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Will this have a slipcase? Or just the unique cover?

So I got my copy Saturday, and they are hard to come by around here (this was the only one available within a half-hour drive). And mine has some problems.

1) Binding. The first 'signature' doesn't seem to be stitched in correctly. It is already loose, and I suspect I'll lose my first 32 pages before the end of September if I actually use the book. The final signature is also somewhat loose, but it at least is obviously attached to the stitching that holds the spine together.

2) Cover corners. The top corners weren't glued down correctly and the rear one is already starting to peel up (only the interior brown sheet is holding it down it seems).

3) Crinkled Page Corners. This is mostly on the top corners, near the front of the book. This is likely due to poor packing for shipping.

It's a hard thing to look forward to a book so long and then be disappointed in it (especially when I agree with about 98% of what's inside).

Anyone else having these sorts of problems?

I've rather thought that too. Though you're the only person I actually know with the book yet (but I think I just tracked one down; these are freaking hard to find in Dallas-Fort Worth). I'll let you know more what I think when I can get the release version in hand.