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Audit over.

A few areas we will get 4 insread of 5 in, but no corrective actions that have anything to do with me directly.


Huzzah! Glad you survived!

Freehold DM wrote:
I want my f%$&ing mcrib after that.
I, uh... I think that's illegal in most continental United States.

Not to be That Guy, but wouldn't he have had to have said "I want to f++@ my McRib after that"

Unless you're implying the McRib has somehow gained sentience and has a propensity for f%!@ing.

And why would that come as such a surprise?

If anyone could Awaken a McRib and provoke it to Lustful Excesses merely by existing, it is Freehold.

great. Now I want an awakened sensuous sandwich as a companion.
it can join me and the prius on our adventures!

If FawtlQuest ever becomes a popular Saturday morning cartoon, or semi-illegal Hentai manga, maybe it can be our equivalent of Snarf.

EDIT: Hentai yourself. And no, that isn't a tentacle.

I hope.

Snarf! Even the cars are stealing my shtick now, snarf.

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For whatever reason i've perpetually had a bunch of one dollar bills in my wallet for a couple of weeks now, whenever I depleted it I'd have to use a ten or twenty and then get more ones. But whenever I have to pay with the wad of ones the cashier makes a joke about how I'm secretly stripping in the side.

Maybe, they're on to something...

But we just started smurfing.

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Nonsense!?! I put a lot of effort to be taken seriously.

Has that not been obvious...

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As an expert in moving you NEVER fill one of those out until you're in the process of moving.

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I'm starting to suspect my brother's method of drawing names for the gift exchange is... flawed.

We've both gotten the exact same people the last three years in a row.

I got my dad, which is easy, but the General has to be running out of ideas. :-)

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The General, after finding the coffee, nutella, peanut butter and oatmeal stacked precariously on the kitchen table, exclaimed cheerfully "Why do you kids keep stacking things like they're in a Doctor Seuss book, where do you get that from?"

Both of them point at me.

"Oh yeah, I do that"

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Avengers, Age Of Ultron.

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I could've sworn Panthero was always correct. I just thought Snarf was there to act as jumper cables to jump start the Thundertank whenever it broke down, WHICH WASN'T HIS FAULT BY THE WAY!!! (#hanshotfirst)

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You're right, I haven't been mixing it up enough.

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Of course, now i'm really going to mess with people.

Are they getting Smurfed or Snarfed, who knows...