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Radically overcomplicated, and yet stifflingly limited


The Influence system in this is terrible. Giving extra handouts with the rules simplified and stipulated, reinforcing them verbally each time, and giving out a flowchart still wasn't enough to make it flow well enough to not inhibit the roleplaying. The fight is well set up, but the NPCs are terribly built. Even making a separate print of each Bidder to use for a GM reference to organize it well enough to keep from there being pauses while I tried to look up tiny details. If a GM had time to memorize this thing, that might make it better, but I certainly don't have that kind of time. I didn't enjoy playing this scenario, I didn't enjoy GMing it, and none of the players at either table enjoyed it.

I get that the idea is to get rid of one diplomacy role being the single judgement of an interaction with others, but this is not the way.

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One of the best written scenarios yet.


I really enjoyed this scenario. Not only a great link to a past scenario, with really good plot hooks and interesting ideas, but an excellent NPC background write up and link to a new class. Very well done.