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Berselius wrote:
In my experience, Myrmidarchs make for poor ranged combatants, good melee combatants, and excellent melee-focused switch-hitters.
What exactly is a melee-focused switch-hitter? Someone who switches between melee and melee-based arcane magic?

A melee-focused switch-hitter is someone who focuses mostly on melee, but has decent ranged options when required. If a standard switch hitter has a 50%/50% split between melee/ranged optimization, than a melee focused switch hitter would be closer to 65/35 or even 85/15.

arcanine wrote:

Wow really no one on here said it.


You necro'd a thread from 4 years ago just to say that?

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Keep in mind that early firearms are loud and fairly short ranged so you'll not really be a stealthy sniper from the shadows.

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Lastoutkast wrote:
I'm thinking offense, survival or one that lets me use beast shape.

The only Domain that grants Beast Shape spells is the Animal(Fur) subdomain. Due to the specific interaction with the Divine Hunter archetype, that domain would also give a stat boost to your Animal Companion as well. If by Beast Shape, you mean Wild Shape like a Druid, then there are no official domains(That I can think of) that give that power.

Something just occurred to me. The Green Faith Marshal Inquisitor Archetype from the newish Heroes of the Wild splat is somewhat interesting since it seems to be tailored made to still be combinable with Sacred Huntsmaster for double treehugging flare. However using them both almost completely changes the identity of the class by loosing the bulk of Inquisitor's unique class features and could be considered to be a new class of it's own. They're no longer the Divine counterpart to Bard to go along with the Wizard/Cleric, Sorcerer/Oracle, Magus/Warpriest dynamic. They've switch sides to join the Nature Camp and became the Nature Bard to pair up with the Ranger, Hunter, and Druid. They get an Animal Companion, Hunter's fluff, Druid's Domain, Woodland Stride, and Bane becomes a variant of Ranger's Favored Enemy. All that would be left to convert this into a full alternate class would be to swap around some of it's spells.

Am I just blowing smoke here, or is anyone else seeing this?

Secret Wizard wrote:
Btw, the newly released Green Faith Initiate might be good for Inquisitors who want to use Heavy Armor, since it trades away Stalwart.

The Green Faith Marshal is somewhat interesting since it seems to be tailored to still be combinable with Sacred Huntsmaster for double Druid/Ranger/Hunter flare. My problem with that archetype is that I can't really find any Druid Animal/Terrain Domains that I'd actually want to use besides Wolf, Eagle(Adding Fly to an Inquisitor's spell list is pretty damn huge), or one of the other familiar granters to swap it out for Improved Familiar later on. Also losing Stalwart in exchange for Woodland Stride hurts quite a bit.

Getting the full 9th level Druid list plus the full ranger list is asking for too much.

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Well, the Beastblade Archetype from the Familiar Folio splat gets some nifty tricks to use their familiars. Though that archetype thrives more on chaining AoO's with teamwork feats and Frostbite/Chilltouch type spell shenanigans than the standard Shocking Grasp spikers.

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Well, Inquisitor was meant to be the Divine Bard and Paizo did a great job designing it. It's a Jack of All Trades platform that can be built to be a Master at many aspects. Just like a Cleric tends to be more martial than a Wizard, it makes some sense for an Inquisitor to be able to a outfight their arcane counterparts.

magispitt wrote:
Using race builder, do half-constructs get bonus hp? We had a game yesterday where a half-construct player would have been reduced to 0 hp otherwise, which would have killed him instantly so I gave him 20 hp to prevent a player death as I didn't know if he was supposed to get bonus hp.

Looking at the perks for being a Half-Construct, nope, he wouldn't get any bonus HP.

kestral287 wrote:
Spell Knowledge doesn't seem to be a Construct Rider specific discovery-- they do have a couple, but those are related to their mount. Unless I'm missing something, which is possible.

You're not missing anything, Spell Knowledge, Material Mastery, and Syringe Stirge are listed in Cohorts and Companions separately under New Alchemist Discoveries. The section specifically says "Any alchemist who meets the prerequisites can select the following discoveries."

Claxon wrote:
I can't find that ability anywhere on d20pfsrd or the PRD. What is it from?

Page 13 of the new Cohorts and Companions Player Companion book. It just came out a few days ago so it hasn't been added to any of the online databases.

