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Dark_Mistress wrote:
Azure_Zero wrote:

I hate waiting,

and why does it feel like time is getting exponentially slower?
That's cause I cursed you with slow time.

She does that when you fail to subscribe to Adventure Path. Perhaps you should? I'm told it's really worth it.

Nebulous_Mistress wrote:

But I have this great recipe for rabbit stew. Got it from a coyote, called himself a genius.

Not just any genius.

A SUPER genius.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Welcome to Corneria!

I like swords!

h2ofowler wrote:
Did the folks who have already downloaded the GM pdf get their shipping notification email before it showed up in the downloads? I'm just wondering if I need to check my downloads occasionally or just wait impatiently for the email to arrive on my droid...


Droidity droid droid!


Sorry, I still get happy when I see other people with a droid...

Crimson Jester wrote:
Bring me back a plate of pasta, if you happen to chance upon one.

*rummages in pockets* *looks up and smiles* I know I've got something like that in here somewhere. *climbs INTO bag... returns a moment later with a sealed container*

That's either pasta, or Kitiara's underthings. I'm not sure where I found either, mind you. I'm pretty sure she just dropped them.

Crimson Jester wrote:

*shrugs and wanders off with a big foldy piece of leather, trying to figure out how it works*

Crimson Jester wrote:
Kender kender Oh how I loath you, but you little 'procurers of things lost ' make me so much cash!



Brian E. Harris wrote:

I was going to suggest the same thing.

There's also this awesomeness:

Most of the 3E/3.5 Dragonlance Books for cheaps


Must. Have. Shinies.

Abraham spalding wrote:

:: Makes slow vertical circles with his left hand :: "May the Doughnut of Happiness follow you everywhere."

Like that?

The Donut is the symbol of peace, happiness and prosperity. Those who are within the circular grasp of Its love shall never know hunger and shall live forever in a permanent state of sugar induced bliss.

All bow before The Donut!

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
{goes looking for Magic Circle Against Kender wand}

*is off on the other side of the thread, Kenderproofing... himself*

Ack! I'm... de-Kendered?...

Huh, I don't feel any different. But ... maybe I'm actually a Dwarf.

That means I need a proper dwarven name, and a beard. But I don't have those, so maybe I'm an Elf?

*shrugs and repeatedly casts Magic Circle Against Slaad on himself with a frog-handled wand*

POOOOOOOOOOOODLES!!!! Poodles poodles everywhere!

*runs around scritching and petting all the poodles*

Hey! This reminds me of my Uncle Tasslehoff's friend! *wanders off, whistling, fidgeting with a brand new flint and tinder* I wonder who might have dropped this? And it smells funny in here...

I think I might have lost my Clint the Kender keychain too... *sighs heavily* I loved that keychain, it was so shiny.

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:
We can help you with that

You can help me turn everyone into a Kender? Awesome!!


No, wait, that would be boring. There'd be no Dwarves to be cranky, no Gnomes to make shiny things and no Elves to tell me that I'm being improper. Boring....

Thanks, though.

Gary Thoughtfinder wrote:

*Reaches into one of the pockets of his longcoat and pulls out some fey sweetbreads to share.*

Hey, great! *Pockets*

So are you a Springheel? I don't know what made me think of that, it's just something about you, I have this sort of intuition for that sort of thing. Hey, look, sweetbreads! *Pulls out and eats one*

Hmm, he doesn't look like a Springheel. Maybe he drank that potion of enlarge person? ...

Ooh, I know, this is a baleful polymorph spell! No... wait... those usually turn people into rabbits or voles. At least, that's what Uncle Tas tells me. I never get turned into a rabbit, even when I ask nicely and tug on the robes of that Black Wizard that used to come by looking for volunteers.


I was turned into a human once, and while that was ok, it was a lot more boring than I would have expected. Then the spell ran out and I was me again. Not that I wasn't ever NOT me. But that's another story.

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:

Was speaking of Species 7037

Assimilation by contact
Novel ideal that

We do however have on site construction bays
Makes things simple

Assimilation is a fancy word for infection? Wow, that's silly. ...

Wait, you're saying that Kenderness ISN'T contagious? *pouts for a few seconds*

Maybe I can get my friend Fizzwidgetthefiftharchdukeofnevermindofthenevermindregimentedarchaicwidgetw odgetersandinfectiondiseasemoderationandcontrolcommitteesubcommittee help me with that? *wanders off to find said gnome*

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Don't infect me with Kenderness! *Runs*

And I thought Kobie was bad...

