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Full Name

Brandt Oluffson


Human (Ulfen)


Ranger 4; Hp 52/52; AC 18; F:7, R:6, W:3; Perc +9

HP 14/14; AC 14; F: 5, R:5, W:4 ; Perc +5







Special Abilities

HP: 52/52






Stolen Lands


Common, Skald



Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Brand Oluffson

Brandt is the son of Oluff the Tall, an Ulfen in service to the Aldori family of Lord Hiemerr. Oluff saw that his son learned much about his homeland, and about his father's land. Brandt learned to hunt alongside his father in service to the Hiemerr lands. Oluff also made sure his son was capable as a seaman, even if Lake Encarthian was a long way from the Rostland where he grew up.

Brandt was always enthralled of the stories of the lands where kingship was dictated by thrilling battles with linnorms, of where hags and trolls attempted to thwart the work of heroes, where men sail in service to themselves on great adventure. Oluff always blushed over the rougher parts of his Ulfen past that caused him to flee to Brevoy in the first place.

Brandt showed skill in the traditional arts of a woodsman with his father's tutelage. He also has some ability at nautical navigation, although would easily give way to more experienced hands. His time on ships was very limited to some days on Lake Encarthian, not the open seas.

Brandt has grown into a young man who shows the characteristics of his father's land. He is on the larger end of height, and is broad across the shoulders. He eschews the long hair and braids of his father's people, but wears a full beard like his father before him. His blond hair is customarily short, and his green eyes continually seem restless.

Brandt has an easy way, and prefers to be in the company of folks who are less refined, although he knows enough in polite company not to speak unless spoken to. He does enjoy travelling in the woods, and hunting, although he prefers hunting himself, rather than using hounds and beaters for nobility hunters.

When given the chance to head to the Stolen lands as an opportunity for him to strike out on his own, Brandt jumped at the chance and fins himself on his way toward a new life. His time in the stolen lands hasn't been as heroic as he thought, occasionally skirmishing with bandits, and helping protect the odd farmer's cattle from raiders. Certainly no trolls, hags or linnorms to wrestle with thus far.

Then he started hearing rumors of the bandits being controlled by a near legendary being, and of the heroes who vanquished him. What potential do these others hold in the Stolen Lands, what do they want with this territory? Would they be scoundrels like the others he'd crossed blades with in the wilderness, or were they hopeful for a new, safer beginning?

Brandt steeled his resolve, and set out to meet these heroes, to see if they were fitting, or were a new threat to be faced in the Stolen lands. Hopeful, but used to disappointment, Brandt set out to meet them and see what the future holds...


Base attack +4
Greataxe: +7 to hit Damage 1d12+5
Composite Longbow (+3): +6 to hit Damage 1d8+3

AC: 18 (Mithril chain shirt +4, +2 dex) +1 Buckler +1 dodge

Fortitude: Class 4 + Con 2 + trait (Rostlander)1= +7
Reflex: Class 4 + Dex 2 = +6
Will: Class 1 + Wis 2 = +3

First Favored Enemy: Humanoid (Humans) +2
Track (+1/2 ranger level to track)
Wild Empathy (+ ranger level to influence animals)
Weapon Style (Rapid Shot)
Favored Terrain (Forests +2)
Hunter's Bond (Wolfdog)

Skills: (8x4 = 32)
Survival 4+2+3 = +9
Perception 4+2+3 = +9
Ride 4+2+3= +9
Climb 4+3+3= +10
Heal 2+2+4 = +6
Knowl (Nature)3+1+3=+7
Knowl (Dungeon)2+1+3 = +6
Stealth 4+2+3 (+5) +14
Spellcraft 2+1+3 = +6
Intimidate 2+1+0+3 = +6
Bluff 1+0 = 1

Background skills: 8
Handle Animal 4+2+3 = 7
Prof (sailor) 2+2+3=+7
Knowl (Geog) 1+1+3 =+5
Craft (Bowyer) 1+1+3 = 5

(Rapid Shot)

Rostlander (+1 Fort Saves)
Viking Blood (+1 on Intimidate checks, always a class skill)

Greataxe, handaxe, Alchemical Silver dagger (-1 Dmg), Cold Iron dagger, Composite Longbow (+3), buckler, warhammer, Ranger Kit: backpack, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, mess kit, rope, torches (10), trail rations (10 day), Survival Kit: a flint and steel, waterskin (enough to hold water for 1 person for 1 day), very basic maps showing major landmarks, and a small utility knife. 60 Arrows, 6 javelins, 5x 10 foot nooses, Manacles, Bronze Holy symbol of Erastil, Explorer's outfit x3

Magical Equipment:
Mithril Chain Shirt, Efficient Quiver, Cloak of Elvenkind

Light Horse (Skinfaxi & Hrimfaxi) x2, Riding Kit x2: bit and bridle, a saddle, a saddle blanket, saddlebags, and 2 days’ worth of feed for a mount, Tent, a bedroll, iron pot, waterskin x2, (in saddle bags), Carpenter's kit, Bow Maker's Kit (Artisan tools x2)

10 PP, 15 GP, 13 SP, 20 CP

Spells 1
Magic Fang

Wolfdog (Fenrir)
Size: M Speed 40
HP: 14/14
AC 14 (+2 Natural Armor)
Attack +3 1d6 +2

Fort 2+3 = +5
Ref 2+3 = +5
Will 1+0+3= +4

Str 15
Dex 15
Con 13
Int 2
Wis 12
Cha 6

Perception 1+1+3 = +5
Acrobatics 1+2+3= +6

Low light vision
Iron Will

Tricks (7)