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Is anyone having issues with their PDF order not being processed? i had placed an order over a ago 2 weeks ago for some PDFs (module and core rules for 2E)but it never got processed. I went through all the steps up to the PayPal and completed the order. But, i never got an email confirmation and when I checked, my back account was never charged. So, ofc I ordered again.. but its been three days now and still on email confirmation and no product.. Help pls?

Sorry if this is somewhere else, but I could not find it. I have two questions about ordering the pdf versions of the books.
1st. when you buy the pdf version, does it come with the errata automatically or do you have to download that also?
2nd. how big are the files? I can not find this anywhere. if I downloaded the core rule book etc how big is the file. I don't have much memory and was thinking of putting on a flashdrive, but would like to know how much memory it needs to have.