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The game plays great without the promos. If someone has a compulsion to "collect it all" then the onus is on them to deal with it. Asking the publisher slow down their release schedule, and thus disrupt the playing pace for other people, seems a bit self-centered.

But if we're wishing for things, here's my wish: Paizo should sell a "big box" version of each AP that comes with everything. I would much rather buy it all at one time and go through it at whatever pace I choose than have to wait a month or two to get the next installment, risk stock-outs, etc. Basically the binge-watching model for serial content.

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Orbis Orboros wrote:
Why does it matter if they release them faster than you can keep up? What is the downside to "monthly" even if you're limited to only being capable of doing one every two months? That's like saying restaurants should only server food at normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner times because you're not hungry in between. Or that's how it seems to me. I'm just saying, if Paizo releases one every month, then the faster players are happy and there's no downside to the slower players (there's nothing forcing them to buy faster than a bi-monthly schedule), but if they release it slower then the fast players have to wait for some arbitrary reason that has nothing to do with them or the game's development.

I agree completely. People can buy it whenever they are ready to use it -- it doesn't expire, there's no rush. Complaining because something is available to purchase before you personally are ready to use it is just ridiculous.

I didn't buy S&S because of the theme (pirates & guns). I am eagerly looking forward to Wrath of the Righteous.

Are the replacement Feiya's available?

4 players. Each of us had a slightly different approach for character development.

Character Name: Valeros the Dragon Slaying Clockwatcher
Role Card: Weapon Master
Skill Feats: STR+4, DEX+1, CHA+1
Power Feats: +1 hand size, Add 1d4+4 to another's combat check, shuffle recharged weapons, use melee in place of ranged
Card Feats: weapons+3, armor+1, item+1, ally+2, blessing+1
Weapons: Returning Frost Spear +3, Force Sling +3, Karzoug's Burning Glaive, Venemous Heavy Crossbow, Acidic Sling +3, Forged Falchion, Flaming Ranseur +3, Great Club +3
Armors: Magic Full Plate (x2), Invincible Breastplate (x2)
Items: Masterwork Tools, Boots of Teleportation, Revelation Quill
Allies: Black Arrow Ranger (x2), Shalelu Androsana, Sacred Killer
Blessings: Gorum (x2), Gozreh, Abadar

Character Name: Seoni the Devastating
Role Card: Celestial Sorcerer
Skill Feats: DEX+2, CHA+4
Power Feats: innate attack +3 +acid, auto recharge items, if fail check by 1 bury card to succeed, use d12 for blessing of Pharasma
Card Feats: spell+3, item+3, ally+1, blessing+1
Spells: Augury (x2), Poison Blast (x2), Lightning Bolt, Disintegrate
Items: Wand of Treasure Finding, Robes of Xin-Shalast, Ring of Protection, Holy Candle, Staff of Hungry Shadows, Wand of Enervation
Allies: Acolyte, Charmed Red Dragon, Ilsouri Gandethus, Burglar, Jakardros Sovarle
Blessings: Lamashtu (x2), Pharasma (x3), Iomedae

Character Name: Seelah the Forever Itemless ("Why can't I ever have anything nice?")
Role Card: Hospitaler
Skill Feats: STR+4, WIS+2
Power Feats: +2 hand size, discard to add 1d6+3, recharge if spell, bury divine card to heal
Card Feats: weapon+2, spell+2, armor+1, ally+1, blessing+2
Weapons: Runechill Hatchet +2, Mokmurian's Club, Chellan Sword of Greed, Shock Greatsword +2, Impaler of Thorns
Spells: Swipe (x2), Aid
Armors: Bolstering Armor, Breastplate of Fire Resistance (x2), Adamantine Plate
Allies: Sheriff Hemlock, Soldier, Charmed Red Dragon
Blessings: Norgorber (x2), Gorum (x2), Abadar (x2), Nethys, Gozreh

Character Name: Lini the Versatile
Role Card: Wild Warden
Skill Feats: STR+2, WIS+4
Power Feats: +2 hand size, weapon proficiency, reveal animal for 1d4+4,
Card Feats: weapon+1, spell+2, item+1, ally+3, blessing+1
Weapons: Flaming Icy Axe +1
Spells: Sign of Wrath (x2), Mass Cure (x2), Dominate, Augury, Find Traps, Scrying
Items: Ring of Energy Resistance, Emerald Codex, Greater Luckstone
Allies: Saber-Toothed Tiger, Bear, Pyromaniac Mage, Velociraptor, Lizard, Monkey
Blessings: Pharasma (x2), Nethys, Gorum, Irori

We decided not to "game" the game by optimizing our decks for the final conflict. Instead we kept our decks like they would be if we were going to continue on additional adventures.

gaming the final scenario:
For example, we could have ditched the Holy Candle since there is no clock.

Nobody died throughout the entire campaign. In fact, nobody was ever even close to dying except during a few of the early scenarios where we were learning the game. We only lost a scenario 2 or 3 times (definitely twice, but we thought maybe there was a third one in there...hard to remember!).

Our MVC (Most Valuable Card): the Holy Candle. Those extra 1d6 turns enabled us to win several scenarios that otherwise would have been a defeat.

Seems like it should. It's not that big of a deal, but yesterday a player with the ally that does extra damage against giants drew the Zombie Giant as an opponent, so it mattered slightly (the Zombie Giant is pretty weak for us at this point in the adventure path).