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College English Instructor

About Brian Duckwitz

I live in Edgerton, Wisconsin and am married to a lovely wife who supports, but does not participate in, my gaming addiction. I also have two children who have begun to embrace it.

I've been gaming since 5th grade, near the tail end of AD&D. Most of high school and college were spent playing, and eventually running, 2nd Edition. I played 3E briefly, dabbled in Torg (anyone else?), West End Games' Star Wars RPG, Rifts, lots of Battletech/Mechwarrior, played MtG for a bit, and dropped d20 gaming entirely for several years once I was introduced to the versatile (and highly crunchy) HERO System in graduate school.

I didn't get back into d20 again until Gen Con 2012 when I was wrangled into joining a group of my friends to play The Race for the Runecarved Key together. They all had their own PFS characters, but I was stuck with a Kyra pregen. The excitement of the big room and the competition, however, was pretty intense, and I had a better time than I expected I would. Our group advanced to the second round where the outstanding Chris Mortika was our GM, and we managed to escape the dungeon just before time ran out. A few minutes later, we found out we had won our subtier and boons to create goblin characters. I was hooked on Pathfinder.

Since then I've been buying books, listening to Pathfinder podcasts, and running adventures. I currently GM two groups playing through The Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, one of them with mythic rules, and am GM for a third group that's about halfway through Kingmaker. I'm astounded not just by the sheer amount, but also the high quality of the material this fan community has produced, and don't know how I'd find the time to run a good game without it.

I made the top 32 of RPG Superstar 2014. That, along with a quest submission to the PFS Open Call, has lead to the following design work:

Co-author: Cohorts & Companions
Author: "University" and "Epicenter" in Phantom Phenomena
Author: PFS Scenario 7-24 Dead Man's Debt
Author: PFS Scenario 8-22 Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen
Author: PFS Scenario 9-09 Beyond the Halflight Path
Contributor: PF #128 Songbird, Scion, Saboteur
Author: SFS Scenario 1-20 Duskmire Accord 9
Co-author: Starfinder Alien Archive 2
Co-author: Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Construct Handbook
Author: We Be Heroes? Pathfinder Free RPG Day Module
Author: PFS Scenario 10-98 Siege of Gallowspire

Oh, if you see a guy at Gen Con with a plush goblin dressed as an alchemist, that's me...