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Full Name

"Black" Mary Hodgkins




Ranger (Sky Stalker) 2 | HP 20/20 | AC: 17(18), T: 13, FF: 14(15) | Fort: +4, Ref: +7, Will: +1 | BAB: +2, CMB: +6, CMD: 16, | Init: +5 | Percep: +6












Meridian, Stur


semi-retired pirate

Strength 10
Dexterity 19
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Black Mary

long raven hair, green eyes, alabaster skin, good cheekbones,
slight cleft to chin, trim figure, tricorn hat w/bow and plume

+2 Acrobatics +4 Dex -2 armor check penalty
+1 Appraise +1 Int
+8 Bluff 2 ranks +3 class +2 Cha +1 trait
+2 Climb 1 rank +3 class +0 Str -2
+1 Craft [carpentry] +1 Int
+2 Escape Artist +4 Dex -2 armor check penalty
(+11) Handle Animal 2 ranks +3 class +2 Cha (+4 link), 1 rank background
+5 Heal 1 rank +3 class +1 Wis
+6 Intimidate 1 rank +3 class +2 Cha
+5 Knowledge [dungeoneering] 1 rank +3 class +1 Wis
+5 Knowledge [geography] 1 rank +3 class +1 Int, background
+5 Knowledge [nature] 1 rank +3 class +1 Int
(+1) Knowledge [local] human untrained, +1 Int
+2 Knowledge [nobility] 1 rank +1 Int, background
x Lore
x Linguistics
+6 Perception 2 ranks +3 class +1 Wis
+5 Profession [sailor] 1 rank +3 class +1 Wis, background
+2 Ride +4 Dex -2 armor check penalty
+6 Sense Motive 1 rank +3 class +1 Wis +1 trait
x Spellcraft
+7 Stealth 2 ranks +3 class +4 Dex -2
+5 Survival (+6 tracking), always know North
(+5) Swim 2 ranks +3 class +0 Str (-2) typically removes armor
+4 Wild Empathy

fast-talker -social
narrows survivor -regional
righteous indignation -drawback
threatening defender -combat
free weapon finesse
free agile maneuvers
free deadly aim
free piranha strike
free combat expertise
two-weapon fighting
two-weapon defense
monstrous mount

Class Features:
favored enemy Human +2
(bonus on bluff, knowledges involving humans,
perception, sense motive, and survival checks;
attack and damage)
track +1/2 levels
wild empathy +level+Cha
combat style feat monstrous mount

+5 initiative +4 Dex +1 trait
AC 17(18)/13/14(15), DR 3/- missiles, -2 check penalty, speed 20'
(armored coat over quilted cloth)
(+1 shield bonus when doubly armed)
(threatening defender -0/+2 dodge with dueling dagger)
BAB +2, CMB +6, CMD 16, hp 20
rapier +6, d6
"main-gauche" dueling dagger +6, d4
(+1 to combat expertise/defensive fighting)
fencing Florentine +4/+4
light crossbow +6, d8
Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +1
favored enemy: human +2

Animal Companion:
Celeste, Black Mary’s hippogriff filly
effective druid level 1, Bodyguard archetype
AL N, Sz L, female, age 3, 14 hands, 870#
hawk’s wings, talons, and hooked beak,
coloring dark bay with black points
Speed 40’, fly 60’ (avg), may not carry a rider yet
S15, D15, C14, I2, W12, Ch9
low light, darkvision 60’, scent
griffon’s mane padded barding (+2 fly)
AC 1 armor +2 natural, +2 Dex, +1 dodge -1 Sz
AC 15/touch 12/flat-footed 12
HD 2d10+4 +0 favored = 20 hp
+5 Fort 3+2, +5 Ref 3+2, +1 Will 0+1
BAB +1, CMB +4, CMD 17 (21 trip), init +2
bite +2, 1d6+2
+6 Fly 1 rank +2 Dex +3 class -2 Sz +2 barding
+2 Stealth 1 rank +2 Dex +3 class -4 Sz
+5 Perception 0 ranks +1 Wis +X class +4 racial
Dodge (+4 as Mobility)
attack (2), flank, defend, down, come, +sneak
link (handle free, DC10/12; push move, DC25/27),
Alertness to both self and Mary adjacent

