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Final fight! :)

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I'm not sure about taking a profession listed with one stat and using it with another.

on the one hand

The GM is the final arbiter of what is a good choice for a Profession skill and what ability score a given Profession skill is keyed to.

..and the book says lawyer is int based.

On the other it really doesn't matter a professions a profession.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:

I have a minor gripe about the Mandalorian and the others we saw in the episode where he gets his new armor forged. "Star Wars: Rebels" is now, at least from what I have read, considered canon. In that show, Sabine and other Mandalorians remove their helmets readily. Why is it different with the new series?

Sabine was new republic mandalorian ?

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Wei Ji wrote:

There needs to be an 'invisible' way for GMs to assess the skill level of the table, and if the characters are not making the rolls at the difficulty even with the best skilled person at the table with all the positive modifiers that have been baked in, make it happen.

Without feeling that they are going to be penalized for 'candycoating' or 'softballing'.

If you do that, then you're completely undercutting the investment specialists are making in their character being good at a skill.

So at the sake of raising a spectre here, is over-specialization necessary to 'win' at Starfinder Society?

And if so, are certain character classes a requirement in perfect specialization cookie cutter builds?

...that doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

You seem to be leaving off the possibility that you can lower the DC and just having the people that ARE uber at skills just be uber at skills.

-The skill checks are just too damned high for non specialists. Specialists required to have a chance

- Grading the skills on a curve negates the specialists investment

-Lower the DCs a bit for everyone means the specialist isn't challenged but...

Its not combat where you can go harder at something, burn resources, burb consumables, resolve tank, or use better tactics. Skill checks amount to "roll better" which isn't so much harder as just has a higher failure rate.

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Someone get the brandy away from the witchwarper AND his evil universe twin AND his evil universes twins goatee.

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starinder mmo/video game

high level play book

new adventure path

spaceships and vehicles

Kaiju fighters handbook

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Dracomicron wrote:
Maybe an Additional Resources update for Society, considering the last one was December 7, 2018?

Starfinder doesn;t generally do fanfare about something that non society players would say "the what?" when it came up

Theconiel wrote:
I mean specifically when the character installs a device to upgrade intelligence. In Pathfinder, a headband of intelligence is geared to a specific skill.

Right, because it could come off, go on, be sundered lost stolen changed etc.

Which just caused a headache.

Starfinders stat boosts are just flat out your stat is that much higher. It affects EVERYTHING making it a lot simpler.

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M Tall dwarf Xerox Of Xeros Link Level 3 druid

You can trick attack while moving. Trick attack is a full round action but it lets you move and attack. All it does is lock your move action into an actual move and eat up your swift.

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Wei Ji wrote:

There needs to be an 'invisible' way for GMs to assess the skill level of the table, and if the characters are not making the rolls at the difficulty even with the best skilled person at the table with all the positive modifiers that have been baked in, make it happen.

Without feeling that they are going to be penalized for 'candycoating' or 'softballing'.

If you do that, then you're completely undercutting the investment specialists are making in their character being good at a skill.

weapon specialization isn't just a feat in starfinder: if you're using a weapon that your class gets proficiency in it's baked into your class. A solarion using their solar weapon automatically has specialization with it at third level.

You only need to take it as a feat if you're an envoy using longarms or a mechanic using long arms

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Nathan Monson wrote:
Imo the DC's should be balanced without accounting for class bonus, because you can't be certain that a given class will be present, and if it's required it means that other classes can do everything right and still fail

it's also supposed to be a bonus, making you good at the skill, not something that's expected of you

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M Tall dwarf Xerox Of Xeros Link Level 3 druid

Rover there's almost no reason not to try trick attacking people.

Everything is retroactive, so you don't need to worry about when you got what.

Pathfinder used the exact same language

Intelligence: If my Intelligence modifier increases, can I select another bonus language?

Yes. For example, if your Int is 13 and you reach level 4 and apply your ability score increase to Int, this increases your Int bonus from +1 to +2, which grants you another bonus language.
Technically, Int-enhancing items such as a headband of vast intelligence should grant a specific language (in the same way they do for skill ranks).

