bastard is the half-orc supposed to be? Is it like a particular member of the Aurelian family or no one in particular?

Oh, I guess I didn't make that very clear, the half-orc would be the daughter of the orc woman

OK, got it. Couple of character ideas: Orc woman who works as a carpenter on the farm, her bastard half-orc daughter who works in the fields (maybe also helps sell the crops at the markets) and a feralfolk man who also works the fields, but maybe has some basic healing skills. Sound good?

Ah, OK, I guess I'll just jump on in here then. I have a couple loose ideas for two or three characters but I've never played PF before so I'm not really familiar with knowledge and skills and all that? (also money?)