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Dagger 1d+2/ Cutlass 3D/ Laser Pistol 3D+3/ Body Pistol 2D


5C555B | Failed Doctor and Dilettante| Homeworld: Corve/Dudin (Daibei 1729)


Admin 1, Advocate 1, Athletics 1, Carouse 2, Deception 2, Electronics 0, Flyer 0, Gambler 1, Investigate 0, Medic 0, Persuade 1, Science 0, Streetwise 1

About Benjamin Farn

Benjamin Farn - 5C555B
Summary (Failed Scholar and Dilettante)
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corve (Hellworld)

STR: 5 (-1)
DEX: 12 (+2)
CON: 5 (-1)
INT: 5 (-1)
EDU: 5 (-1)
SOC: 11 (+1)

SKILLS: Admin 1, Advocate 1, Athletics 1, Carouse 2, Deception 2, Electronics 0, Flyer 0, Gambler 1, Investigate 0, Medic 0, Persuade 1, Science 0, Streetwise 1

ARMOR: (correct format: Cloth +8 / TL10 / 3kg)
Cloth +8 / TL 10 / 3Kg Cr500
Vacc Suit / +10 / TL 12 / Rad 90 / KG 8 Cr20000

WEAPONS: (correct format: Snub Pistol / TL 8 / 5m / 3D-3 / 6mag / Zero-G)
Cutlass / TL 2/ Melee/ 3D / 2 Kg Cr200
Dagger (Survival Knife?) / TL 1 / Melee / 1D+2 / Cr10
Laser Pistol / TL 11/ 30M/ 3D+3 / 100 Mag / 1 Kg, Zero G Cr3000
Body Pistol / TL 8 / 5M / 2D / 6 Mag / - / Cr500

AUGMENTS: (correct format: Cognitive Augment / INT +1 / TL 12 )

EQUIPMENT: (correct format: Grav Belt / TL 12 / 3kg)
Laser Pistol Power Pack / TL 11/ 100 Magazine Cr3000
10x Body Pistol Clip / TL 8 / 6 Mag Cr100 (total)
Portable Computer / TL 11 / Computer-2 /.5Kg Cr300
Software Packages CR2300
Translator 1 / TL 10 [Cr500]
Expert 1 / TL 11 [Cr 1000]
Security 1 / TL 10 [Cr200]
Intelligent Interface / TL 11 [Cr 100]
Agent 0 / TL 11 [Cr 500]
Radio Transceivers / TL 10 / - /500 Km Cr250

Romantic Ally ()

PENSION: (correct format: Cr5,000/mo.)
CASH ON HAND: Cr59,840

Training in Skill:
Weeks: (correct format: 5 out of 8)
Study Periods Complete:

First Term: Scholar (Physician)/ Basic Training:  Flyer 0, Electronics 0, Diplomat 0, Medic 0, Investigate 0, Science 0 / Background Skills (2): Carouse and Streetwise / Event- You become entangled in a bureaucratic or legal morass that distracts you from your work. Gain Advocate 1./ Failed Survival: 2 disaster leaves several injured and others blame you, forcing you to leave your career. Roll on the Injury table twice, taking the higher result and gain a Rival. I was set up I tell you! Benjamin be nimble, Benjamin be quick. Benjamin avoided any permanent injuries with that.

Second Term: Nobility (Dilettante)/ Carouse +1 Rank/ Personal Development: 1d6 ⇒ 2 Dex +1. All the Skeet hunting and golf has improved my hand/eye coordination Dex 12 (+2). / Event: our time as a ruler or playboy gives you a wide range of experiences. Gain Carouse 1./ No Advancement

Third Term:Noble (Dilettante)/ Personal Development : Gambler 1/ Event A romantic Relationship. Gain an Ally from the fling. Its amazing what a pretty face can get you. / No Advancement due to the Dreaded Fondue Incident!

Fourth Term: Noble (Dilettante)/ Diletantte chart: Deception 1/ Failed Survival while skeet shooting. Lose 1 STR. Booted out.

Fifth Term: No fifth Term.

Aging Crisis:

From Connections:
From the Fondue incident with Evindyll I get Deception 1 as I tried pretend to have nothing to do with the Fondue Incident!
From the golfing game with I get Athletics 1 for a hole in 1 on the 18th hole!

From Skill Package:
I will take Persuade 1 and Admin 1.

Tarondor Bonus:
Streetwise 1

Mustering Out Benefits:
TAS Membership



Benjamin Farn grew up on the Hellworld Corve. He watched people toil endlessly to barely survive on the terrible planet and he swore that he would live a better life then that.

When he came of age Ben managed to sweet talk his way into a scholarship to go off world and become a physician. In theory he was expected to gain skills and bring them back to Corve, but he had no desire to ever return to the Hellword. So he began his time as a scholar. Unfortunately, Ben was a terrible student and soon found himself thrown out of scholarly pursuits.

Luckily for Ben, he ran into a young heiress that he managed to woo and marry. For many years he was able to live as a dilettante and survive off of his charm. He survived some ups and downs but eventually he upset the wrong people and was shunned by the establishment. His in-laws suggested that he needed to leave for a time and eventually he could probably return. And so Ben finds himself as a Traveler, wandering the stars in the hopes of finding a way back into high soceity.