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channels 7/7, hero points 0, MP 4/5, scale 3/3, TbD (ff) 1/1 (mw) 1/1, ToG 6/6 | spells 1st: 3+0/4+1 2nd: 1+1/4+1 3rd: 3+0/3+1 |


effects/conditions[/ooc] bull's strength 55r, divine favor 9r, encouraging bless 57r, mythic heroism 234r, protection from evil 99r, resistance 8r, shield of faith 56r


[ooc]M LG Aasimar Cleric/Paladin 6 Champion/Hierophant T1 | HP 48/55 | AC 24+3* T 10+3* FF 24+3* | CMB +6 CMD 16 | F +7* R +2* W +8** | SR 11 vs evil | Init +4 Per +3 (darkvision 60') SM +7 |

About Benedic

A proud and privileged nobleman must learn humility in the wake of a terrible disaster, as everything he has always taken for granted is completely torn asunder.

Benedic is tall for a human, with dark hair and a commanding gaze. Yet there is something otherworldly about him, a glow in his cheeks or his countenance that suggests that he is more than he seems. Restless and impatient in Kenabres, Benedic is prone to bounce between fits of activity and frustrated sighs of boredom. He usually gives people the impression that his time is too important to waste on them. He is thoughtful and insightful but seems to lack empathy, too distant to understand the needs of others beyond the abstract. When pursuing a cause he is hyperfocused and tenacious, and his faith is deeply rooted.

Benedic's great-great-grandmother was Queen Galfrey's younger sister, and so as a distant part of the royal family the young man was born with a meaningless title and an oppressive set of expectations. He never knew his mother, and the hateful gossip is that she was an outsider who bewitched his father and fled to the Worldwound immediately after his birth. His father was the former High Priest of Iomedae in Nerosyan, and Benedic grew up idolizing him and the goddess to which they were both devoted. His father died a hero near the end of the Fourth Crusade, defending the heart of the Cruciform Cathedral from a surge of demonic forces bent on defiling the holy monument.

Benedic was not present, as he had been sent away to Kenabres for his safety. He loves and misses his father, but he still hasn't forgiven him for keeping him from the battle, since he wants to fight in the Crusade and has been training for it his whole life. He believes it is his birthright to command. Now, he feels he will never get the chance again. Worse, his father had told him before his departure that he had something important to tell him about his mother, and that they would discuss it when he came back. Benedic is angry and afraid that it was something very bad indeed, and believes that now he will never know the truth. Consequently, he has never returned to Nerosyan.

Queen Galfrey sent him a very formal letter praising his father's service and inviting him to come live with her in the palace now that he was her ward, but he politely declined and asked to remain in his house in Kenabres. For the past seven years he has had a new role model: Prelate Hulrun Shappok, the head of the inquisition in Kenabres. He has often dreamed about tracking down the creature who abandoned him and his father, and of forcing her to repent of her actions. It has been many years since they burned witches in Mendev, but demons and the lost souls who have fallen to their wiles are a terrible plague on the Crusade, and Benedic fervently believes it is his sacred duty to smite them with Iomedae's holy fire. He has studied demons and their servants with a passion bordering on obsession. If he ever finds his mother, he will have more than twenty years of pent-up resentment to take out on her.

Benedic has given both Queen Galfrey and Prelate Hulrun great cause for concern by falling in with some of the most overzealous witch hunters in Mendev. Hulrun has tried to dissuade him, uncomfortable with the increased scrutiny that comes with a prince hanging around his city, and has recommended to the queen that the best way to direct him down a different path would be to assign him to a company and take him out of Kenabres. However, for now she still prefers to keep her ward out of the war for reasons of her own. (Perhaps she knows something about his true origins?)

Benedic has grown up very proud and distant, and though he occasionally wonders why he doesn't have any friends, he is not often given to self-examination. And while he pursues Good morals in the abstract-- in the greater good, good of the community sense-- he tends more toward Lawful in his alignment, as many nobles do. He has not had many opportunities to understand the common people, sheltered as he has been, and his concept of duty is mostly about the duty owed to him rather than the duty he owes to others. (He's due to receive a few major revelations that should lead to some impressive character development.)

Benedic tells himself he is attending Armasse to be watchful for suspicious activity among the lay folk, but in truth he has been growing tired of the pious and abstemious conditions among the inquisitors and old nobles at the cathedral and has decided he would like to experience the city alone and unaccompanied for a change. The festival seems like the perfect excuse; he has donned his armor and put on a soldier's uniform in the hopes that he will be taken for a visiting crusader. In this guise he has been exploring the city and eagerly watching the various events.

Name: Prince Benedic
Race: Aasimar (appears Human)
Alignment: LG
Class: Cleric (Mendevian Priest), Paladin VMC
Mythic Path: Champion/Hierophant

Str 14 (+2), Dex 10 (+0), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 13+2[racial]+1[4th] (+3), Cha 14+2[racial]+2[blessing] (+4)

HP 55 (6d8[8+5+5+5+5+5]+12[CON]+5[mythic]+5[blessing])

AC 24 (10+11[armor]+1[natural armor]+2[shield])
AC, touch 10 (10)
AC, flatfooted 24 (10+11[armor]+1[natural armor]+2[shield])

Initiative +4 (+4[CHA])

Speed 20' (heavy armor)

Fortitude +7* (+5[base]+2[CON], +1[*resistance])
Reflex +2* (+2[base]+0[DEX], +1[*resistance])
Will +8** (+5[base]+3[WIS], +1[*resistance], +2[*vs confusion/insanity, Righteous Medal of Clarity])

BAB +4
CMB +6 (+4[BAB]+2[STR])
CMD 16 (10+4[BAB]+2[STR]+0[DEX])
CMD, flatfooted 16 (10+4[BAB]+2[STR])

