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5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Iowa—Quad Cities aka BexLee

This thread has given me a few ideas to try. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. The GM's here don't let them get away with avoiding skill checks when they must be done. It just slows things down when they are needed. We softball when they first started PFS no different then we would for any other new player to Pathfinder. We know longer do that now. They had I don't know how many characters die, however that doesn't seem to affect them. Didn't think about the cleric that gets the animal companion. Will try to present that one to the druid might help out. Thanks again for the feedback everyone.

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Iowa—Quad Cities aka BexLee

I’m from the same lodge and have invested time into trying to help them out. Meeting with them on different days trying to offer advice and teach them more about the game. After helping fix their characters trying to explain how some of their class abilities work, how BAB increases attack roll and so on many times. They will only play the same two chars a rogue and a healer druid 99% of the time. I’ve seen the druid as a cleric once and the rogue as a sorcerer but then they still only want to play the rogue and druid. Even if in a situation where they have a skill they can use out of combat they won’t. The two of them have said many times “We are here only to fight and roll dice.” They get upset if you attack them or you try to make them do a skill check. Everyone has to make a check to get across into the next area. They just move their minis into the next area and want to move on. As the other player’s making the checks get upset if you just let them get away with it or have them get upset that they have to do it. Even if the GM just says ok roll diplomacy and tell me what you get they don’t want to do it and won’t do it the vast majority of the time. They are the first ones to always run away leaving other players to die. They get upset if someone else brings in a healer because they are stealing her job from her. She won’t heal because she won’t get into the combat the vast majority of the time or will ignore someone telling her they are dying and will just run or keep shooting the bow. Even trying to explain to her that if she was a cleric where she could channel at range to heal and stay safe. It is refused because she wants to be a druid with her bear animal companion. Time after time I’ve tried and a good amount of the time I’m just told off with “They have been playing this game longer then I have been alive and they know what they are doing.” It seems to me the more time that passes the less they want to listen. They are nice but they are driving players and GM’s away. I don’t want to be someone who just tells them to leave, but not sure how to keep going with this one and make everyone happy. I would love any advice you can offer.