Joe Hex wrote:

So the center-left guy is not the Mesmerist? I heard that he was a gnome, or a Halfling. He LOOKS like a mind-messer, if not the Mes, does that make him the medium?

(Gods, this speculation is fun!)

To my knowledge, we've been labeled pictures with all of the Iconics except for Medium and Kineticist. I can also deduce that based on the Playtest pronoun use that the Kineticist is female and the Medium male So by process of elimination the 2 in the center of the Blurry Picture are them.

Pictures of:
Mentalist with Oloch

Thanael wrote:

Re: sucks to be Asmodeus: there's an 3pp archetype for antipaladins in ...Way of the Wicked I believe which allows LE ones iirc.

Check thatboomerkid's tumbler for lots of anti paladin goodies.

Meh, who needs Antipaladins? Asmodeus already has people claiming to be Paladins working from him. They're probably just Warpriest/Clerics/Inquisitors/Order of the Star Cavaliers and other ne'er-do-wells but I love this bit of fluff from Inner Sea Gods.

"With the encouragement of the church, many go so far as to call themselves "paladins," relying on the reputations of virtuous crusaders to gain acceptance among commoners and those of modest faith. Although such armed propagandists lack the holy powers of true paladins, many supplement their strength of arms with magic items that allow them to perform miraculous feats. Most go out of their way to perform heroic deeds for communities in need or to manufacture then thwart tribulations for those not in imminent need. Thus Asmodeus's servants hope to undermine the common knowledge of their god's evil, opening the minds and hearts of everyday people to the belief that Asmodeus has been judged too harshly, and that perhaps peace is worth harsh laws and rigid order. Once even a few entertain the previously unthinkable possibility of living alongside worshipers of the Prince of Darkness, the insidious seed of Asmodeus's faith has taken root. "

sunderedhero wrote:
Have we gotten any art of the Iconic Kineticist yet?

Here's a Blurry Picture of all the Occult Iconics from PaizoCon. In order of left to right it's Psychic, Spiritualist, Medium, Kineticist, Occultist, Mesmerist.

Archery is already a powerful(yet feat intensive) option for many classes. Adding dexterity to damage would be overkill.

Liz Courts wrote:
While it might not be the exact same owlbear, I'll point you to this Kickstarter from Dreamscarred Press. :D

Thankies for the link. Not quite as adorable, but I'll be backing this project for sure!

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Champions of Corruption: Neutral Evil Narcissists:

Narcissists see meaning and beauty in the world—but only when they look in a mirror. For narcissists, the world truly does revolve around them:
whatever makes them unhappy is a tragic injustice, and whatever pleases them is theirs by divine right.

Narcissists can be genuinely bewildered—or homicidally enraged—by suggestions that anyone else's concerns take precedence over theirs. The narcissist differs from the lawful evil tyrant in that he has no particular need for power or authority, so long as all his whims are catered to without question. It's only when those whims are denied that the true, uncaring evil of the narcissist rears its bloody head.

If you are a narcissist, you:

-See everything in terms of its effect on you.
-Are surprised, shocked, or disgusted when the world or other people don't cater to your expectations.
-Are incapable of empathizing with others and can justify just about any horrific actions that serve your greater purpose.

Code: The universe knows what you want, so what does it expect when it doesn't it give it to you?

I'd call Neutral Evil Narcissist on this one. When things fall out of her personal view of how the world should be, she retaliates in an extreme and unjustified manner. She's not killing the Nobles and Dragon Guards for the betterment of the Village. She's doing it for the selfish reason that they failed to live up to her expectations of how they should act. She's not doing anything to actively change the behavior of the Nobility.

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In a situation like this I'd just fluff it off and give it dagger-like talons at the end of it's tentacles.

There's a line in Chronicles of the Righteous about Desna's Shadow, Black Butterfly.
"While she despises all the forces of evil, she holds particular enmity for the entities of the Dark Tapestry, and it is said she possesses great knowledge about the Dark Tapestry to which she refuses to give voice."

I'm putting on Tinfoil hat from Occult Adventures early and calling Desna and Black Butterfly are playing the long game. This is all a conspiracy to lull the mortals into a false sense of security till they can implant everybody with brain slugs.

I'm expecting something along the lines of a mundane Inquisitor with some gadgets that do spell-like effects.

