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GM Friendly Sauce’s Dead Suns

BigNorseWolfJustin NorvegJustin-Norveg

GM Woran's Rise of the Runelords

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GM cheat sheet:

[dice=initiative Vitro]1d20 + 3[/dice]
[dice=initiative Justin]1d20 + 3[/dice]
[dice=initiative Snowflake]1d20[/dice]
[dice=initiative Dayo]1d20 + 7[/dice]
[dice=initiative Eoghan]1d20 + 2[/dice]

[dice=perception Vitro]1d20 + 5[/dice]
[dice=perception Justin]1d20[/dice] or +10 with scent
[dice=perception Snowflake]1d20 + 1[/dice]
[dice=perception Dayo]1d20 + 5[/dice]
[dice=perception Eoghan]1d20 + 12[/dice] +1 for traps

[dice=will save vitro]1d20 + 2[/dice]
[dice=will save Justin]1d20 + 5[/dice]
[dice=will save snowflake]1d20 + 10[/dice]
[dice=will save Dayo]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=will save Eoghan]1d20 + 8[/dice]

[dice=fort save vitro]1d20 + 2[/dice]
[dice=fort save Justin]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=fort save snowflake]1d20 + 11[/dice]
[dice=fort save Dayo]1d20 + 10[/dice]
[dice=fort save Eoghan]1d20 + 9[/dice]

[dice=reflex save vitro]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=reflex save Justin]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=reflex save snowflake]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=reflex save Dayo]1d20 + 14[/dice]
[dice=reflex save Eoghan]1d20 + 5[/dice]

[dice=Stealth Vitro]1d20 + 5[/dice]
[dice=Stealth Justin]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=Stealth Snowflake]1d20 - 1[/dice]
[dice=Stealth Dayo]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[dice=Stealth Eoghan]1d20 + 5[/dice]

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