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So let me get this straight, the text for Cleansing Light says:

Cleansing Light wrote:
When dealing damage to undead with your channel energy, you can re-roll any damage dice that shows a natural 1.

So does that mean if I roll my channel to harm undead and a 1 pops up and I get to re-roll it and it comes up as a 1, I get to re-roll it till it isn't? Seems like a mess to me and a bit overpowered for a trait.

It seems fine to me. You won't get multiple rerolls all that often, and the average damage per die doesn't increase that much (from 3.5 to 4).

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A bigger problem with the trait is that you need to be a Cleric or Paladin to take it.

Wasn't the book supposed to be about the "worshipers" not the "Clergy"?

sorry for noob question.. what book was this trait in? Also since it is diety specific, can you have this and a faith trait? thanks

inner sea gods or (as mentioned in the title) faiths of purity. It is a 'religion' trait, so you can have a faith trait as well

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