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So glad to hear that even Lisa Stevens wants to see this made. Necrobumping this post to remind everyone that the interest is still here!

I would be a day 1 preorder, for sure.

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Mythoard? I just signed up for their monthly subscription box. Aside from a healthy dose of Paizo, and a new Mythoard subscription, what other resources do you suggest?

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Hello all!

There are over 44,000 posts on this AP! Please help :)

In the interest of preserving my gaming group, I have decided to run Rise of the Runelords. My previous DM/GM experience is all Star Wars, either Saga Edition or the West End Games D6 version.

I intend to have 3-5 players, and the intereted people want a longer running campaign lasting us a year or two. So we discussed the slow path and all like that idea. We want a level 17-20 experience.

So finally, my question is this; what do I add? For organizational puposes, I just want to look at the first book and go from there. I already looked at Wayfinder 7, and plan to add the Swallowtail Festival Games, Choppers Isle, The Lure of Greed, and the Hag and the Seeker.

Is this enough to finish Burnt Offerings and be at the fast path XP?

What did you add for your group?
I see some posts about adding books from other AP's, but none seem to be well developed/finished. I want to run this AP and give my players an optimal experience!

Thank you in advance to all contributions!

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It took me several hours to read all 29 pages of this thread. Epic. My copy will be here Friday. My group will love this!