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Full Name

Brady Blankemeyer




Cleric 8







Special Abilities

Create Undead Bane Weapons






Common, Celestial



Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Brady Blankemeyer

Standing on the edge of the cliff my eyes roamed across the vast forest that loomed below me. The sun was taking her rays and closing her eyes for a night.
"Sengir, where are you?"

This was the only spot where I felt everything wrong in the world faded away, just for a little bit.

"Sengir there you are."

Turning I saw my father staring at me while shaking his head. I soon remembered why I was suppose to be here, looking at the small pile of sticks next to me. "Sorry dad I was looking at the trees."

Dad gives a sigh, "it's alright, just gather what you have and let's head home."

Nodding I grabbed what I had gathered and ran up next to him. I can't say I remember a time he's ever truly gotten mad at something.

The house was just coming in to view on the horizon, I imagined mom would be waiting for us. I looked at dad with a grin, but that soon vanished when he stopped and his face; I'll always remember the stern look he gave. The way grabbed hold of me and ran to the well, I didn't know what was going on as I watched the house grow farther away. "Dad?"

He stopped at the well and set me on the edge of it. "Sengir I want you to grab hold of the rope and bucket and hang on."

"Dad what are you doing? I want to see mom." I was scared, but he didn't show any fear. Just placed both hands on each side of my shoulders and gave me a kiss on the forhead.

"Please just do what I say, and don't make a sound." I nodded to him as I grabbed hold of the rope and set myself on the bucket. He lowered me down, but I didn't call to him, didn't ask why he was doing this; I only did what I was told to do. It stopped halfway as he locked the lever in place; giving me a sorrowful look he ran off.

The well was damp and cold, the water wasn't to far below me. All I could think of was what was going on and that I wanted to see mom. I imagined her kneeling as I ran up to her to embrace for a hug. Strainging to listen for anything, all I received was the emptiness of night; not even the animals were making noises. Till there was clinking noises going on above me. I waited and waited as I heard the sounds above, but no one looked down the well. The sounds died away and all I could do was wait for fathers return; but he never came.

Light intruded in my area, I noticed as my eyes slowly opened. I wasn't sure when sleep came to me and how I still managed to hold onto the rope. All I knew was that I was still here and no one came for me. The sound of armor came again and I froze with fear. A figure appeared looking down at me.

"Hello down there, well I came for some water but I guess I get to rescue someone instead," the mysterious figure said. I couldn't tell who he was with the helmet, but I knew he wasn't dad. After I got to the top he picked me off the bucket and set me to the ground. When I tried to look behind him he would just block my view.

"So what is your name son? Mines Val..." His voice drifted off as I wasn't paying attention to him, but to the area around me. A skeleton was near me, it wasn't human at all. Looking past that the animals in the field were dead, the field istelf was dark brown now. No life was present around us. I tried to push past him but he grabbed hold of me and embraced me in a hug.

"You don't want to look past me son. We need to leave this place." He picked me up and walked away from the well, holding my head down against his armor.

"But I want to see my mom and dad." I struggled to look, but he held fast.

"You can't son, you... you just can't," was all he could reply as I cried onto his armor.

That was eighteen years ago, and here I am standing at the same ledge where my life changed. This time the forest is dead and the sounds of the forest have left a long time ago. It doesn't make me feel calm anymore.

"Sengir, there you are."

I turn around to expect someone else, but it was Valford in his golden armor with the symbol of Sarenrae etched on his breast. Beckoning me towards him I knew that it was time. "Are you ready for this?"

I walked past him only giving him a slight glance. "We'll see." I could feel the evil that infested this place now. Placing a hand on my own symbol, I swore I'd return to cleanse this place and that's what I aim to do; no matter what they throw at me.