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"Civilization at last." cries the Magister from the window of his carriage. "Well, I'm off to my home come by the office when you get a moment as I will go over the support that Restov--err, Brevoy will be sending back with you. Also it is my understanding that the Lord Mayor is arranging a little party to mark the occasion of your yours and the other exploratory group's successes."

And with that his carriage and guardsmen depart.

Lemme know your character's immediate plans for the next day or two.

Alia of the Blade wrote:
Blustrova Lebeda, the Magister wrote:
The magister snorts. "What!? Let that monster wander the fort? I think not. You should have see what we did with with them in my old military days out on the Numerian borderlands."
"Wander the fort? Not at all. I want it gone, back to it's lair. Your nose may not be as sensible, but the area near it's confinement stinks of feces and urine. Why do you keep it around? Send it off and let the wilderness decide it's fate."

"As you wish. I'm no rat catcher. Let the smelly rodent go!" the Magister commands.

Matheus lowers one end of his spear into the pit and draws the kobold out. Once out and convinced that this isn't some sort of cruel Smooth One trick, the kobold bolts for the tall grasses and disappears.

Zokon Santyev wrote:
"Magister, when do yo leave for Restov please?"

"As soon as you and your subordinates are ready." The Magister's nostrils fill with the country air. He makes a face and adds "The sooner the better."

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:

"Magister Blustrova, will you take a letter from me to the ranking Banker in Restov?"

Durgan would know who that is - I think the only Banker he has met in-game is from Mivon.

As an "archbishop" Archbanker Siguard Barasav's influence covers much of the civilized north this side of Lake Encarthan, including: Brevoy, Mendev, and Mivon (his family is comes form Mivon and before that Restov in what was Rostland). He shares power with a "marshal" who deals mainly with military matters in the World Wound. Bishops are more on the level of being associated with towns, cities, and small kingdoms (and there is one in Restov). I should also note that while some of his duties include the study of arcane topics (like math!) Restov's "magister" is more of an accountant, civic bureaucrat, and treasurer.

The Magister accepts the letter and nods with all the solemnity of a great sea going galleon which he is vaguely shaped like.

Zokon Santyev wrote:
"Magister, we have defeated the bandit lord and shall forthwith report to Restov, with news of our success, I shall also attend my father Lord Tengar. It seems your mission is a success, you are needed to report back to Restov, I believe."

"Yes." he says magnanimously. "You may attend of course, though we are only going as far as Restov."

The magister snorts. "What!? Let that monster wander the fort? I think not. You should have see what we did with with them in my old military days out on the Numerian borderlands."

"There is one other thing to discuss."

"Ahm, yes, well, the bounty. Of course you understand I don't carry such a large amount of coin on my person."

"Splendid!" cries the Magister. "Now I shall be able to return to civilization without concern."

"Hmm? Oh. Sent her back to her family in Brevoy. There was nothing for her here. Speaking of which, now that all this kobold business is finished, I'll have to be returning to Restov soon myself."

"Yes indeed. A strong hand is what is called for." The magister says smiling and placing his hands upon Langrave shoulders. "You there, scullery woman, the one with the hammer, not the ginger porter, yes you! Can you write? Fetch a pen, some paper and ink and then come back and commit the words I give you to the paper."

The message that ends up leaving with one of the guards says that a man named Anando Veresisi (apparently from the Office of the Magister himself) is to report to the outpost in a week's time to take over general operations.

sense motive DC 15:
Langrave seems beside himself over the news.

Numalar Auritonius wrote:
"What's this? Are we really quibbling about that now? I'm sure Kesten Garess can keep things on an even keel. He's done fine so far."

The Magister shoots Numalar a warning look. "Kesten is here to see to the security of the fort--a task he seems woefully incapable of--he is not here to administer its day-to-day affairs. I agree with Langrave, a stronger hand is needed."

"The girl?! Heh." the Magister, Langrave, and Renault all chuckle. "Don't be ridiculous. I mean really."

"So, who's going to run the outpost? Hm?" Blustrova demands loud enough for Scarlet (and probably everyone else) to hear. "The kingdom's spent good coin on this fort. I will not see it fall into the hands of bandits."

"Grave news indeed, perhaps we should apoint a military ruler to see to scouring of this bandit menace and administration of the territory." the Magister says turning to the other nobles, a scowling Renault included.

The Magister looks aghast at the kobolds, and at the fact that perfectly ordinary folk like Numalar and Illthir might travel with them and speak so.

He visibly tamps down his distaste though at the word of more dead brigands. "Did you bring their remains back to hang from the walls?" he asks.

Numalar Auritonius wrote:

Numalar bows pleasantly.

"Lord Solvis, A pleasure! What brings you to these parts? And Lord..."

Tybolt Langrave wrote:
"Well if it isn't House Garess's tiresome, little, moth-eaten fool. What sends you to these cruel lands, buffoon? Are you here to caper for us?" He says to Numalar with a sneer.

Numalar's features close up. He frowns and his jaws clench.

"...Tybolt. ... How wonderful. What are you doing here? Are you through with carving up young boys for the crime of wishing to learn the sword? Or did they kick you out of the country finally? I should warn you, you'll need to wipe your own behind while you're out here in the stolen lands. Or did you bring servants for that?"

"I left the house of Duke Garess a long time ago, if you must know. And I'm not here for you, at all. You'll have to do your own capering, I'm afraid."

If Langrave were a gorgon Numalar would be stone dead. The tall man looks ready to draw steel when the Magister interrupts.

"Now, now. Ribbing can only go so far. We must all remember whose side is whose. Now I'm here to set things aright. The Lord Mayor of Restov, and his Majesty the King-Regent are both concerned about the continuing bandit activity in the region. In particular, all the trade that is not flowing from the south through the Greenbelt. And all the lurid rumors. That headless woman a month past, and so forth. So? What's being done?"

It appears that the Magister of Restov arrived with a pair of other noblemen.

Roll once for each noble. Open all spoilers that apply.

(The older man) Knowledge (nobility) DC 15+:
Lord Solvis Orlovsky - A stern, conservative, senior courtier, and retired soldier (marshal) from the mountains to the southeast of the Lake of Mists and Veils.

(The older man) Knowledge (nobility) DC 20+:
Lord Solvis Orlovsky is considered past his prime by most other Brevic nobles, even within his own very powerful house.


(The 40-ish man) Knowledge (nobility) DC 15+, or Numalar:
Lord Tybolt Langrave His family is aligned most tightly with House Lebeda. Langrave is an expert duelist and holds the title of Aldori Swordlord.