Kenderness is contagious?! AWESOME!! I can make more Kender just by touching people?

*runs through the threads touching EVERYONE and squealing in joy*

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

*Mutters about Dragonlance not acknowledging the real miners*

Aren't you that kender from the RotK thread?

Yep! One and the same. I think I saw you there. I haven't seen many Kender around these parts, so I thought I'd pop in and spread the love.

*headtilts* Wait, you're not a draconian at all. *pads over and sniffs at Cleaver* But you're scaly and stuff. That's AWESOME!!! Do you shed scales and stuff? I hear snakes do that, and I think I've got a shed skin in here somewhere. *scrambles through packs and pockets*

The drones are ignoring me. *pouts*

Oooh, draconian! I don't think I've ever met a real draconian! *walks up to Cleaver, hand extended* I'm Blisterthumb Bottomknot, do you have some sort of Draconic name? Do you explode when you die or turn to acid? Uncle Tas tells me that some draconians turn to stone too. But I've never met a draconian. Hi!

lordzack wrote:

You think that's bad? I have three words for you: Kender Wild Mage.

My cousin Fidget Bundlebottom tried that after the Graygem broke and the world went crazy. But he got bored of turning rabbits into hamsters pretty quickly. I haven't seen him in a while, I wonder where he's gotten off to.

Jumping Jack wrote:

"Well, what have we here? Not halflings... no.... OH, wait you guys must be kender! How delighted I am to make your aquaintance. I am J'Hakil Darkwalker... also known as Jumping Jack the Springheel."

*Reaches into one of the pockets of his longcoat and pulls out some fey sweetbreads to share.*

Yep! I am, in fact, a Kender and my name's Blisterthumb Bottomknot, of the Solace Bottomknot family. That's a very nice looking coat there, I used to have one just like it. Mine was red, though. It didn't have enough pockets so I gave it to my nephew Tasslehoff.

Oooh, sweetbreads. Those are my favorite! Are these genuine Silvanesti sweetbreads? I thought Silvanost fell to the Dark Knights? Or was that Qualinost? I always get those mixed up.

I went to Dargonesti once, but I'm allergic to seawater so I didn't stay long.

*pockets the offered sweetbreads*

Thank you! *reaches into pockets*

Oooh! I have this sapphire that I found a few minutes ago. I can't figure out who it belongs to, so did you want it? It's the least I can do to repay the sweetbreads!

Crimson Jester wrote:

No but it should be.

Ah. Okies!

Say, I think you dropped your hat. *dusts it off and hands it back*

Greyish-Greenish Slaad wrote:
Ah, my mistake! You are a fellow poodle! I got kind of confused by the appearance, but we are the only ones wise enough to lick something that rolls in chocolate all day!

Actually, I'm a Kenoodle. But that's a very long story.

*resumes licking*

I'm pretty sure that my Aunt Fluffina Whistleflop is a Kender Gish. Or maybe she's a Gish Kender. I always get those backwards.

She's got this really big sword and she wears this longcoat that looks very silly because she's always walking on the bottom hem.

As for Open Content, well, I'm openly content. Is that the same thing?

You mean these? I found them just laying around.

Gary Thoughtfinder wrote:
My Uncle Trapspringer told me about that, but I thought he meant they weren't interesting.

Ah, great-Uncle Trapspringer had the worst allergies. He inhaled some Gnomish powdery stuff and he was never the same after that, absolutely hated smelly places.

My Uncle Tas met the Gully Dwarves and they smelled AWFUL, but they were really interesting. So, I guess it really depends on what you're allergic to. *shrugs*

Now where DID those droney things go? They seemed so eager a little bit ago.


That seems to happen to me a lot.

Gary Thoughtfinder wrote:

Hey, you probably shouldn't ris....ris...ris...attempt it. What if the inside is smelly or something?

Whoops, sorry. Must have rolled a natural 20 on my Wisdom check. Heeeeere, droney droney droney!

All interesting places are smelly, didn't your Uncle tell you that?

If they weren't smelly, people would all go there and they'd stop being interesting.

Greyish-Greenish Slaad wrote:

YAP! *Licks kender*

Hey, these guys taste good! YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP!

*squirms* Hey!!! Silly silly puppy! *scritches the puppy behind the ears and then starts licking back*

Greyish-Greenish Slaad wrote:


Got an echidna?

What's an echidna? Are they like puppies? *gets down on hands and knees and starts to move towards the puppy* Can I pet you? You look all poofy and soft!