I think people are just to used to having Corellon Larethian there to be the stereotypical elf god.

wraithstrike wrote:
The Indescribable wrote:
Hey, where did you find this? I haven't been able to find this in any of the books I have. I'm playing a Paladin of Iomedae in Wrath of the Righteous.
Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths of Purity

If you don't have a access to Faith's of Purity, there's also a copy the code in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods.

A couple of the tenets for Iomedae's Paladin Code of Honor are, "I will never abandon a companion, though I will honor sacrifice freely given." and "I will guard the honor of my fellows, both in thought and deed, and I will have faith in them."

Now, you're a Cleric and not a Paladin so that doesn't truly apply to you, but you can still use it as a guide for your actions. If your ally refuses to change his actions, then there's nothing more you can do. Certain splinter cults of Sarenrae are into forced redemption, but that's not really Iomedae's wheelhouse.

Icyblaze13 wrote:
They make corsets for men, and they look damn good.

True, men have been wearing girdles and corsets for centuries.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Blackpowder Witch wrote:
Sorry to dig this up, but was Adowyn's religion and alignment ever brought up?
There's a PFS playable version. It lists her as NG, and a follower of Erastil. So, yeah, that's been mentioned.

Ah thankies, being one of Old Deadeye's was my leading guess, but I wasn't entirely sure if she wasn't a Green Faith follower like Lini.

Sorry to dig this up, but was Adowyn's religion and alignment ever brought up?

Cap. Darling wrote:
there is no "between your turns" and reloading a gun is not a simple task any Way so the US cannot do it. There is a level 2 spell that work 1/round pr level that Can do it.

"It can run and fetch things, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as clean and mend"

Compared to that list of examples, I'd argue that putting an alchemical cartridge in a hole and ramming it down would be simple enough for a US to do. The level 2 spell would be the Reloading Hands spell that I mentioned before. Admittedly I'm just arguing this for the sake of Devil's Advocate. Using US as a caddy is just too cheesy and impractical for me to consider using. Though I did use a Weapon Bearer Squire for my gunslinger's caddy in a oneshot >.<

Cap. Darling wrote:
TGMaxMaxer wrote:


Bonus Points if you use an Unseen Servant to reload for you to save you the Rapid Reload feat for a few levels.
I dont see how this Can work.

I can almost wrap my head around the idea of using Unseen Servant as an ass backwards Reloading Hands. Basically just holding the gun off to the side after shooting from it and letting the Unseen Servant reload it between your turns. Impracticable as all hell considering how fragile servants are, but if the enemies don't catch on to the scam it could work for the first few levels before you get more than one attack.

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seekerofshadowlight wrote:
Blackpowder Witch wrote:

Why can't Gods be both real and not be required? Not every Paladin walks the same path. Even those who belong to the same religion have different interpretations on what their faith demands of them. For some Paladins it's a all about mind over matter similar to being a Monk. By becoming the embodiment of their personal Code of Honor they're able to transcend the bounds of normal folk and kindle a spark of the divine within themselves.

Because it makes no sense at all. If the divan comes from god, it comes from gods. It does or it does not. It just to me makes no sense that you need gods and you do not need them.

In Golarion, Paladins do not need a deity, but having a patron to guide their actions and juice them up certainly makes things a lot easier.

Now we enter into the Philosophy of Belief and it's relationship with Religion. Many cultures hold to the notion that believing in something is enough to give it power. In several faith structures for example, it's the belief in deities that gives them their power and the more worshipers a deity has, the more mojo it has at it's disposal. A Paladin who believes strongly enough in themselves and in their cause could be able to generate a tiny spark of divinity within themselves. This belief creates a teeny godhead or micro Domain of LG that fuels their abilities. Quite frankly the determination required to do something like that borders on the mentally insane, which is why it's an option that only a few could use to become a Paladin. For most people it would easier to rely upon the faith and tenets provided by a serving higher power to enter Paladinhood.

*Note, this isn't necessarily really how Golarion works but it could provide the logical explanation for how it's possible.

bookrat wrote:
Six posts above yours.

Ah thankies, that saves me some trouble. Especially since the posts I was thinking about was actually referring to Clerics and Pantheism. >.<

LazarX wrote:
Because it's the SETTING that mandates that all divine casters are bound to a diety, either through direct worship, or more indirectly through association with a mystery.

