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This is a discussion on how magic would shape life in a magic rich world.

Eberron had some good ideas like magic carpet taxi and magical street lights.

So 1st I would say

With spells like create Demi plane, you could have crops that crow all year long, are secure from bugs and raiders/ thieves, and have limited access to only those you want. Plus they don't take up valuable land that you can use to expand your city.... Plus the area is no longer limited by natural features or weather conditions. You could have tasty secure crops all year long.

Flying Cauldrons and brooms of flying. Wealthy noble children now have extreme sports involving personal conveyances. I can see drag races or just cruising around town in your pimped out flying ride...

Alter self can make your hair/clothes and even you look different. I can see shops dedicated to alteration magic.

Prestidigitation can create objects that last for an hour and can heat and season them. So you could make food that tastes good and only lasts an hour that does not provide nourishment and thus does not make you fat. Noble Bulimics would find use for this...

Anyone one have any other thing that would fit here? What is your idea for a decadent magic based society?

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I have A VMC question. If you multiclass with another class that has feats that are restricted by class and level, do you qualify for them?

For instance if you are a Rogue, and use the variant multiclass rules to multi-class with fighter. Do you qualify for weapon specialization? And if so at what level?

I don't see any mention of it in Pathfinder Unchained, and the FAQ is very light (1 question).

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A frined of mine is starting a pathfinder game in a couple months. I have a concept of playing a dwarf in steam powered armor... based on these awesome miniatures. armor_set_01.jpg

So what I was thinking is making it similar to how teh summoner works... The eidolon has base stats, and an evolution pool it can spend on evolutions.

The power armore would also have a base form, and have an "innovation pool" that can be used to unlock "innovations". Innovations can be things like strength increase, damage reduction, the ability to use larger weapons, built in weapons, etc...

I dont want the power armor to be as powerful as an eidolon, as I dont want to take away from teh summoner, and I want the character to be more martial than a summoner... My concept is like a cavalier, but teh power armor being his mount...

Has anyone done something like this? Any thoughts? Anyone willing to contribute?

Thank you-