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Full Name

Bepo Baloo


Uplifted Bear Blitz Soldier 11|SP: 121/121|HP: 83/83|RP: 8/12|EAC: 27|KAC: 31|+ 4AC w/ AoO|Init: +12|Perception: +13|Move 70ft|Climb +20|Jump Jets|Telepathy 60ft|Ferocious Charge|Tight Fit|Through the Lines|0 Creds










Absalom Station


Common, Uplifted Bear, Shirren

Strength 21
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

About Bepo Baloo

Bepo owes L 2,715 Creds

This is my Character Sheet

Bepo is a very noticeable Uplifted Bear because of his bright white fur with just a couple splotches of black fur and his muzzle is gray with black nose. He is about 10ft 6inches tall and weighs 1,300lbs. Bepo doesn't speak too much and will lean towards using telepathy unless he has to but it kinda hard to understand. He is also very protective of the ones that are close to him.

Bepo growing up never really had any friends, unfortunately he was bullied a lot. Either because of how he talked, his race or because of his family. His family is a little bit different than most he is an Uplifted Bear and his dad Zenka is a Shirren. Zenka took in Bepo when he was very young and raised him as his own. Zenka is a member of the Exo-Guardians so Bepo would always see the Exo-Guardians and it gave him hope to be one someday.

But with his dad away for work a lot and having no friends he found himself reading about anything and everything he could. He came to learn about bears of the past. So also began to wonder about how he came to be so he delved a lot into Life Science specifically Bio-engineering.

He would study when his dad was away and train with his dad when he was in. Bepo hopes to join the Exo-Guardians to follow in his dads footsteps and maybe find out more about who he is and why he is like the way he is