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John Napier 698 wrote:

Hey, Guys! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

The local Ace Hardware had a full-sized Katana in the window. Guess who has it now!


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Woran wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

Happy Birthday, Vany and wishing you many more. And then preemptively wishing you a very Happy eventual Dracolich-dom Ravener-dom whenever you get around to it.

Olde Timey Fisticuffs Yesterday wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
And stroopvaffles!

So, wait, when I spend years drenching waffles in caramel and squishing them into a sandwich, it's "weird" but when a whole country of windmill and flower meadow enthusiasts do it, it's the Next Big Culinary Thing.

Poppycock, I say!

Not only are they thin caramel waffle sandwiches, they're perfectly sized so you can place them as a cover atop your cup of [HOT BEVERIDGE] and let the rising heat warm them up.
The slaad speaks truth

How do you drink your coffee? I'm certainly not waiting for a waffle to get warm first.

No, the only way to do it is full size waffles.

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DeathQuaker wrote:

Dear Cool Kids:

I have spent like 8 hours editing a grant narrative that was only sort of written in English.

Do I
1. Go home, eat fancy M&Ms for dinner, and play video games
2. Drive in icky traffic to go pick up good comic books and get a really good Burger for dinner
3. Go home, swig some Bourbon, and fall into bed?

Option E, definitely.

I'm going to have to watch Deadpool 2 again, I don't think we learned what my super powers were.

F&~$ing A right!

I guess that depends, is the table affiliated with Thanos (or Cable, they're pretty much the same person).