155: its under the bed here somewhere... I'll find it when i clean

156: Pathfinders just HAD to push that button....

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Justin has a rank in profession babysittter and a couple of different followers. He works for fitch, and whichever follower they need for the
mission is the one that snuck away in his null space chamber.

Jessica aka murdermouse has profession dancer. She can finesse snowgarden weapons into doing non lethal damage any time she wants. She just.. usually doesn't want to.

Melissa has profession Gym teacher. Seemed to suit an envoy with hurry.

Use a halfling Xenmetric android?

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Thomas Seitz wrote:

I agree with Iron, the writing and the acting is the real strength of this show.

Also I don't think Lady T's Adrian's dad.

Thirdly, I still can't get over Lady T cloning her dead mom and then making her her daughter...

I bet Mom 2.0 really wished Mom 1.0 had bought Lady T that pony....

Ascalaphus wrote:

Note the active tense

This isn't a thing.

The wording doesn't distinguish between moving and is moved. If they used "is moved" then ONLY forced movement would provoke.

Pretty much every feat or ability that interacts with AoOs talks about AoOs that you provoke by doing something.

Which wouldn't be neccesary if forced movement didn't provoke. Now its possible that they're just reminding you, OR it could be that they need to specify.

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VampByDay wrote:
I think a stopgap solution is to tier your DCs. So if at level 7, if you succeed at, say, a DC 25 check, you get the vital plot thing, but if you beat a 32, you get the vital plot thing plus a bonus, like extra information or a couple extra healing serums or something.

You can also hand out multiple successes for hitting that 40, instead of just a simple pass/fail.

M Tall dwarf Xerox Of Xeros Link Level 3 druid

also aren't items subject to crits?

Nice find, didn't see that in the book

Lots and lots of little plastic soldiers

The concept of a universe where people didn't die from old age either didn't occur to the writers or would change the system enough to take the focus off of adventure!

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Kevin Willis wrote:

One day in the far future (16th level) I will have a Mk 4 Null-Space Chamber. And it will have a vehicle inside it.

In the meantime, I have a blister pack of motospheres on my near-term purchase list.

4 bantrid followers and a palanquin?

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:

I think it was in the beginning of #4 of Dead Suns that I first ran into problematic DCs. My tank had Wisdom 10, Perception as a class skill and maximum ranks (level 7), and Took 20 to search for traps on a door. I literally, with Take 20, could not find the CR 9 trap (DC 33).

Yes, Starfinder skill DCs are broken.

To be fair, you'll find the trap.....

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Why bullrush?

If starwars has shown is anything its that the future has no osha compliance and inexplicable bottomless chasms are everywhere.

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Generally you take these for flavor, the dayjob check

Another use is the profession weapons out of armory which have an effect when you have ranks in the items profession. This lets a miner use a mining laser as a weapon proficiently (but sans specialization) and someone with ranks in profession dancer can get all fancy with a snowgarden weapon and do nonlethal damage ( i stab them in the butt)

Because its a group game. You trip the guy, then your whole party whales on him when hes down and then when he tries to stand up

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The scenarios dinner party set up where you have multiple chances to make the check justifies the DC's being a little higher. That they go up when you miss makes the odds a little harder to calculate (I think i left what's left of my brain outside somewhere in a glacier). I think that's what you have to look at here to see if the DCs in this one are too high.

For the uber diplomacy check there's also the ikea store level variance on how a check is supposed to work. Everyone make a check and see who's the highest? Declare one spokesperson and everyone aid? How the DM says its supposed to work alters your chance of success by a lot.

We are going to hit the problem soon that higher level starfinder DCs are borked. Characters abilities just don't scale as fast as some of the harder DCs (because your stats increase slower from level based ability boosts, they stop increasing from stat boosters, and skill focus caps out on you.

VampByDay wrote:
His general opinion seems to be, as far as I can tell: “Is it as mechanically optimal as possible? No? Then it is a terrible option and you are a terrible player for thinking about it.

Dude, seriously not cool.

