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Full Name

Captain Olivia Quinn


Aasimar (Musetouched)


Mystic (Star Shaman) 4 | SP 24/24 HP 28/28 RP 4/4 | EAC 13 KAC 14 CMAC 22 | F +1 R +3 W +6 | Coordinated Shot: Allies gain +1 ranged attack vs. foes she threatens




Medium (4' 11", 103 lbs.)




Chaotic Good



Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13

About Captain Olivia Quinn

Born to a halfling mother known only as Quinn on a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, the young musetouched who would come to be known as Olivia Quinn was hated by her halfling father the day she was born, because her mother did not survive. Her father kept her locked in her room most of the time, only letting her out for meals, which she usually just took back to her room anyway.

Shortly before her 16th birthday, her father's gambling debts finally got to be too much for him, so he 'sold' her to pay his debts. Forced to marry a man she didn't even know, about a year later she ran. She fled to a smuggler's planet called Omega-7, where she found herself outside a gentleman's club called "Olivia's Den" where she thought she might get a job as a waitress. When asked her name, she didn't want to give her real name, so she said the first name on her mind, Olivia. Last name? Quinn, after her mother.

Soon after, she met the star of the club, Vera Gemini, and soon realized that the club's owner was abusing the girls, so with Vera's help she took him down and became the new owner.

However, just being a club owner was boring, Quinn wanted adventure. So, she stole a ship and asked Vera Gemini to be her first mate. They named their ship after Vera's favorite old Earth song (and where she got her name) The Revenge of Vera Gemini.

After many adventures as Robin Hoodesque space pirates, while running two jobs concurrently, Quinn found herself in another galaxy, without Vera. Unsure what exactly happened to send her to another galaxy, she has no idea how to get home.