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Full Name

Yanos St. Germaine


Clan Gangrel, Childe of Milov Petrankov -


5'10 Eastern European Male in his early 30's - Willpower: 3/7, Bloodpool: 8/20, 4 per turn, Survivor




5'10, 190 lbs


early 30's


Orthodox Christianity


Venice, Palazzo Abadessa


Romanian and Italian (Speak only), Lingua Franca

About "Cantor"

Nature - Penitent
Demeanor - Survivor
Generation - 7th
Sire - Milov Petrankov

Max Blood Pool /Current: 8/20
Max Trait Rating - 6
Blood points Per Turn - 4 per Turn

XP Earned - 5
XP Spent -

XP Expenditures:


Physical: Str 3, Dex 3, Sta 4
Social: Cha 2, Man 1, App 3
Mental: Per 3, Int 2, Wit 3


Alertness 1
Athletics 2
Awareness 1
Brawl 1
Carousing 1
Empathy 2
Subterfuge 1
Animal Ken 3
Archery 1
Crafts 2
Ettiquette 1
Larceny 1
Melee 1
Ride 1
Stealth 1
Survival 2
Academics 1
Finance 1
Hearth Wisdom 1
Investigation 1
Medicine 1
Occult 1
Politics 1
Seneschal 1
Theology 1


Animalism 2
Fortitude 2


The Cainite Beast is a primal, animalistic force. While most Cainites will never know their Beasts on a fundamental, such a creature speaks to his own. The vampire with Animalism pushes that to extremes, commanding legions of beasts to do his bidding. Without the Animal Ken Skill or the Animalism Discipline, animals become uncomfortable in a vampire’s presence. Some attack, some run, some cause commotion. Vampires with Animalism present a dominant air, attracting such creatures and cowing them.

1.) Whispers to the Wild:

Whispers to the Wild establishes a foundation upon which all other Animalism powers build. The vampire’s Beast reaches out and touches an animal’s mind, facilitating communication between the Cainite and the lesser creature. The vampire speaks or imitates the animal’s native sounds, and the animal understands. The vampire understands ideas the animal expresses. Additionally, the animal may follow the vampire’s wishes, if the vampire makes a compelling command.
System: No roll is necessary to talk with an animal. However, the vampire must make eye contact to initiate Whispers to the Wild. Once she’s established the power, she does not need to maintain eye contact for the current scene. Commanding an animal requires a Manipulation + Animal Ken roll. The difficulty depends on the creature; more complex creatures, particularly predators, are more prone to the vampire’s whims. Taking the animal’s shape with Protean or Animalism or speaking to the animal using familiar sounds makes such commands easier. Highly dangerous commands are much more difficult. Use the following chart to determine the difficulty.
Situation Difficulty
Predatory mammal (wolves, cats, bats) 5
Other mammals and predatory birds (rats, owls) 6
Other birds and reptiles (doves, snakes) 7
No current eye contact +1
Using animal sounds -1
Currently taking the animal’s shape -2
Dangerous command +1
Deadly command +2
While animals may do dangerous or even potentially deadly tasks for the Cainite, they will not commit directly suicidal tasks, nor will they violate their base biological natures. Cowardly animals tasked with guard duty will not engage and combat an invader, for example. They might run to their master and report the threat, however. Successes determine the animal’s dedication to the cause. A single success will ensure the animal’s compliance for the current scene. Three successes will guarantee a regular task for a week or more. Five successes will command indefinite loyalty.

2.) Call the Wild:

With this power, the Beast instills the vampire’s voice with a deep affinity for a given animal. She howls, shrieks, caws, or otherwise imitates an animal noise. Any animal of the chosen species within earshot are summoned to the vampire, and some will come, depending on the vampire’s raw ability.
Call the Wild only calls animals and makes them favorably disposed to the Cainite who performs it. They will not attack, but will not inherently obey without application of Whispers to the Wild. If the vampire was particularly successful in calling the beasts, Whispers to the Wild may benefit from a decreased difficulty, at Storyteller discretion.
System: Name a type of animal. This can be highly specific or general; the Cainite can call a species, a specific group (male wolves, for example), or a single, named animal (the rat with which I spoke two nights ago). Roll Charisma + Survival (difficulty 6). Consult the chart below for results.
Successes Result
1 success A single animal responds
2 successes One quarter of the animals respond
3 successes Half the animals respond
4 successes Most of the animals respond
5 successes All of the animals respond


