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*Stalks close to the sleeping Wild Triceratops*

*Gets ready to pounce*


*Charges from offscreen to devour the tasty Wild Triceratops*

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*looks irritatedly at Wily*

*"violently" devouring something indicates that it was done in several dozen pieces, not in any shape to pull a chest-burster maneuver*


*tramples on Dr. Wily out of infuriated principle for attempting to narrate his ignominious defeat, before stomping off in a huff.*


*Will return when some monster or person is ready to engage in a real fight.*

*Leaps out and ambushes the tasty-looking Crabitaur*



*Violently devours Crabitaur*

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*starts stomping on and eating people as their punishment*


*translation; the next poster knows which country being eaten by a tyrannosaur is a legal punishment in.

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*Leaps out of nowhere*


*Violently devours stegocephalian, then leaves, pointedly uninterested in the rotting carcass.*

*Escapes while annoying pirate king is distracted*

*Snags a few more pirates to go before stomping off far more swiftly than would be expected for his size*


*Plots revenge for humiliating riding moment*


*leaps into scene and devours pirates*


*Charges in and bites off Claw's head, having somehow recovered from seeming defeat offscreen*

*less interested in winning than in the fact that the beast's immortality means he can eat them more than once.*


*Stomps into scene, devours everyone who looks edible, leaves beans behind*

*Finally emerges from the water after an unnecessarily long and drawn-out battle with Voltrex*

*At least it was kind of tasty*

*What, and that's a problem?*

*Totally ate some adventurers wearing water-breathing equipment a while back, hasn't been an issue ever since.*

*Returns, having found some things to actually EAT.*

1d122 ⇒ 58 -> Voltrex the Two-Headed Octopus

*Really? How does adding a second head to an octopus make it any better? At least they're tasty...*


*Suddenly leaps and pounces on Voltrex with large talons*
*Violently bites off and devours all the tasty tentacles*
*Then slashes both heads open with talons and eats them too*

...*Waits, on guard, to see what inevitable complications arise*

*Suddenly charges out of nowhere, leaps onto the distracted Kanis, and disembowels it with its talons*


*Take that you kill-stealing shadow hound! I was going to eat that rival tyrannosaur!*

*Sees Malvel nearby, begins to advance slowly and menacingly*

*Dark wizards, at least, are usually made out of meat...*


*Gives Malvel an irritated look*

*Baits Rashouk into swinging at him, dodges with incredible speed, then siezes its right arm in his jaws, rips it off, and drives the claws into Rashouk's left arm all in one motion*

*Tosses poisoned claw at Ronak in irritation at it being inedible*

*Pulverizes statue of rest of Rashouk in frustrated rage*

*Stomps off into forest in search of something he can actually EAT already*


*Snaps up a few small monkeys, looks very frustrated at the disappearance of a decent meal*


1d118 ⇒ 88 ->Ronak the Toxic Terror
*Not stupid enough to try eating that*
1d118 ⇒ 90 ->Kanis the Shadow Hound
*That doesn't look edible either*
1d118 ⇒ 21 ->Rashouk the Cave Troll
*Okay, there we go*

*Starts stalking Rashouk the Cave Troll, looking for an opening*


*Senses weakness*


*Charges out of nowhere while Claw, the Giant Monkey is on the ground and vulnerable*

*Leaps at Claw and slashes with taloned feet, before driving it to the ground*


*Tears out Claw's throat*


*Starts tearing out chunks of Claw and eating them*


*Tromps across freshly mopped floor with dirty feet*
*Spits out woody bits of banquet table*
*Devours nearest janitor*

*Staggers a bit from leg injuries, but then stands tall and triumphant*


*Devours one entire banquet table in celebration*


*shakes off tail-slap, easily shrugs off poison from septic bite due to massive constitution*


*leaps at Jurrasic Bard, striking with powerful hindclaws and then following up with a vicious bite aimed to cripple the annoying tail*

*Glares at Uncle Teddy, but doesn't eat because he just got regurgitated and is thus disgusting.*
*Turns back to Jurrasic Bart*


*Rears up to full Collosal height to meet challenger*


*rampages through area*
*eats banquet-goers*



*Rampages in approval of tasty cooked mammals*


The next poster will attempt to stop Bloodfang's rampage


*Eats Fred*

*slinks back into enclosure, hoping nobody notices his brief rampage with all the confusion*



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*Manages to muster enough resistance to give the Big Bad Wolf a nasty look before succumbing.* Next time...

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*shakes off sedation early, breaks off obedience collar before anyone can tell it not to, then escapes enclosure and goes on a vicious rampage, outrunning or eating the guards*