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I made a Hexploration Checklist

Zone 0: Brevoy
BV1. Restov
BV2. Nivakta’s Crossing

Zone 1: Rostland Hinterlands
RL1. Oleg’s Trading Post
RL2. Bokken’s Hut
RL3. Spider Nest
RL4. Crooked Falls
RL5. Fort Serenko
RL6. Dead Noble

Zone 2: Greenbelt
GB1. Snare-filled Glade
GB2. Dead Trapper
GB3. Fairy Nest
GB4. Radish Patch
GB5. Frog Pond
GB6. Temple of the Elk
GB7. Thorn River Bandit Camp
GB8. Gold Mine
GB9. Forgotten Cache
GB10. Shrike Cascade
GB11. Boggard Lair
GB12. TuskGutter’s Lair
GB13. Rickety Bridge
GB14. Old Sycamore
GB15. Nettles’ Crossing
GB16. Tatzlwyrm Den
GB17. Trapped Thylacine
GB18. Fangberry Thicket
GB19. River Crossing
GB20. Sootscale Caverns

Zone 3. Tuskwater
TW1. A Delicate Situation
TW2. Endangered Expedition
TW3. Stag Lord’s Fort
TW4. On The Prowl
TW5. Lonely Barrow
TW6. The Hateful Hermit
TW7. The Old Beldame
TW8. Old Crackjaw’s Den
TW9 Gudrin River Ford

Zone 4: Kamelands
KL1. Tiressia’s Grove
KL2. The Blighted Hallow
KL3. Lair Of The Lizard King
KL4. Candlemere Island
KL5. The Mud Bowl
KL6. A Cry For Help
KL7. Hunter’s Lodge
KL8. Hunting Grounds
KL9. Lake Silverstep
KL10. Mudflats

Zone 5: Narlmarches
NM1: Warrior Cairn
NM2: Statue of Erastil
NM3. Dead Unicorn
NM4. Fey Pranksters
NM5. The Forgotten Keep
NM6. Hodag Den
NM7. Hargulka’s Stronghold

Zone 6: Sellen Hills
SH1. Drake Nest
SH2. The Wandering Giant
SH3. Abandoned Ferry Station
SH4. Beast’s Lair
SH5. Greengripe
SH6. Whispering Grotto
SH7. Dragonleaf Gulch
SH8. Cradle Of Lamashtu

Zone 7: Dunsward
DS1. Nomen Burial Grounds
DS2. Web Lurker Lair
DS3. Kiravoy Bridge
DS4. Spider Fields
DS5. Varnhold
DS6. Blood Furrows

Zone 8: Nomen Heights
NH1. Nomen Campsite
NH2. The Linnorm’s Grave

Zone 9: Tors Of Levenies
LV1. Varnhold Pass
LV2. Talon Peak
LV3. Culchek Cave
LV4. The Ghost Stone
LV5. Ironstone Gully
LV6. Vodakai’s Tomb
LV7. Valley Of The Dead
LV8. Empty Dragon Lair

Zone 10: Hooktongue
HT1. Wyvernstone Bridge
HT2. Cloudberry Field
HT3. Boggard Ambush
HT4. The Sinking Bog
HT5. Haunted Fen
HT6. M’Botuu
HT7. Lake Hooktongue
HT8. Dragonfly Glade
HT9. The Swamp Scar
HT10. Chuul Lair
HT11. Lily Patch
HT12. Tok-Nikrat
HT13. Bog Of Bones
HT14. Hydra Den
HT15. Slug Bog

Zone 11: Drelev
DR1. Speartooth’s Den
DR2. Fort Drelev
DR3. Wild Horses
DR4. Desperate Refugees

Zone 12: Tiger Lords
TL1. Flood Mine
TL2. Giant’s Cave
TL3. Armag’s Tomb
TL4. Explorer’s Grave
TL5. Aurumvorax Den
TL6. Chimera Pride

Zone 13: Rushlight
RU1. Hemlock Island
RU2. Rushlight Festival Grounds
RU3. Catspaw Camp

Zone 14: Glenebon Lowlands
GL1. Tusker’s Stomping Ground
GL2. Marshaling Ground

Zone 15: Pitax
PX1. Littletown
PX2. Pitax

Zone 16: Glenebon Uplands
GU1. Steamgrotto
GU3. Ilora’s Camp

Zone 17: Numeria
NU1. The Mammoth Graveyard

Zone 18: Thousand Voices
TV1. Castle Of Knives
TV2. The Weeping Grove

Zone 19: Branthlend Mountains
BR1. Mount Branthlend
BR2. Ilthuliak’s Lair
BR3. Hungerdark