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Villichi grins at Dalton. "See! This is why I don't like paladins. So uncompromising, so stubborn. Can't see past their own righteous b+&!#%~*." He gives an apologetic look. "No offense. It's just that you're incompetent." He chuckles and looks back to Dalton. "I've got a profitable solution for you, one with the highest value. You drops your weapons, and I don't kill every single one of you. Normally I'd just skip strait to the killing, but I have a schedule to keep. Mustn't get behind...but I will if I must." He puts a clawed hand on Rilka's head, drawing a line of blood across her forehead with a claw.

In a rather anticlimactic sense, Villichi strolls through the opening. He is a mountain of a tiefling with huge curved horns that curl around. He wears a set of spiked black full plate and casually leans a very familiar-looking evil greataxe on his shoulder. He grins at the gathered group, sweeping over them slowly, one by one. "Stoneriver! You brought guests! Oh you entertainer, you. I should have polished my armor." He sees the party and gives an ah ha look. "So I shouldn't of trusted the little halfling. Well, in that case..." He snaps his fingers, and a half a dozen men come out of the tunnel behind him, mostly gnomes, including Sveng. Rilka is being held by one of the gnomes who has a knife to her throat and has a wicked grin on his face. Villichi taps his axe hilt on his armor and chuckles. "Now if you'd all be so kind as to lay down your weapons, you can leave without any bloodshed."

Right now we are not in combat, but everybody has weapons drawn and is on edge looking at each other, so there is no surprise round. If you decide to start combat with an aggressive action, initiative will be rolled and you may not get to act first.