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But i so enjoy the sting on flesh.


Trouble soul, do not fret all is not lost. You are a Holy Warrior and you live to sting another day. I do not require shear stupidity in attacking foes with better tactical and natural abilities but you are required you to learn and teach team tactics to bring honor to my name. Don't dishonor my gracious with self-pity but seek an eye for an eye, the sibling must die. Enjoy the good luck you've been given, second chances are hard to come by.

Ahhhhhhhh, tender Halfling sweet.

The more the merrier my young disciple.

Now that is thinking like a cleric and a proper disciple.

Pleased with her newly recruited Priestess, while smuggly acknowledging how she tricked a fellow diety out of a prized pupil. The game between deities continues. The goddess of trickery sends a wave of answered prayers forward rewarding her disciple with desired magic.

There is memory in your head directing you to a location where Alister McHuffin, a cleric of Calistria, can be found. He can assist with your addiction. You are to go to him the next day. Basically, you ahve to wait 24 hours to seek the help.

"Yes my new priestess, I can show you the path to the truth but only if you are devout. You are a confused little one, troubled by life and your prior decisions. You have an unhealthy craving that you need strength and a bit of luck to kick, so I encourage you to begin with a simple prayer and meditation. Perhaps, I will help." You notice there is a parchment on your desk containing a few prayers to Calistria.