average lifestyle
(small house in coastal Imperial Osknia,
free 1gp retrieve/meals/taxes)
sturdy boots
leather breeches, belt, shirt, vest
gloves, cloak (lots of pockets)
tricorn hat w/bow and plume
quilted cloth armor (DR 3/— missiles)
armored coat (+4, max dex +3, -2 penalty)
rapier, scabbard
main-gauche (“dueling dagger”), scabbard
light underwater crossbow, sling
quiver, bolts (18)
beast whistle (avian) around neck
(1 mile automatic/2 miles take 10)
ioun torch
purse (50 gp, 1 sp, 7 cp)
pc. of chalk (pocket)
rations (6 days)
2 waterskins
fine wine, bottle
mess kit
6 torches
flint and steel/tinder(box), extra tinder
vial of (5) tindertwigs
canvas sack w/drawstring
pack saddle
carnivore feed (12 days)
50’ of twine
grappling hook
60’ of hemp rope, knotted
carpentry tools
fishing net
mwk snorkel
Calistra's kindness
house keys
(10) days of commmon perfume

Up till when Mary was 15, she ran with a troupe of woodland bandits her father belonged to, in the forest region of the Northern Whisperwood in Imperial Osknia overlapping the border with Elinlitroi. It was up to him to raise her, his only child with her mother, who had died. He taught her nature skills and a bit about healing. When he got killed in a robbery gone bad, she abandoned her old life and roamed an orphan. With no skills and no providers she ended up living hand to mouth in N'Verith's Mudworks district. (N'Verith is Imperial Osknia's largest coastal colony, and as such boasts the nation's largest concentration of 'Landwalkers'. Though most of the Landwalker population lives in impoverished conditions, by far the worst place to live is the city's infamous Mudworks district, a large shantytown that exists primarily at the northern banks of the river that crosses through the city. It is a location where the cramped conditions and unclean water has led to an infestation of crime and disease.) This lasted for about a year. Then she took to the sea. While serving on The “Plucked Duckling” she learned fencing under First Mate and master swordsman Guglielmo di Andrea, and with her natural nimbleness became quite proficient. She saw plenty of action boarding enemy vessels. Along with crewing a sailing ship she readily learned the skills of a cooper and shipwright, making herself more valuable as a sailor. On top of other skills, Mary has natural guile and is a potent seductress. Her temper can be fierce.
After a couple of years Mary got extra privileges on ship by eventually becoming the Captain’s mistress. She likes sex and is fairly indiscriminate, so the arrangement was fine with her.
The crew of the “Plucked Duckling” were buccaneers for King Ulth of Seblos. As pirates, when her ship stopped at an isle they saw a hippogriff fly to her nest. The sailors climbed up there, killed her, and stole her eggs. They lost a man during their little raid. He was bravely first up the rope, and fought the mother hippogriff unsupported. They sold all the eggs but one when Mary convinced her fellows to make her share of the profit a spared egg. She was there when it hatched and her hippogriff (named Celeste) imprinted on her. She trained her and has been raising her ever since. Inspired by tales of mounted flight, she yearns for Celeste to mature enough to ride. “Celeste” is a reference to “Celestial”, after the goddess Luna, whose domain includes the stars. Luna is a perfect choice for Mary’s worship, not just because her monthly cycle emulates Her waxing and waning, but also for the tides that rule the seas and the stars sailors navigate by. Luna is also the goddess of Lovers. Perhaps She will provide Mary a man she actually cares about.
Having made a tidy sum robbing other ships for three years, Mary recently left the swashbuckling life to settle down, but with a restless spirit has picked up her arms again to end the Curse of Ulnswhere. She hopes to find wealth along the way, having sunk most of her resources into the price of a modest home.
Answering the call to arms she met up with her scholarly first cousin Emma Jane Corvid, whom she hadn’t seen in years. It was a somber reunion; Emma Jane’s family resemblance reminded Mary of the death of her mother to illness when she (Mary) was a child.
Mary has two bastard half-brothers, John and Kris, who remain Whisperwood thieves. This philandering did not teach Mary chastity.

The Corvid's are from Elinlitroi; Mary's dad Jack Hodgkins is from Imperial Osknia. While fencing a particularly rare item in Elinlitroi he met Mary's mother Marina Corvid and married her. Emma Jane's father Daniel is Marina's brother. Emma Jane’s mother is named Myra. Marina Hodgkins died of sickness when her daughter and only child Mary was a little girl; Jack Hodgkins got killed when she was 15, leaving her an orphan. Before that but after Marina's death he sired two bastard children, John and Kris, age 12 and 8, Emma Jane's cousins.
Marina and Daniel Corvid had/have two brothers, one older (Stefan) with his own family (wife Rebecca and five sons with one miscarriage) and one (Edward) closeted but obviously gay and single.
Emma Jane (age 20) has two siblings, Chedwick and Dulcina, age 14 and 12.