All vampires shrug off wounds that might kill mortals. But vampires with Fortitude become veritable juggernauts, unstoppable by anything but fire and sunlight. Every vampire manifests Fortitude differently. Some simply possess too solid flesh; nothing punctures their statuesque beauty.
Others ignore the trauma: their bodies continue to move regardless of the harm caused. No matter how Fortitude manifests, it’s a frightening prospect to any mortal witness.
System: A character’s Fortitude rating adds to all her Stamina-based dice pools, including her soak rating for bashing and lethal damage. A vampire may use her Fortitude dice as a soak pool against aggravated wounds, which vampires typically have no recourse against. Once per turn, she may spend a blood point to automatically soak her Fortitude in damage, instead of adding it to her Stamina. This can be used to soak aggravated damage as well, but not damage from fire or sunlight.


Allies 1 (Gunther)
Alternate Identity 1 (Yanos)
Contacts 2 (Jodi and Lindsay)
Domain 1 (Greetings Inn)
Mentor 1 (Sire)
Resources 2
Retainers 1

Conscience 4
Self Control 3
Courage 3

Humanity: 7
Willpower: 7/7

Merits: Celestial Attunement (1), Lingua Franca (1), Iron Will (3)
Flaws: Outsider (1), Repulsed by Garlic (1)
Rituals: None

Description: Yanos is a bit taller than normal, and built like one would expect from someone that has worked their whole life. Recently he has begun to grow a bear and his hair long, (helping to hide his face a bit). He has dark brown hair, but pale skin compared to the local population, and speaks with an accent that clearly marks him as Eastern European. He is in his early thirty's, but already has greying hair from a hard life. Otherwise there is not too much remarkable about him. He is attractive, but not at all gorgeous, and the rags he wears does not help.

Born in far off Romania, "Yanos" worked the land his entire life, both farming and hunting to suppliment what food he could for a small family. He never owned the land he worked, and the majority of his fruits went to the local lord. While he never the opportunity to study, or even travel, he was good with his hands.

Everything changed a few months back when he volunteered to help his lord with a problem. He joined as extra hired muscle for what was supposed to be negotiations with merchants and traders, but instead it was a massacre. When he refused to join in, the soldiers he was with turned on him, beating him to a pulp and then hauling him back in chains, claiming he was a secret traitor and spy, selling information to the outlanders. His family was taken and sold off as slaves, and Yanos was meant to be executed, but internal treachery and the reprisal of the middle eastern merchants allowed him the chance to escape.

He fled, grabbing what little he had and could carry safely and ran. He has only arrived in Venice about a month ago, and has had a hard time at it. He manages to find work at the Greetings Inn, where he now lives in one of the back rooms, doing odd jobs around the Inn, and even making a few friends and contacts amongst the staff. Both Jodi and Lindsay feel they can trust him, and though they know he has a secret of his own, they get the feeling it's a sad one, and secretly look out for him, from whatever it is he is running from.

Likewise, Gunther, the Inn's owner respects his work ethic, and is willing to help where he can. It isn't many who would put up with such a job just for room and board, and the tiny wages Yanos lives off of.

Following a nightmarish week of horror and terror, Yanos survived, being Embraced by the Gangrel Milov Petrankov, an advisor from his homeland that had something to do with his original plight. After a quick "baptism" into the blood, Yanos arose from murky waters as a Kindred in the late night hours of March 11th 1309, the only survivor of his Sire's mysterious "tests" of worthiness, and has been given the charge to stand beside him in some new threat to come.

Notes in game:
Assamites – Dangerous but honorable.
Brujah – Short fused and short sighted.
Cappadocians – They smell of death, best to avoid them.
Followers of Set – Untrustworthy.
Lasombra – Manipulators of the highest order.
Malkavians – Madmen but visionaries. Separating truth from fiction is the problem with them.
Nosferatu – Our natural allies, they are dowtrodden as are we. Help them where you can and they will help you.
Salubri – The best of us.
Toreador – The stars are in their eyes and empty space is in their heads.
Tremere – Blood thieves, I would suffer none to live but it seems compromise is being foisted upon us.
Tzimisce – Rulers of my homeland. If we travel we will discuss what Domains to tread through though in any case you must do so lightly. Vykos is from a fallen line of the family tree and has great ambitions but little power.
Ventrue – Arrogant with little cause to be.
Sir Dunstan Füller, Brujah, seeks an alliance for peace.
Speak with Toreador, Brujah, and Ventrue, and see what I think of their candidates.