There is absolutely no way to go from anything I said to this gross misrepresentation of my opinion. Everything you said here is not only wrong, it was point blank stated as the opposite multiple times. I realize it's starfinder, but binary is a TERRIBLE way to look at things.
The options are not uber optimization and junk. Calling an option junk does not default to uber optimized or bust. Some things are the best. Some things are incomparable. Some things are good enough to work.

And yes, some things are so bad they're non functional. Pistols fall into that catagory. Recognizing that does not make someone pushing for optimization or bust. Reducing that to misaimed outrage is not having a dialog about the issue it's evading it.

Contorting what i said to "No? Then it is a terrible option and you are a terrible player for thinking about it" isn't a dialog, its using the either or fallacy for polemics.

Bignorsewolf saying the opposite of "Is it as mechanically optimal as possible? No? Then it is a terrible option" wrote:

characters not judged SOLEY by damage throughput but it is a very important aspect to most characters

It's not a dpr machine but its GOOD dpr<--- this really shouldn't be possible if I'm promoting uber optimized or bust.

Melee currently rules the roost of damage by a long shot (yet has a ranged character)

an envoy shouldn't be pumping out soldier damage, but it should be noticeable <---- asking for noticable damage is NOT throwing out anything thats mechanically optimal as possible.

Bignorsewolf says the opposite of " you are a terrible player for thinking about it" wrote:

The classes flavor inclines people to a pistol twirling spoony bard but their actual mechanics work best with a gun bigger than they are. <---- its not you its the system

Your character isn't the best comparison point for a ranged damage dealer. It's not your fault but it is the starfinder system.<---- really, its not you its the system

I get that the envoy encourages a bad build<---- again, blaming the system not you

It doesn't mean that the character isn't fun or interesting or well role played

I think it may be bad design but where is the bad design? Is it bad design in -the envoy-pistols-ranged? <---- hatin the game not the player

If it wasn't plain enough, I do not believe that someone is a terrible player for going along with the paradigm a class presents to you. I fully believe it's a mistake in the game mechanics gets you such a disparity in results that you may as well not fire at all.

Starfinder has gone out of its way to avoid pathfinders "pile as many attacks as you can with as many bonuses as you can" possibilities. Extra attacks are a design space they're deliberately ignoring.

If carnivorous wasnt treated like an operative weapon it would likely replace the mytics melee weapon for the cheap price of one spell. How useful it is would vary wildly based on how often you know a fight is coming or not.

BretI wrote:

There are still a few dips that work reasonable well for Starfinder, the Blitz Soldier, Sharpshooter Soldier, and Armor Solarian on a Dex build are a few examples.

Tons of DIPS work well...

There are a lot less builds that work well if you try to keep even levels in the two classes. Spellcasters don’t have the spell power to deal with the challenges. Martial classes do not get better at full attacks like the Soldier (Soldier’s Onslaught), Solarian (Flashing Strikes and Solarian’s Onslaught), Operative (Triple and Quad Attack), and Vanguard (Flashing Strikes) do. That isn’t even looking at the class specific features that come in at the higher levels.

The Shakalta from AA3 are required to multiclass evenly.

Eyup. I was just trying to explain why I thought it was unavoidable. You can either break this one weird race or have something like pathfinder where classes didn't get any cool abilities for 12 levels..

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I, Lucifer wrote:
I wish there was a way to upvote or karma people here, that was a good one.

you can press the little + button in the upper right corner of the post right under reply

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149: Desna put golarion into the dryer and came out with a left sock

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I, Lucifer wrote:

144. Someone at Paizo let George R. R. Martin write an adventure for pathfinder.

His AD&D second edition adventure is due any month now...

Matt2VK wrote:
Sorry about that bad info on Weapon Focus. Still way too used to pathfinder feats of same name.

I still find the occasional 3.5 ism in my pathfinder games...

The folks you should be playing with should also be a great resource for getting the big picture. I would never just hand someone a 500 page book and say "here you go have at it..."

Was amnesia mentioned before this one?

Also, he never forgets.

I, Lucifer wrote:
So skill bonues per level are the same as insight bonuses?

Your skill ranks are your skill ranks. They're not a bonus type.