Weapons and armor
+2 cold iron longsword ("Radiance"): +8 attack (+4[BAB]+2[STR]+2[enhancement]), 1d8+4 S damage (1d8+2[STR]+2[enhancement}), 19-20/x2 critical

+2 full plate armor: +11 AC (+9[armor]+2[enhancement]), max Dex +1, ACP -5

+1 reliquary light steel shield: +2 AC (+1[shield]+1[enhancement]), ACP 0

Aasimar Darkvision 60', Exalted Resistance (SR 5+HD vs evil spells and evil outsiders), Crusading Magic (+2 Knowledge (planes), +2 CL vs spell resistance), Scion of Humanity (appears human, counts as both humanoid and outsider)

Favored class bonus (Cleric) Add +6/2 to damage when using positive energy against undead or using Alignment Channel to damage evil outsiders.

Traits Fate's Favored (Faith, increase luck bonuses by 1), Oppressive Expectations (Drawback, on failed skill check, -2 until success or fail at different skill), Planar Savant (Race, use Charisma for Knowledge (planes) instead of Intelligence), Touched By Divinity (Campaign, use Sun/Light domain spell (faerie fire) or War/Duels domain spell (magic weapon) as SLA 1/day)

Feats Noble Scion (War); Alignment Channel* (harm evil); Quick Channel; Encouraging Spell*

Skills Diplomacy 6+9*, Knowledge (nobility) 5+6, Knowledge (planes) 6+9*, Knowledge (religion) 5+4, Lore (former Crusaders) 6+4, Lore (Iomedae) 6*+4, Sense Motive 1+6; ACP -5

Languages Celestial, Common

Cleric (Mendevian Priest) 6 CL 6, spells 4/3+1/3+1/2+1, aura (LG), channel positive energy (3d6, variant channel: Rulership, DC 19), demonic knowledge [half level to Knowledge (planes) vs demons, demon cults, and demon magic], domain (Glory/Heroism: Improved Channel, Touch of Glory [level bonus to Charisma skill or ability check, lasts up to 1h or until used, 3+WIS/day]), spontaneous spells (cure)

Cleric Spells (prepared)
orisons (4): enhanced diplomacy, guidance, resistance, vigor
1st (4+1): cure light wounds* (x0), divine favor (x2), liberating command (x2), moment of greatness (x0), shield of faith+ (domain, x1), sure casting (x0), weapons against evil (x0), empty (x0)
2nd (4+1): bless weapon+ (domain, x1), bull's strength (x1), burst of radiance (DC 15, x0), cure moderate wounds* (x0), encouraging bless (x2), grace (x0), Inheritor's smite (x0), ironskin (x0), light prison (DC 15, x0), sacred space (x1), visualization of the body (x0), visualization of the mind (x0), empty (x0)
3rd (3+1): communal resist energy (x0), cure serious wounds* (x0), deadly juggernaut (x0), dispel magic (x1), heroism+ (domain, x1), invisibility purge (x1), magic vestment (x0), second wind (x1), empty (x0)

Paladin (VMC) code (paladin Code of Conduct, aura of good), detect evil (as a 1st-level paladin)

Champion/Hierophant, Tier 1 champion's strike (Fleet Charge), divine surge (Inspired Spell), hard to kill, mythic power (3 + 2x tier), path ability (Mythic Spellcasting), surge (1d6)

Mythic Feats Mythic Dual Path (Hierophant)

Mythic Spells heroism

Equipment amulet of natural armor +1, cold iron dagger, full plate, javelins 4/4, potion of cure light wounds 2/2, Radiance (+2), reliquary light steel shield (+1), Righteous Medal of Clarity, scroll of remove fear, wand of bless weapon 20/20

Desired magic items:
We can craft most of the things that would benefit Benedic the most, except for rings and rods. It's always possible with Mythic that someone will take Crafting Mastery though!

Benedic wears heavy armor and carries a shield, so improvements to magical full plate and his reliquary light shield are great. He can cast magic vestment so enhancement bonuses are less valuable than special abilities.
Celestial Armor: Beatrics has only light armor proficiency, so this is the best mail she can wear
channeling: adding this to his shield would be valuable
defiant: doesn't stack with magic vestment but still good vs evil outsiders
determination: pricey but incredibly useful

ring of freedom of movement: everyone wants these, for good reason
ring of protected life: lots of minor channel improvements
ring of protection: sort of essential unless we're relying on shield of faith
ring of transcendent spells: this is a fun item to play with, though it's probably better on an Archmage than a Hierophant
saltspray ring: to improve Beatrics's defense

It's tough for Benedic to use rods in combat because of his shield, so they are probably best for use between fights. Beatrics can use them to great effect, however.
ascendant rod of metamagic (lesser): if this item exists, it would be extremely useful for Benedic and Beatrics
dazing rod of metamagic (lesser): Beatrics could make good use of this on a spiritual weapon
extend rod of metamagic (lesser): for communal resist energy, encouraging bless, ironskin, magic vestment, and shield of faith
extend rod of metamagic (normal): for angelic aspect, communal air walk, or crusader's edge

Benedic is locked into Radiance as his weapon, and Beatrics doesn't fight with her weapons at all.

amulet of natural armor, belt of physical might (Str/Con), cloak of resistance, headband of mental prowess (Cha/Wis): these are all basically essential items for Benedic, and Beatrics to a lesser extent-- she doesn't really need to increase Str or Cha
luckstone: kind of nice for Benedic, since he has the Fate's Favored trait
mantle of the faithful vessel: adds tier to Benedic's channel damage
spellguard bracers: since Benedic occasionally casts in combat
uplifting boots: gives 1m of air walk for 1 channel
vestments of war: more channel uses