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That wasn't a salad...

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You're the one that called ham "bland"

holds out a slab of delicious, salty, savory ham

Not even in a house, with a mouse!

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NobodysHome wrote:
Redbeard the Scruffy wrote:

I'm a vegetarian.

No. Not even fish. Hate when people ask that. Fish is meat. THOSE people are Pescatarian, and they are ignorant idiots when they self identify as vegetarian. There's nothing wrong with eating meat or being a Pescatarian, but don't call yourself a vegetarian.

Living in the Bay Area gives that discussion a whole new layer of surreal.

I have spoken with "vegetarians" who
- Don't eat red meat, but eat fish, fowl, and mollusks
- Don't eat red meat or fowl, but each fish and mollusks
- Don't eat living creatures, but do eat eggs
- Don't eat living creatures, including eggs, but eat cheese and milk and wear leather
- Don't eat or use any animal products whatsoever

The generally accepted term for the final category is "vegan".

The problem is that everyone self-identifies as "vegetarian" for ALL the other categories.

I don't eat invertebrates. Does that make me a vegetarian?

Absolutely, I eat all of that, and I still call my self a vegetarian, but that's because I don't eat Turkey.