Gary Thoughtfinder wrote:


Wait, you were serious? They're going to be our overlords?
I don't like that idea. They smell funny, like that weird clay I always see the poodles next door working with. I found a cool sculpture there yesterday, you know.

Well, they're smaller than the Dragon Overlords and they're less likely to eat us. And if welcome them, they're less likely to try and eat us.

Though I must confess, being eaten by something sounds really cool! I wonder how that would feel...

*looks around for one of the automatons* Here droney droney droney, here droney!

Greyish-Greenish Slaad wrote:

Yeah, they're really good! You should make some more!



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Why thank you, Mister Horned Guy. I was a precocious little Kender and I was always trying to grab my porridge when it was too hot. Eventually, my Mother just gave me the name!

*peers at the golems* They just wanna be loved! Although if they'd stop dropping pieces of themselves and then stop working. My uncle Tas tells me that when golem people drop bits of themselves I should return them. But I can never figure out where they go.

*wrinkles his nose* Oh well, we welcome our new robot overlords!

Urizen wrote:
Mikhaila Burnett wrote:

Then again, I love Kender. I should be taken out and shot.

That makes two of us. Recently started playing my first Golarion campaign and I happen to be playing a halfling rogue whom I happen to be playing like a kender.

Oooh! Kender! I remember the time I stumbled through this portal and ended up in a very odd place. There was this bridge and this cathedral. As I was walking across, someone tackled me and through me back through the open portal.

I never did figure that one out.

*looks around* Sweet crispy walnuts! Let's all be reasonable here, my fine friends. I'm an ambassador of friendship and peace, and it seems that things have become rather tense. I must agree that everyone is entitled their opinion, even if I don't like it.

*eyes Talek & Luna and sidles over* You have shinies? *smiles broadly* Well, I'll be happy to track down your erstwhile companion and return them. A person's shiny things are sacrosanct and should always be returned post haste!

As for the Wizards of High Sorcery, well, that's one of those things that I as a player actually enjoyed. It represents a person's commitment to the magical arts in a way that no other expression of the Wizard class really has. I will also side that the novels were superlative, and I will also go so far as to say that I probably only enjoyed the game because I enjoyed the novels. I will not, however, speak on my opinion of the novels after the ORIGINAL trilogy. Everything after that quickly went downhill, in my estimation. As for emasculating a Kender's player, well, that's probably going to be ineffective against a girl such as myself. *grins* I'd also like to think that I'm not being THAT annoying. 3rd edition introduces the "Afflicted Kender" which is ... well ... the anti-Kender Kender. They don't have the curiosity, the wanderlust or the 'handling' stuff. So perhaps they'd be more to your liking.

Bottomknot is a very proud family name! It represents the family's tradition of wearing the topknot of one's progenitor on one's belt, facing backwards to let those that have come before know that we respect them... I have no idea what might be clinging to my bottom, but it sounds gross. I am, however, very intrigued by the prospect of a gnomish personal grooming device. They make the best shiny things!

As to you, Mr Shark God Avatar, there is a very good reason that I don't go near the coast. Well, that and I'm allergic to salt water.

Now where did I put that left handed automaton wrench?

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:

Species 7037 you will be assimilated

Your biological, technological and magical distinctiveness shall be added to our own
We will strip away your weak , flawed persona and bring you closer to perfection
Resistance is futile

You look familiar. Did Reorx branch out or are you some Gnome's Life Project?

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:

We have cookies and punch in the waiting area, as well as pamphlets.

Help yourself

My uncle Tas told me that Fizban liked cookies and punch. I should leave those for him. Thanks though!

Ooh! Someone left this left handed automaton adjusting wrench here. Maybe you want it?

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:
Blisterthumb Bottomknot wrote:
*pockets significant portions of the automaton's workings and teleported out*

Recycles drone

Places sign reading "You are responsible for your own kender" at the door

I am not a number, I'm a free kender!

Ooh! A sign. Someone must have lost this. Maybe I should hold onto it until they get back.

*pockets significant portions of the automaton's workings and teleports out*

Callous Jack wrote:
Is it time to push the shiney, candy-like, red button?

It is ALWAYS that time!

But only after the consumption of mass quantities of chocolate, tea, coffee and cocoa!


I'm Blisterthumb Bottomknot! And I'm here to spread the love of Kender!

Do you love Kender!? If not, why?

All I'm saying is give Kender a chance!