Actually, I believe it was by said by James Jacob said that only Clerics need a divine patron in Gloraion. Let me see if I can dig up the post.

seekerofshadowlight wrote:
Weirdo wrote:
seekerofshadowlight wrote:
xavier c wrote:
Paladins don't have to worship gods. They get there powers from the alignment of lawful Good it's self.
Unless this has changed over the last few year IIRC in golarion they do.


As I said, unless this has changed. I always found it kinda silly to have god based classes without gods. Either gods are real and grants those powers or they have zero to do with them.

Why can't Gods be both real and not be required? Not every Paladin walks the same path. Even those who belong to the same religion have different interpretations on what their faith demands of them. For some Paladins it's a all about mind over matter similar to being a Monk. By becoming the embodiment of their personal Code of Honor they're able to transcend the bounds of normal folk and kindle a spark of the divine within themselves.

Timdog wrote:
Side note: is enlarge person the only spell that increases equipment size along with the user?

I know on the divine side of things there's Righteous Might and sorta kinda Frightful Aspect. Though those spells are a moot point for a Magus without using Samsaran shenanigans.

kestral287 wrote:
Is it really hers? Huh, not who I was expecting.

It makes sense in away. Don't forget all those Dervish Dancers dedicated to her. The full line up for her style is Improved Initiative, Mobility,Nimble Moves, and Sidestep. 6th level, Whirlwind Attack and Wind Stance. 10th level, Lightning Stance and Spring Attack.

kestral287 wrote:
there's a combat style he can access (which deity escapes me at the moment) that grants Whirlwind Attack at level 6, prereqs free.

Sarenrae's Combat Style from Inner Sea Combat gives Whirlwind Attack.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
TGMaxMaxer wrote:
They work, they just don't work like most people expect a magus, since they can't cast while raging until later, and it costs a swift action and an arcane point every 2 rounds.
Why would he rage?

I think he's confused on how the Eldritch Scion ‎Archetype works. For those unfamiliar with this flavor of Magus, they can spend arcane points to go into a psuedo-Blood Rage called "a state of mystical focus" for 2 rounds at a time. Until level 8 they can only use Spell Combat while in the trance. However nothing is preventing a Magus from casting normally during their mystic focus. Jumping through the Spontaneous Metafocus hoop lets them go back to the bread and butter Intensified Shocking Grasp tactic.

Blindmage wrote:

Primalist Wizard - because it's the closest we'll get to a Wild Mage.

Wild Rager Barbarian - can you tell I love randomness?

Btw, have you looked at the rules for Wild Magic that are included in the Pathfinder Unchained book?

~The way I imagine it~, for people who learn spells from books/scrolls/text is that you get the name of possible creatures the spell can summon, but the name doesn't give context for what the creature is unless you researched it your self. For most spontaneous/divine casters, it's more of a a gut feeling/intuition of the potential for creatures that can be summoned, but again no true context of the actual being without research or trial and error.

But, if your GM has placed a hard ban on Dinosaurs and has said they don't exist than they're not eligible as a summons. If your GM is willing to meet you half way and allow you to summon a Dinosaur from some other dimension/world then that's another thing.

Ed Reppert wrote:
Hm. I was wondering the other day about Paladins of Irori. ISTR reading somewhere that being neutral wrt good and evil, Irori doesn't much care about the good end of that spectrum. I don't remember whether I read it or just inferred it, but I came away from that with the impression that Irori does not support paladins. Also, I see no mention of paladins in Irori's entry in Inner Sea Gods or Faiths of Balance or Champions of Balance. OTOH I seem to remember a thread on the messageboards somewhere which asserted that Irori does support paladins. Besides, it would seem odd, at least, for a character to use "paladin of somebody else" to meet the paladinish requirements to become a champion of Irori. So what's the real skinny? Reference, please. "Of course Irori supports paladins" isn't much help. :-)

The thing to remember is that, in Golarion at least, only Clerics truly need a divine patron. A Paladin of Irori doesn't really need to get his mojo juice directly from Irori. By becoming the embodiment of Irori's positive teachings it's possible to transcend into being a Paladin who worships Irori. From there you just have to wrap your head around the idea of a Pally's class abilities as mind-over matter monk style tricks.

Ah, your player may be thinking about the old Gods and Magic book. There's a mention that Paladins of Erastil can Smite Evil with ranged weapon attacks. However, that book was intended for 3.5 DnD and predates the Core Pathfinder ruleset, so that line doesn't really matter any more.

