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gamer-printer wrote:

Two guys I know, when they were children were able to grab me behind the knees (being only 4 years old) and able to pick up me up off the ground and carry me a few feet - I weigh 150 lbs. Granted these were burly kids, both of whom have grown into burly men (both 30 years my junior).

I think the OP must be talking about abnormally weak children who cannot pickup a gallon of milk. These kids must be broken weaklings.

It's dem wizard-types dumping der strengths to 7ses and den applying duh 'young template'. Strength of 3 is really hurting for dems. Onlyses able to carry 10 pounds 'fore all slowed and stuffs.

Soundses to me like I'mma be taking dere lunch moneys. Mmhmm, cheeseburgers.