Bypass: At 1st level, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Computers and Engineering skill checks. At 5th level, every 4 levels thereafter, and at 20th level, this bonus increases by 1.

The bypass ability is an insight bonus. So far every class that has a way to be better at their favored skills also has an insight bonus. (Operatives edge and skill focus for operatives, envoys have a 1d6 insight bonus, mystics have channel skill.

These are all insight bonuses, as are skill synergy and skill focus, by design. The game doesn't want you stacking them together for a super high bonus.

Bonuses have different types. Enhancement bonuses come from magic, insight bonuses come from knowing more stuff, a divine bonus comes from a deity or deity adjacent entity etc.

Different bonuses from the same type won't stack with each other. If you have a +2 insight bonus a +1 insight bonus and a +4 insight bonus... you have a +4 insight bonus.

If you have 72 +2 insight bonuses, your insight bonus is a +2.

It's a way for designers to offer different ways of being good at skills, without worrying about people piling on 30 minor bonuses to get +64 to stealth or something.

Bonuses and stuffs

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I, Lucifer wrote:

I just checked and focus does >not< require a BAB. I thought it did but was conflating it with another feat that adds half your bab to your damage. >My bad.<

So i'm kinda at the flip a coin level between skill synergy for a +2 to engineering and physics or weapon focus for small arms.

This should help narrow it down

Skill synergy provides an insight bonus.

As a mechanic you have bypass, which provides a scaling bonus to computers and engineering.

Since both are insight bonuses, they will not stack with each other. That skill synergy will do nothing for you once your bypass hits +2 at 5th level.

Unless you plan on taking versatile focus, weapon focus for small arms isn't worth it. Small arms in starfinder don't do enough damage on their own to be worth firing. They have smaller dice themselves AND specialization in them does half level instead of level to damage.

They need to work with something like trick attack or the biohackers full level damage. If you plan to do damage with a gun at all, longarms are where it's at.

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Matt2VK wrote:
Issue with Weapon Focus is that it requires a +1 BAB. Mechanic at 1st level starts with a +0 BAB.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon type.

Requiring BAB +1 is so last millenium

Nimor Starseeker wrote:

Ok, so the ability specifically says, that surplus healing goes into Stamina points. It does not actually say that the spill-over is contingent that there be hit points healed in order for the ability to work. Why should that be a thing?

If I pour a 3d8 healing potion down the Vesks throat when he's down 30 staminia and zero hp

I am using an ability to restore hp (the healing potion) hp are filled so it goes to staminia.

Turn the page sideways and read it the other way


Whenever you use equipment or one of your abilities
to restore Hit Points to a creature

I did not restore any HP to the vesk, so the clause transfering it to staminia doesn't engage.

you can get either meaning out of the words there.

BretI wrote:

...and then went too far such that most multiclass combinations are of questionable viability.

You need a class to function right out of the box. That frontloads a lot of classes.

I think that means you HAVE to put in some high level goodies if there's supposed to be anything to look forward to in a class. Dips do perfectly well for someone that shows they've had a wide and varied life/careerr

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Metaphysician wrote:
Eh, you need to be three levels higher than normal to do this trick, *and* spend a feat. I honestly doubt it would actually break anything, in practice.

Free standard action raise dead break things regardless of the level.

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If you're an exocortex mechanic, weapon focus longarms

If you're a drone mechanic, weapon proficiency longarms.

A scope on a rifle makes a regular rifle into a "close enough for 99% of all uses" which would solve both the damage problem and drop most of the reason to take this ARF

VampByDay wrote:

Still, it would be a nice small little bonus if one did make a Halfling biohacker. Y’know if you wanted to make one for flavor or that was your character concept.

The abiliity is such a small bonus that I don't think it's worth much consideration.

There's a lot you can do flavorwise with a halfling biohacker, but mechanically this is a very small boost. Reloading isn't something you usually do in combat, and in starfinder a swift action instead of a move action isn't the "almost free action" that it was in pathfinder.

So lady tru 2.0 is a clone with nostalgia memories trying to turn her into her mother then? Since she's that worried about legacy...

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