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The player have an hard time during a combat and all the party (4 PC including the sorcerer) are thinking to escape the meele thanks to the teleport spell of the sorcerer.

I'm not sure how to rules in combat the part of the teleport spell "All creatures to be transported must be in contact with one another, and at least one of those creatures must be in contact with you".

Can the sorcerer on his turn, if the other 3 PCs are all within reach of him, simply cast teleport and touch all of theme in the same round? In this I have to count this as a standard or a full round attack?


Having the sorcerer only 2 hands he can only touch at the same time only 2 PCs and the other one must be already touching the sorcerer or another PC? In this case must the last PC have declared on his previous turn that he wanted to touch another PC (and what kind of action is it? standard? free?)?

On the description of Guards and Wards "A dispel magic cast on a specific effect, if successful, removes only that effect".

The question is what "specific effect" exatly means. Let say I cast dispel magic on one of the corridor with the fog (or on one of the arcane locked doors) and it is successful. Does it means that al the corridors (or all the doors) are dispelled or only that specific corridor (or door)?

I'm guessing if an intelligent monster without hands (e.g. a Sandpoint Devil or similar) could try a healing check to stop bleeding

I'm wondering what would be the right price of a dose of pixie dust. A pixie is going to offer to my PC some dust as reward.
I'm sure their first question will be the market price.

The sea singer, using still water performance, could reduce the DC 20 sailing check made during ship-to-ship combat (using the rules on the Skull & Shackles Player's Guide)?

I am not sure if the "calm rogue waters" is a desciptive part or not.

After all the reduction of the DC is could far more of what usually the "rough water" situation add (e.g. rough water add only +2 to the DC of an achrobatic check but still water could reduce)

I suppose that opening a lock creates some noise. I'm wondering how to houserule a silent disable device check. My idea is imposing a -5 penalty to the check adding that if you fail by 5 or more you make noise instead. Due to the fail consequence you cannot take 20 and, assuming that, if you are trying to make no noise, you are also someway in danger/stress (to be discovered) you can not take 10.
Some suggestions comments?