Bwang wrote:


Never post without proof reading.

First, she wants a CG elf version that can smite via her bow. She has played the toe to toe Pally before and wants the other benefits of the class.

Second, I hadn't noticed there was a second archetype of the same name! Ack!

Third, my search skills are fighting against several penalties: taxi ride, ticket line, lack of skill with a iPhone plus, just to name the most annoying. I was looking for any possible errata or correction before I pass this to the players for their comments. I told her to find it before the next game and it might wind up as a Campaign Rule anyway.

Unlike other versions of DnD, there's nothing stopping a baseline Pathfinder Pally from Smiting with a ranged weapon. If you're okay with opening up Paladins to Alignments other than LG your player should be okay. Though the Divine Hunter Pally Archetype does come with a few perks that help out a backline paladin.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Wait, if I use alchemical cartridges, can I not bring reload down to a Move Action?

If you also had Rapid Reload(Blunderbuss), yes, a blunderbuss would go down from a Full Action to a Standard Action with Rapid Reload, and then down to a Move Action with Alchemical Cartridges. Alternatively a level 3 Musket Master with RR(Blunderbuss), and Alchemical Cartridges could reload as a free action.

Imbicatus wrote:
I recall there being a little bit in Inner Sea Gods, but I don't have the book on me now to confirm.

Ketephys has a small paragraph in Inner Sea Gods, and part of a sentence in Faiths of Purity. None of it is anything wasn't already said in Gods & Magic or Elves of Golarion.

Spellslinger Wizards: As a huge fan of Outlaw Star's caster guns this is absolute favorite archetype. It tends to get a lot flak for not being an "OMG OP Wizard", but I love the fluff and flavour of this one.

Eldritch Scion Magus: This archetype is almost a different class entirely. I appreciate the attempt at tapping into the Fighter/Sorcerer gish dream.

zauriel56 wrote:
FOr some reason I picture an inquisitor of Shelyn as sailor moon.

Personally, I've always viewed an Inquisitor of Shelyn to be more like Tuxedo Mask. A mysterious figure with impeccable style that pops up when ever beauty is in danger.

XainMexi wrote:
I hear one of the Reign of Winter books has some details about Milani. I'll have to find some time to dig into it to see what I can find.

Part 2 of Reign of Winter, The Shackled Hut has the description of Milani and her church. However that book came out before the Boons/Obediences were introduced so none are listed for her.

Thank yas for the advice. Just finished up a campaign with one of my favorite characters yet. My awesome GM let me get away with a loophole for my Spellslinger(Wizard)1/Soul Forger(Magus) X to use Spell Combat and Spellstrike with my arcane bonded pistol. Not quite my original idea of a mundane Gunslinger with a nack for crafting special pistols but I had fun with my gishy crafter with a Magic Boomstick.

For our next campaign our GM is pitching the idea of mostly Urban based intrigue. From what I've read of the Advance Class Guide, this seems like the perfect chance to try out the Investigator, but I'm not quite ready to leave my gunplay wheelhouse. Does anyone have any tips on how to stat out and gear a Steel Hound Investigator?

Gilfalas wrote:

Can you stop multiclassing in the variant system or do you HAVE to spend those 5 feats in trade for the class abilities?

In regular multiclassing you can take only the amount of levels you want in those other classes. Do you have that option with the variant?

Only spend the first 3 feats listed for the first three abilities and then take none of the rest for example?

"A character who selects this option doesn’t gain feats at 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th levels, but instead gains class features from her secondary class as described on Table 2–8: Multiclass Character Advancement."

Sounds like once you choose to hop on the VMC train, there's no getting off it. Without a GM house ruling, I see no language in Unchained to suggest that it's possible to pick a another feat over a the secondary class feature.

*Edit: Doh >.< There was an answer already in the FAQ for the first part of this question.

Heyas folks another question on this subject came up at our table. Now, as I understand it, it's generally a common practice to allow Spell Like Abilities to serve as prerequisites for things like Arcane Strike and Prestige Classes. What about Craft Magic Item feats though? Technically they would have a Caster Level for their SLA. Sure, they wouldn't be able to craft spell completion/trigger items by themselves but they could take the +5 hit to DC to ignore a spell prereq.

Heyas folks new question, on this subejct. What are some good DIY basic upgrades for a Gunslinger who jimmied their way into crafting magic weapons/armor based off of SLA's?

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