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About BobROE

I'm terrible at talking about myself, but lets see how this goes.

I've been playing RPGs regularly since I was in grade 8... which would have made me 13 I think. After I was introduced to them by a kid at a summer camp.

Been playing pretty much continuously since then, moving from the basement floor, to a coffee table, to a rolling bed in a dorm room, to a full on table. With a small stop along the way in high school at a D&D summer camp here in Toronto.

I'm pretty much exclusively a DM, starting out doing my own adventures mostly set in FR, and now run Paizo APs.

I have a degree in computer engineering which got me into the field of video game development, where I learned that programming really isn't my thing. I was able to move over into a game design role where I've been happy ever since. Major titles I've worked on are Fatal Inertia and Warriors: Legends of Troy.

My favourite part of game design is the colaborative element, taking one idea and molding it into something then tacking on ideas from someone else until you have something really cool.