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I'm very pleased..


I really like Shattered Star miniatures. Sculpts are better than with Heroes&Monsters and paint job is even better than with Rise of the Runelords miniatures. Really nice job by WizKids and Paizo to come up with high level miniatures like these. I bought one brick and got very nice set of figs. Not everything I needed (it is "just" a brick) but many rare figures made me very happy as those often are ones that I'll really need. My good luck continued with two boosters, more rare figs! Nice to see that rare figures aren't too rare.

Still I have to say that you need to improve your packing. Brick had many figures loose but nothing was broken which I consider being pure luck as golem, fire giant and wyvern were all loose in their boxes. Both boosters had their large miniatures loose and one shriezyx had two broken legs because of that. I managed to glue them back but that could have been avoided with better packing.

All in all: nice miniatures with very good paint job. Some figs might be broken by larger ones but that isn't end of the world. I recommend these miniatures to all whom plan to run Shattered Star AP and of course to miniature collectors. One question remains: how will WizKids and Paizo make even better miniatures than these?

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Must have add-on to Hungry Storm


I started to wait this AP Plug-In when I heard Legendary Games does this kind of thing. This adventure really added something to my Jade Regent campaign. PCs had chance to explore the Nameless Spire with some reason to be there. City feels out of place, unnatural and monsters are really cool. As GM I really liked the "cover chick" and how she was inteprented. Fight against her was amazing.

Really cool adventure to add your Jade Regent campaign. Someone might not like cyborgs and sci-fi stuff but I loved it.